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    Allah.gif ZOMBIE GUNNER.gifWelcome to the Gaming portal! SQUID GUNNER.gif

    YouTube Favicon.png JonTron (Powerword: Jon Jafari) is a fat, ugly and unfunny JewTube gamer that makes shitty review videos once every blue moon. He has somehow amassed over two millions retards to subscribe, in order to see him do his best Family Guy imitation skits interspersed with a lot of loud screaming and endless jump cuts in between. The only reason he is famous that makes him stand out of the four trillion other YouTube reviewers is because he was in Game Grumps and for some reaction gifs posted over and over on /v/. He also somehow thinks that stealing video content from one of our own users is somehow a smart idea.


    This page is a centralized resource for everything related to gaming. Whether it be consoles, games, or virgins who drain their lives obsessing over them, add it here. If you want to put some gaming-related article into this portal's spotlight, nothing is stopping your lazy ass from featuring it yourself. The same goes for media, in that case use this one.


    APB: All Points BulletinAQ WorldsAce of SpadesAchaeaAdvance WarsAerthecaAgar.ioAge of ConanAliens: Colonial MarinesAion: The Tower of EternityAmorous Professor CherryAnarchy OnlineAngbandAngry BirdsAngry GoyAnimal CrossingAshes Cricket 2013Assassin's CreedAtWarAudiosurfBOLOBYONDBanjo KazooieBattle RaperBattlefield 1Battlefield 2Battlefield 2142Battlefield 3Battlefield HeroesBattlefield Play4FreeBattlefield: Bad Company 2BayonettaBeatmania IIDXBidoofBig Rigs: Over the Road RacingBilly Hatcher and the Giant EggBioshockBioShock InfiniteBlazBlueBlocklandBloodbourneBloodraptorBob's GameBobba BarBombermanBorderlandsBraidBraixenBrinkBrowser MMOBuck BumbleBulletballBullet to the Head of the NRA

    CactuarCall of DutyCall of Duty 4: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Black OpsCall of Duty: Black Ops 2Call of Duty: Black Ops 3Call of Duty: GhostsCall of Duty: Infinite WarfareCall of Duty: World at WarCastlevaniaCave StoryChex QuestChicken SmoothieChrono TriggerCity of HeroesClub PenguinCombat ArmsConker's Bad Fur DayConquer OnlineConquering the QueenContraCookie ClickerCounter-StrikeCrab Nicholson: Extreme SleepoverCrazy BusCrossfireCry of FearCrysisCrysis 2Custer's RevengeCyber nationsCynthiaDBZ TributeDDRDOS gameDark Age of CamelotDarkfallDarknestDark SoulsDark Souls 2Dating simDays GoneDead FrontierDead RisingDead SpaceDead or AliveDead to RightsDemon's SoulsDepression QuestDeus ExDiablo IIDiablo IIIDigimonDigimon BattleDino Crisis 2DoomDoom 3DotADotA 2Do You Like Horny Bunnies?Dragon Age: OriginsDragon CaveDuck HuntDuke NukemDuke Nukem 3DDuke Nukem ForeverDungeons & DragonsDuty CallsDwarf Fortress

    E.T.ERepublikEVE OnlineEarth EternalEarthBoundElite Beat AgentsEmogameEndless OnlineEverQuestEverQuest IIEvonyExistenceFableFable 2FalloutFarm TownFATALFat PrincessFatQuackFaçadeFinal FantasyFinal Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XVFire EmblemFive Nights at Freddy'sFlashFlashRevolutionFolkloreForumwarzFree RealmsFrets On FireFront Mission 5FurcadiaFurry FopsyFurry Paws

    Gacha LifeGaia OnlineGame TheoryGamespyGarchompGardevoirGarry's ModGears Of WarGender Bender DNA Twister ExtremeGeorge Zimmerman's Big Game HunterGloomGod of WarGoldeneye 007GooglewhackingGraalGrand Theft AutoGuild WarsGuild Wars 2GuileGuilty GearGuitar HeroGunzHalf-LifeHalf-Life 2HaloHappy WheelsHatred (Video Game)Heavy RainHero OnlineHigurashiHomefrontHotel MarioHouse of the Dead

    IS DefenseJFK ReloadedJumpman

    Katamari DamacyKatawa ShoujoKerbal Space ProgramKhimerosKilling FloorKillzone 2Kingdom HeartsKingdom of LoathingKingoryKirbyLUNA OnlineLeague of LegendsLeft 4 DeadLegacy of KainLegend of AureaLegend of the CryptidsLegend of ZeldaLemmingsLifeLightning Warrior RaidyLimbo of the LostLineriderLittle Big PlanetLopunnyLucarioLugia

    M.U.G.E.NM3MabinogiMafia WarsManhuntMapleStoryMapleStory ClonesMarathonMarioMario PaintMarvel vs Capcom 3Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of HeroesMass EffectMatthew NicholsonMDKMedal of HonorMedieval II: Total WarMegamanMeme WarMetal Gear OnlineMetal Gear Rising: RevengeanceMetal Gear SolidMetal SlugMetroidMighty No. 9Mike Tyson's Punch OutMinecraftModern Warfare 2Modern Warfare 3Monkey IslandMonster Girl QuestMonster Ranch OnlineMoonbase AlphaMorrowindMortal KombatMr. BucketMuhammad Sex Simulator 2015MurlocMuscle MarchMushroom Kingdom FusionMuslim MassacreMy Inner LifeNANACA†CRASH!!Natural Selection gameNeoPetsNeoPets: The Darkest FaerieNiGHTS into DreamsNight of Bush CapturingNinjas vs. PiratesNo Man's SkyNo More HeroesNoby Noby Boy

    OMGWTFOTLOkamiOnline sex gamesOregon TrailOrion Dino HordeOuija BoardOverwatchPac-ManPangyaParappa The RapperParasite EvePerfect DarkPhoenix WrightPikamanPikminPlaneShiftPlanetside 2Platform RacingPokeMMOPokémonPokémon GoPokemon Mystery Dungeon SeriesPony IslandPop'n MusicPortalPorygonPostal 2PreytorProfessor LaytonProgress QuestPrototypePsypets

    QuakeQuest 64RanceRPG MakerRagnarokRagnarok OnlineRapeLayRear Mission DevolvedRed Dead RedemptionResident Evil 3Resident Evil 4Resident Evil 5Resident Evil OutbreakRock BandRobloxRobot Unicorn AttackRogueRomance of the Three KingdomsRome: Total WarRose and CamelliaRuby Dragon EntertainmentRuneScapeRust

    Sad SatanSaints RowSaya no UtaSchool Shooter: North American Tour 2012Scott Pilgrim vs the WorldSecond LifeSephirothSerious Sam 3ShadowrunShaq-FuSilent HillSilkroad OnlineSimon BelmontSinistarSkiFreeSkullgirlsSoldatSoldier Of Fortune IISonic ForcesSonic Robo Blast 2Sonic the HedgehogSono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke WoSoul CaliburSpace InvadersSplatoonSporeSpyro the DragonStar BladeStar FoxStar Ocean: Till the End of TimeStar Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars GalaxiesStar Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicStar Wars: The Old RepublicStarCraftStarCraft IIStarhawkStick ArenaStreet Fighter 2Subspace/ContinuumSuper Columbine Massacre RPGSuper GAME OVERSuper NintendoSuper Robot WarsSuper Smash BrosSuperman 64Supreme CommanderSWAuTisticTabula RasaTales of SymphoniaTamagotchiTeam Fortress 2TerrariaTetrisThe Arkh ProjectThe Clown Prince RisesThe Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionThe Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildThe Orion ProjectThe Sagara FamilyThe SimsThe War ZThe WitcherThe World Ends With YouTibiaTimeSplittersTomb RaiderToontownTouhouTransformiceTribes 2Tribes Ascend

    UboaUltima OnlineUltrosUminekoUnchartedUndertaleUnreal TournamentVideo gamesVisionsVortex

    War ThunderWarcraft 3Warhammer 40,000WarhawkWarioWatch DogsWhirledWolfensteinWorld Wide RoleplayWorld of DarknessWorld of LongplaysWorld of WarcraftWWII OnlineWurm OnlineXchangeXenimusXenogearsXenosaga

    YandereYooka-LayleeZDaemonZeldaOnlineZoo TycoonZoroark



    03bgood3GI IndustriesAeralikAjjantisAlan "Brenlo" CrosbyAlexander SternAlexander4488All Gen GamersAn HaloAnna AnthropyAngry JoeAngry Video Game NerdAtheneAttack of the ShowBLACKB0NDBLACKbusterCriticBobby KotickBombermanfanBrad McQuaidBrandon PhillipsC-NOTECaddicarusCallum StockleyCartoonjunkieChuggaaconroyCooper LawrenceCurlyCyndreDefil3dDerek SmartDJ KEEMSTARDrakonDramasetterDurthasDylan TngaEgoraptorElitemaidenEsachasaExoParadigmGamerFantendoFeminist FrequencyFuturisticHubG4Gabe NewellGame GrumpsGame TheoryGamelifeGeodesicDragon2k8GigiGirl GamerGiskardGoon SquadHeroGamingHideki KamiyaHyperChargeInsectduelIntLibIn UteroIrate GamerJackSepticeyeJack ThompsonJammnoJeff GerstmannJennichelleJennifer HeplerJfreedanJohn RomeroJohni Michelle HeuserJonTronJRangerJustice League UnlimitedKripparrianLeisureSuitGamingLinkaraMaartenMarkiplierMatt WardMcJuggerNuggetsMega64MegatronPwnsYouMike MateiMsHeartAttackNixxiomDshockerOwlsamanthaPaul ChristoforoPeter ChimaeraPewDiePiePhantomL0rdPissedOffVideoGamerProJaredProkofy NevaRDKRed Shirt GuyReggie Fils-AimeRemedyRetro Video Game KidsRodney CastonRubén Puig LeceguiRyan LambournSakraSam DeathWalkerShawn WoolleySigurdHosenfeldSilver CircleSimply OkamiSuirenokiSony Defense ForceSquirrelkingStarprincess801SytheThenintendo3ds2The Online GamerThe Spoony ExperimentTim BuckleyTotalbiscuitTourneyfagUlillilliaUniversalUwe BollVideo Game ReviewersW-HatWolfeedarkfangX-playYandereDevZero PunctuationZezimaZilianOPZoe Quinn

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