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    Take it all.jpg Welcome to the Whores Portal

    June La Porta/June Lapine is like a 29 year old boxxy wannabe with even less common sense, a bigger ego and a free-for-all pussy, who occasionally makes uninteresting videos with some of the worst editing you have ever seen. An attention whore of the highest caliber, everything she does is done to pander to the beta virgin anti-feminist crowd. Naming herself after an old meme, copying boxxy's look, her clickbait video titles and thumbnails, parading her tiny tits around, and her edgy anti-feminist opinions were all calculated acts done in order to net her the highest possible amount of Youtube jewgold. The saddest part is that it totally worked, as she now has over 400k subs.



    This page sorts through ED's bottomless assortment of Shitty Attack Articles on all of our dumped staff's ex-girlfriends.


    AdellaAkianeAlexis Pilkington SyndromeAlix HenriolAliza ShvartsAllectoAllison StokkeAlt-PornAlyallieAlyssa RosalesAmanda KnoxAmanda ToddAmber ButtrumAmy WinehouseAn HeroineAngel LocsinAngie The AtheistAngie VaronaAngylAnita SarkeesianAnn CoulterAnn Liv YoungAnna Nicole SmithAnonymousNastyApplemilk1988April WinchellAquagirlwhitefoxAria GiovanniAriesAsh HiltonAshlea ClaytonAshlee SimpsonAshley GreeneAshley MadisonAshleymarielAshley TisdaleAttention WhoreBaby SineadBalddumboratBarbieBeanBeccah BeushausenBelladonnaBen SchuminBitchBitches and whoresBlackmage9Blondie xoxoBrianna BrochuBoABonnie CombsBoochanBoxxmomBoxxyBrianna WuBristol PalinBritney SpearsBrittany HolechkoBrokeTheInterwebBryciBukkake

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