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AE Government

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ED Logo.jpeg Policy
This article defines official ED Policy.

ED Sysops at their hourly administrative meeting. FUCK YOU CUNT ITS OURS NOW

The government of Encyclopedia Dramatica of Bantown, established by the ED Constitution, is an independent city-state. The lawls of Encyclopedia Dramatica are laid out in Acts of Pr0gress, administrative regulations, and judicial cases interpreting the statutes and regulations. The federal government has six branches: the executive branch, the military branch the department of defense, the department of corrections, the judicial branch, the theocratic branch, the communications branch and the intelligence branch. Through a system of separation of powers or "checks and balances", each of these branches has some authority to act on its own, some authority to regulate the other five branches, and has some of its own authority, in turn, regulated by the other branches.

After the fall of ED 1.0, a new government was established to bring in even more lols than the previous.

It's ours now, new staff


These hardworking faggots are responsible for keeping the website alive. Whether it's performing tasks behind the scenes or even dealing with the politics of keeping the lower classes happy, they're here for it all.

What can they do?

Pretty much whatever the fuck they won't so don't screw with them.

How can I join?

By being useful, nigger.


While not in the upper escutcheons of high æ society, these moderators are trusted and help with the day to day hard work of keeping this beloved hellsite running. Treat them with respect and throw them an occasional cookie.

What can they do?

- Edit the front page "of the now"'s

- Achieve sense of pride, and accomplishment

- Join the editor / admin only chat for special collaboration

- Free accounts from the CCP

- Generally talk down to you

How can I join?

You can become a recognized Æitors by one of three ways

- Complete a bounty listed at the Bounty Board

- Contact the site admin and show him your impressive edit history if you have one

- Show activity on both the wiki and the community within our Telegram or within Cult chat and you will be contacted

remember, we're always watching 😌

If you have any complaints or opinions to voice, you are free to harass any of the people listed and we will promptly call your mother in response

AE Government
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