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Now we know why Marbles wears that mask.

When it comes to Marblespoundcake he's made a name for himself in his circle of friends for targeting other internet ranters and being the closest Trent Reznor look-a-like. Even though he's put plenty of information to the contrary, Marbles still makes an effort to come across as a good guy.

YouTube Gimmick

Now you listen up, you dorks!

Accepting himself as an irredeemable waste of space, for the past seven years Marbles has made it his destiny to be at odds with anybody he sees fit. All the while looking like a low-grade Shredder impersonator. This has became especially strange since his fans have stood by him as he mocks others for wearing masks, costumes or anything to hide their identity for any reason under the sun. One of his primary punching bags for this is iMustDestroyAll who he criticized from the start of them being friends for not not giving his opinions a mature identity. When throwing stones in his glass house becomes tiresome he likes to give excuses behind wearing his surgical mask. In resemblance to the Joker, Marbles has two reasons behind this. The first (most common) reason being a scar that he had gotten after getting himself into a motor cycle accident. The second reason happens to be a deformity which which in his older videos he showed to be quite shy talking about. His reasons vary depending on when you ask him but the short story is that there's something distracting under the mask and since he doesn't want to bound his audience to look at that he replaces it with a certainly less distracting surgical mask. This could easily be a lie though. After all it's common knowledge that Marbles is a massive attention whore.

Scott Pilgrim vs The Ranting Community

In resistance of being focused on as being a total disgrace Marbles has tried his hardest to involve himself with some of the cringiest people ever. Making him no better than those insecure women who befriend people less appealing than themselves so they get made fun of less. In short Marbles likes to be friends with and insult YouTube ranters. Since most of his dislikes come from those types of people he can easily fall back on the excuse that if you side with them than you're just a "dork" or a "nerd". For some strange reason this seems to have worked in his favor for quite some time. His response videos where he makes ranters his punchline has actually instilled so much fear into the newcoming ranters that they either block and "ignore" him on the spot or try their hardest to appease to him. Generally when Marbles will target somebody months later that said person will apologize. Only then to suck up to them and do whatever is in their control to separate themselves from The Ranting Community. This isn't a trait alone in the people scared of him either. It seems like Marbles himself is afraid of being pointed at and made fun of so much so that he does anything in his power to show off how he is better than The Ranting Community. He will very frequently act as if he is the biggest hot shot in life by showing off his muscles, house and even said that he represents society. He even said that was why ranters dislike him. But due to Marbles carelessness he has slipped up. He shows that he is no better than ranters as he will resort to old targets if dry for material. Which is something he has mocked Someguy827 for doing when it comes to Onision. He made a pact to never do videos on OfficialGATG, MrRepzion or Warcorpse666.

But in the end he ended up doing a follow up video to OfficialGATG making sure that he backs off his idol Kanye West. Then making a couple facebook posts against him and even mentioning him on his website. With MrRepzion he does three videos on him (all relating to Feminism). With Warcorpse666 he just had to get his nose in to mock him for going against AnitaSarkseesian. In the end of it all he's gotta do what he's gotta do to stay relevant at this point.

Kloud 9/The Divine Family

Coughlan's shit stain birthmark makes this image look more accurate.

As if this walking contradiction wasn't cringeworthy already he has two groups he takes overly seriously. First being Kloud 9, well known for being The Ranting Community's Human Centipede. Secondly is The Devine Family. Much like The Manson Family both are creepy cults made by sociopathic inbreds. There's nothing much to say about them really. Their groups are full of egocentric morons who do whatever they can to amuse themselves. Even recruiting Coughlan666 to complete their group.

His Path To Feminism

Ranters have became accustomed to talk about how bad Feminism is by and large influenced from a by and large YouTuber (and we're not talking about his subscriber base). This path started from him finding some poontang on the internet that he could potentially receive. Seeing all of these people targeting the Femitheist for wanting to castrate all men. By his own admission he wasn't aware if she was a troll or not though felt like defending her in order to mess with all of the ranters involved. In return he could possibly get some internet pussy. First time around Marbles can easily hide behind the trolling card to defend himself there. Pussy withdrawal can make a man go crazy after all. The next step for his transformation into a white knight was for anti-Feminism to become popular. This was resolved by NateTalksToYou introducing "Feminist Logic Fail" into the mix. Provoking people marching by his side. A nice big army of targets for Marbles to take down. Since this would be a fight where both sides where cringetastic the audience was there to pick between the lesser of two cringe. Not only that but Feminism has caused Marbles to defend Manspreading as a legitimate cause, use the word fuckboy unironically, agree with "Trigger Warnings", going on long winded speeches on Feminism's accomplishments, becoming strangely emotionally attached to Feminism, strawmanning the easiest targets and take the term "Anti-Anti-Feminist". All of this showing that he does actually care about this. If that's not embarrassing enough as it is he also has accepted anybody under his wing so long as they repeat after his words. Coming from the same person blowing his gasket over ranters using the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend logic. He's proven that he promotes that line of thinking by liking CammehYaBams, Laci Green, Feminist Frequency and even the unthinkable the moment they either became Feminists or when he found out about them. Showing that there is no standard for him so long as you think alike with him or if their approval could possibly benefit him. Since he really doesn't agree with Laci Green in the fullness of time. It's hypocritical for a fat shamer to agree with a chronic body plus Feminist's YouTube videos. This wouldn't be too far fetched now. Laci Green has had a history of mocking people for their weight without joking purpose. When it comes to Feminism the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Marbles vs FunWithLogic

[8/4/2015 9:43:54 AM] St. Marbles: with 13 you wont
[8/4/2015 9:44:17 AM] A man who yells at goats: Marbs, it's not the number, it's who they are
[8/4/2015 9:44:50 AM] St. Marbles: you've been watching too many movies.
[8/4/2015 9:44:50 AM] A man who yells at goats: Something you really should make an effort to understand
[8/4/2015 9:45:11 AM] A man who yells at goats: Lol and you've been bullying people on here for too long without developing yourself
[8/4/2015 9:45:20 AM] A man who yells at goats: Serriously dude you are 22 and getting drunk alone
[8/4/2015 9:45:31 AM] A man who yells at goats: That's not a good sign
[8/4/2015 9:45:36 AM] St. Marbles: ah, stevie part 2
[8/4/2015 9:45:45 AM] A man who yells at goats: Wasn't steve's observation
[8/4/2015 9:46:01 AM] A man who yells at goats: and you almost fell over from being so drunk in your l;ast video
[8/4/2015 9:46:10 AM] St. Marbles: I did?
[8/4/2015 9:46:14 AM] A man who yells at goats: that thing is like a huge cry fpor help
[8/4/2015 9:46:19 AM] A man who yells at goats: yes you did
[8/4/2015 9:46:28 AM] St. Marbles: huh, when
[8/4/2015 9:46:32 AM] A man who yells at goats: in the bathroom
[8/4/2015 9:46:40 AM] St. Marbles: when I leaned to look in the shower?
[8/4/2015 9:46:45 AM] A man who yells at goats: you lost you balance when you moved the shower curtain
[8/4/2015 9:46:50 AM] A man who yells at goats: yes
[8/4/2015 9:47:00 AM] St. Marbles: this is a bit pathetic
[8/4/2015 9:47:04 AM] A man who yells at goats: on top of it you were slurring your words
[8/4/2015 9:47:12 AM] A man who yells at goats: dude you really need help
[8/4/2015 9:47:19 AM] St. Marbles: aren't you coming up on 50
[8/4/2015 9:47:23 AM] A man who yells at goats: there are people on base that can help you with alch problems
[8/4/2015 9:47:43 AM] A man who yells at goats: ...  Whatever dude
[8/4/2015 9:47:56 AM] A man who yells at goats: but whatever is making you drink is also making you take it out on everyone
[8/4/2015 9:48:02 AM] St. Marbles: you're spending your golden years talking into a filthy bong
[8/4/2015 9:48:13 AM] St. Marbles: trying to get some attention through me
[8/4/2015 9:48:21 AM] A man who yells at goats: lol if you believe steve about who I am that would be a mistake
[8/4/2015 9:48:28 AM] A man who yells at goats: He took the out line
[8/4/2015 9:48:32 AM] St. Marbles: I've seen you
[8/4/2015 9:48:37 AM] A man who yells at goats: yes you have
[8/4/2015 9:48:38 AM] St. Marbles: obese loser
[8/4/2015 9:48:41 AM] A man who yells at goats: lol
[8/4/2015 9:48:47 AM] A man who yells at goats: stickboy
[8/4/2015 9:49:13 AM] A man who yells at goats: whats with your obsession with weight too
[8/4/2015 9:49:22 AM] A man who yells at goats: serriously dude I know steve brought it up
[8/4/2015 9:49:24 AM] St. Marbles: I just find fat people gross
[8/4/2015 9:49:31 AM] St. Marbles: lazy, smelly
[8/4/2015 9:49:40 AM] A man who yells at goats: But you even have said that a few ranters that almost look aneorexic to me are fat
[8/4/2015 9:49:58 AM] A man who yells at goats: and we dont all smell like muller
[8/4/2015 9:50:07 AM] St. Marbles: no, but you look like you do
[8/4/2015 9:50:14 AM] St. Marbles: and someone who cant handle food cant handle life
[8/4/2015 9:50:16 AM] A man who yells at goats: tthats my line asshole

Marbles Left

After Marbles fled the internet via pedophile accusations spread by a 15 year old fatboy his entire fanbase still appease to him at every turn even though he is no longer around. This has ranged from tribute videos/posts, reuploads from his friends who are know going head over heals to offend FunWithLogic with the same attacks that the people they can't stand use. All they've been doing is fanning the flames. Most of the reaction outside of their group has mostly been celebrating his downfall. Some of his supporters turning against him. Most of the videos being made in celebration have been posted on FunWithLogic's channel as well.

Originally just a tribute, but something Flex and Miker shared when Marbles left.

A notorious Marbles ass-kisser spreading lies to get attention.

Le followup where Mike tries to prove his innocence.

A video where Mike tries to claim Skype Quote Generator is fake.

Gallery Of Cringe About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

After thinking Krista (Femitheist) was stalking Mikester, FunWithLogic confronted Femitheist asking why she was stalking a child. Her response showed how little she cared about Marbles or his group of friends. Showing that their boasts about her being so interested were simply lies. She had no idea what was going on. When called out the account was deleted in a matter of seconds. FunWithLogic then decided to add Marbles into a Skype call as he believed the account was made by Marbles. He ignored everything that happened in the call. It's said that Marbles clicked "Busy" on every call that he received. Afterwards removing Miker's Island in a fit of rage only to add him back. Showing that he is still on the internet but is maintaining a low profile (which Marbles confirmed). He even went as far as to change his profile picture on Skype.

Marbles Came Back/Addressing Skype Quotes

Like a fly attracted to a light it was no surprise Marbles came back to the internet. What's interesting about this is all of the claims that Miker's Island and PhunWithLogic had now been finally addressed. Marbles is still a pathetic lulzcow, but Miker and Mr.Eizrek are not far behind him.

Interestingly enough, despite pushing out these claims about Marbles he still plagiarises him like they're still friends. Which is pathtic and everyone else can notice. It's pathetic when you need to steal your style from an already shitty YouTuber to get some extra shekels so you can buy yourself moar subscribers from Fiverr. It wont be a surprise when both of these pathetic faggots all have a gangbang and make up with each other. Just like every other feud that ranters have, all it provides is lulz and cringe from all sides involved. Especially when these faggots use this article to pamper their reputation.

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