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    zrA can take on any black man

    File:Lj-favicon.png zrA is a self described "individualist", "libertarian", and occasionally a "mean conservative bastard". Everybody else at ED describes him as a 'screaming unfunny pigfucking cock monkey who only turned up to edit his own vanity page and got pwnd because of it'. He was banned from File:Lj-favicon.png blackfolk for posting photoshops in order to disprove the 'Myth about black men' and refusing to "fuck off you closet homo" when he constantly asked for 'pix please' for 'comparison', especially of legal minors. This prompted many of the members in blackfolk to accuse him of being a whiny "pedophile" and "goddamn sick fuck" while a noticeably fewer number of members of the community applauded his steadfast determination to show everyone pictures of his photoshopped penis.

    File:The Giver.jpg
    ZrA likes to post this picture in order to disprove the 'Myth about black men.

    Since being banned, ZrA has continued to electronically expose himself on blackfolk, feminist, and debunkingwhite, claiming variously that "size doesn't count" and "white men can jump". He most recently founded the popular livejournal community File:Lj-favicon.png whiteguysarebigtoo; which largely consists of users trading copies of Eminem lyrics and photoshopped penis pictures. His own journal consists largely of the most inane and forgettable shit there is.

    ZrA spends far too much time on livejournal and many would argue that he is compensating for White guilt or being insecure about his penis size. He continues to be mentioned in Blackfolk as "that crazy white motherfucker who always talks about his penis". Shortly after the creation of Blackfolkwatch, File:Lj-favicon.png bombyamom founded File:Lj-favicon.png debunkingzra, which absolutely no one gives a flying fuck backwards about, much like the dumb monkey motherfucker the journal is about.

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