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The basic structure of a Speakonia video starts like this: "Hello my name is ____ and I'm really really gay." Then it will have the person talking explain a very homosexual feeling they have about someone else and eventually it leads into a long rant of gibberish which is the central point of comedy in the movie. In general, they ALL SUCK ROCK! Speakonia videos appeared on YouTube somewhere in early 2007 with HoodboyTails and then a few months later, FireGoron made a few, and because of FG's large connections, Speakonia videos were spread across YouTube. There are surely different classes of genres of the videos, information dedicated by FireGoron himself.

Classic Style

The voices used are American Males 1-8 and British Female. These vids use a picture found on Google and involve JUST THAT with an ongoing computer voice. Most of the time its just someone explaining how fucking gay they are, and how they want to have a gay fuck with someone else. This is where the HoodboyTails speak came from. Replacing words with curse words to make it funnier is no different than AVGN style, except James Rolfe is a flaming homosexual. Knuckles becoming Fuckles, Mr. Wick becoming Mr. Dick, etc etc, the list goes on.

Political Speakonia

The gibberish of text that's converted into speech (FireGoron refers to it as "Syllables" due to its repetitive use) was defined in this style. The most common used Syllables are:

  • hahahahaha
  • cacacacaca
  • lololololo
  • ijajijajija
  • Thomas The Tank Engine
  • wowowowowow
  • That was quite swello

in fact, that exact block of text could be copy and pasted into a Speakonia text field and would make a perfect Classic Speakonia video.

Secret Missing Episode Style

HoodboyTails also was the one who brought this style to mainstream. This time, instead of still pictures, the video involved more than one character, so more than one voice was used, and pictures that represented the voices. The first of this style were with Secret Missing Episodes, which were parodies of TV shows (still really gay) that were SUPPOSED to make fun of them. All pictures can be Google searched. This was also the spawn of three new voices, MS Sam, Mike and Mary. This was also a goodbye to the Classic Speakonia syllables and a hello to

  • hahahahahahaha

(sound like ha ha ha ha fag ha fag ha hemma ha) and it just repeats for a LONG TIME. Proving that in a step forward, the creativity went DOWN.

First time Thomas The Tank Engine is mentioned...

Drew Pickles Goes To Style

Although there were a few of these on YouTube, it was HardcoreGamer4Life (account suspended) who firmly established the "Drew Pickles Goes To" style. These videos usually involve a single picture of the place where Drew is going to in the video with a smaller picture of Drew himself Photoshopped onto it, usually in the bottom-left corner and retardedly proportioned to be ridiculously bigger or smaller than any people, cars, etc. that are in the picture. All of these videos open with Drew Pickles (voiced by MS Sam) saying "Hello my name is Drew Pickles and today I am going to (wherever). When I get to (wherever) I will first..." and so forth. A specific chain is usually mentioned (e.g. Burger King), unless it is a roller rink, bowling alley, or other place that is usually either not a chain or part of a very small localized chain. All these videos involve Drew raping all the men he can find using his "mastodonic 300-mile-long cock" and turning them gay. In most videos the manager of the place in which Drew went to steps out of his office at some point and asks "What the fuck is going on here?" and Drew ends up raping him as well. The videos usually end with Drew saying something along the lines of "Wow, this all sounds really butt-fucking cum-guzzling cock-stroking boner-bursting piss-chugging shit-swallowing ball-busting swell. I think I will go to (wherever) right now!"

Sadly, HardcoreGamer4Life got suspended because the YouTube staff couldn't handle the extreme gayness. A lot of loyal Speakonia fans have made their own "Drew Pickles Goes To" videos, but none are as good.

Drew Pickles Applies for a Job At... Style

A shitty knockoff of Drew Pickles Goes To videos that are actually more like a mix of Drew Pickles Goes To and Secret Missing Episode. The videos feature a picture of Drew photoshopped onto a screenshot of a workplace from a TV show with Drew (again voiced by Sam) describing how he will interact with coworkers and rape the boss. These videos are so horribly gay that YouTube Favicon.png only one was ever made.

Sonic X Bloopers Style

See Sonic X Bloopers's page for more info. These were like the style of Secret Missing Episodes but instead of Google pictures, they were pictures that actually went along with what the character was doing. Also this was the spawn of MUSIC in Speakonia videos.

The idea was to give more story to the videos but how can you make a piece of shit better than it already is? Either way shit is shit. This style used all of the voices, and brought back Classic Speakonia syllables and incorporated Secret Missing Episode syllables.

Next Gen Style

Referred to "Next Gen" style videos by FireGoron, but in reality all they are is just a video taken from something and Speakonia dubbed over it. Its no different from a redub, just worse. There isn't much material out there, but FireGoron. DBZsonic, and other small time Speakonia video makers have made something. So far, none have been anything like Classic style, none of the Classic syllables, but many other older Speakonia trades have been used.

Although HoodboyTails has not yet made a Speakonia video in this style, many believe that when he does, his will be the best to come. But it won't, it will suck, because EVERY SPEAKONIA VIDEO SUCKS! Honestly, what the fuck? Next Gen style features music that fits the mood, Dragonball Z sound effects to dramatize actions, and different speeds of talking. Also note that speech matches with the mouths for the most part.

How to make a speakonia video.

  1. Find pictures or clips of tv shows or movie e.g. The rugrats or barney the dinosaur.
  2. Dub a speakonia voice over the picture or clip, with the voice talking about how gay he is and how he likes to have buttsecks.
  3. ?????
  4. Profit!!!!

Lesser Speakonia Video Makers


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