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hello retards,

This is your captain speaking here to inform you of several changes and the future to the wiki going forward.

So stick your thumb up your ass, get comfy, relax, and enjoy the writeup.  

Starting off, if you're reading this then congratulate yourself for still being alive after the shitshow that was 2020.

I'm aware that for the site itself, the year has been less than eventful. This is mostly due to having to restore and fund restoration all myself from the very sorry state I was given it in. 

Not to mention personal things and plans I've been sorting and dealing with.

It might come to a surprise for a lot of you, but this wiki isn't the only thing I own. Even though it's probably the most "popular" of them all.

I had a lot of ideas that I thought would make AE thrive...unfortunately I lacked the money, reliable staff, and otherwise time to focus on little other than simply restoring lost content or doing bsaic changes I thought were necessary.

Fortunately for you I now have more of all three.

Starting with that new sentiment today, I am offering a bounty of $500 to anyone who can return to me a full working backup of the images and content lost to time. If you can only provide one then you'll get half the bounty. 

Otherwise you're free to email me with any offers or discussions you have regarding such a thing. I promise I'll make it worth your while.

And yes, the price is negotiable.


Today is the launch date of the CCP

The newest in AEgovernment, built to help you return to the roots of the internet hate machine you so very dearly missed. 

This includes the following: 

- A public bounty board where you can place and fulfill bounties on people or topics for cash

- An anonymized account creation service where you pay me in XMR or BTC and I create you any account you want such as Twitter, Google Voice's, etc (and yes, this is legal) 

- And lastly, a community that calls itself cult 

Think of this like a space that likes doxing pedophiles and ruining lives "just because"

The owner of cult, Silene, is one of our newest admins and we hope to amp up the chaos around here in a big way so stay tuned and get involved. 

Very fun stuff. Good for your mental health.  
If you're interested in any of this, go ahead and click the giant "CCP" section on the front page to learn more. 

I will not be implementing many new ideas this year, however next year I'll begin the work on another new project under the ED banner that I think many of you will be able to appreciate. 

This is the idea of a fed-proof / raid-proof / hack-proof non-profit VPN that can be set up with any service provider and won't be reliant on our infrastructure in the slightest.

It'll be more like a piece of opensource code you run with instructions rather than a service you buy. 

More details will come when I'm ready, however this is quite unique and the infrastructure I have in mind is not on the market (and might not ever be until I'm done).

For reference this isn't really something that'd make us much (if any) money at all however I still think it'd be good to have as an option for folks considering how the laws are turning out in America. 

Now, for our final topic...

I've heard noise about other wikis and possible ressurections etc etc... 

I fully believe that ED only has a future under one collective, united banner. 

Which is why as of the time of this publication we've acquired the legal rights to the trademark for the name use of "Encyclopedia Dramatica". 

This essentially means that I'm in control of how the name/logo is allowed to be used. 

We searched (and even paid some companies to search) and could find no record of anyone else being either in the process of claiming it or having it outright.

So we filed for it and now we're able to put Encyclopedia Dramatica™ as our name. 
The catch to getting this trademark is that it will take about seven months for the Gov to fully our claim, and when the time comes for them to decide the wiki needs to remain active and ongoing. 

If you were to put in a trademark request after me, you'd be shit out of luck unless I'm basically dead.

Which you are free to try and arrange. 


My reason for doing this is simple: I see 0 point in running a wiki and taking on every lawsuit because we rank highest in Google only to have other versions or clones not need to take any heat. 

And honestly, with the trademark in place there's no point in fighting.

I don't put energy into lost causes, and neither should you.

To extend a bit of an olive branch here and to show some goodwill, if you were an editor on any other version or clone of the wiki I am more than happy to chat about the decision and even would go so far as to restore the "EDitor" role here on the wiki to contributers of competing sites. 

You can reach me by my email on any of these topics, via [email protected]

In the meantime, enjoy the grand reopening of the wiki. 

- AEdiot

P.S. Once this trademark is fully established and approved I'll be releasing three types of backups of the wiki for the public via torrent:

Backup v1 - Images

Backup v2 - Article / Editing content

Backup v3 - A full version restore that would allow anyone with base technical knowledge to prop something up