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Lind has had enough of your criticism.

UnMaskingTheTruth (aka Lind) is a 14 year old lolcow and pathological liar who makes original rant videos on YouTube. His rants consist of him stuttering and slurring his words as he regurgitates the same overused topics and points from every other YouTube ranter. Haven't seen enough videos complaining about Onision or feminism? No need to fear. UnmaskingTheTruth is here to bring you some brand new forced videos about it. To put it simply, Lind is the Nintendo 2DS of ranting.

The Faggotry Begins

Lind first began uploading videos on the now defunct YouWontUnderstandTv channel. He started catching the attention of other ranters when he uploaded a video defending RanterInShades from another forced ranter named HeyzeusKrist1. RanterInShades and his friends began showing Lind support, but other YouTubers like Waymuu were quick to respond and show how awful his video was.

Lind, preparing to suck RanterInShades's cock.

Lind protects Shades from the fingerless gloves.

Waymuu destroys Lind's video.

Onision Email

Everyone stopped giving a shit about Lind after the RanterInShades drama was over, so he contemplated a way to start getting attention again. He used the amazing power of inspect element to fake an email of Onision agreeing to start fake drama with him. Anyone with common sense figured out that the email was bullshit, and Onision himself made a video proving the messages were faked. Despite the fact that pretty much everyone knew Lind was full of shit at this point, he continued to lie about the messages being legitimate. That's when ranter TakeShotAction uploaded a video telling Lind he no longer wanted to speak to him. This caused Lind to record a video admitting the email was fake while he bawwwed his eyes out begging for TakeShot's forgiveness.

New Channel

Shortly after the Onision drama, Lind closed YouWontUnderstandTv. Everyone thought he gave up on YouTube, which he should. But since Lind is a glutton for punishment, he was soon back on a new channel called JtvOfficialChannel. Lind made a video explaining that he closed his other account because he wanted to start over and get away from drama. He decided the best way to do this was by making a video starting drama with another ranter named Paperpics.

Feud With Waymuu

Waymuu then returned to the picture by making a video calling out Lind for his lack of originality. Lind responded with a video where he made terrible points (big surprise) and came off as being really defensive. Waymuu quickly made a response where he easily refuted Lind's points, and then Lind closed his channel AGAIN.

Lind is very original.

Lind's attention deficit response.

Lind's response gets destroyed again.

New NEW Channel

Any normal human being would have realized they weren't wanted around and have left the community at this point, but not Lind. He decided to be super cool like all the other kids and go anonymous on his new channel called UnMaskingTheTruth. On this channel, he proceeded to (you guessed it) start more drama and copy what everyone else was doing. He used a voice changer to lower the pitch of his voice, despite it obviously being him because of his speech impediment.

Totally creative thumbnails.

What mask?

Proof UnMaskingTheTruth Is Lind

I admit it guys! I am Lind!

Lind eventually made a video admitting to what everyone already knew about him. The funny thing is, he expected people that knew he was Lind to keep it secret.

Feud With Skullripper4900

Fed up with Lind's bullshit, Skullripper made a video calling him out on everything he did from when he was on YouWontUnderstandTv to the present. Because Lind was asshurt that Skullripper exposed him for all of his lying, hypocrisy, and censorship, he called Skullripper a traitor. Skullripper then made another response calling Lind out on more of his bullshit.

YouTube Impersonations

Because Lind is such an original and innovative YouTuber, he decided to make a YouTube impersonations video. He claimed Waymuu had inspired him to make the video, even though it was essentially a shot-for-shot remake of Waymuu's impersonations video.


In a desperate attempt to justify his censorship, Lind uploaded a video boldly declaring that nobody likes criticism. Due to Lind's condition, he fails to differentiate between being insulted and being criticized. Soon several videos were made proving Lind wrong.

Nobody likes crihizism.


—Lind failing to speak as usual.

And for anyone to say that they do, they're either: a liar, or a masochist, or they're living in lala land.


—Flawless logic.


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