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    File:Zoroark Zorua Rule 34.jpg
    THIS is why Nintendo created Zoroark.

    Zoroark is a crappy rip-off of Renamon that Nintendo decided to shit out one day to provide fan service to the furfags. Zoroark, being an anthropomorphic anime fox, with a long, emo ponytail, was embraced by the furniggers even before they knew what the hell it looked like. Besides being a shittier rip-off of an already shitty Digimon, Zoroark is also the Oreo Pokémon, an "Oreo" being a reverse wigger (a nigger who wants to be white). One can tell Zoroark is an emo and an oreo because of its Dark-colored fur, its painted-red claws, and its ugly, emo hairstyle that would make Captain Ponyhawk flinch. And because it is essentially an emo Digimon, it has earned the name "Emomon". It even has a baby form called Emochu (aka Zorua). To make things even more hilarious, it's listed as a "Dark-type Pokemon," proving that "Dark" doesn't always mean emo in Nintendo's Kawaii Desu Poké-Fun Land.


    According to the official encyclopedia of rabid, basement-dwelling Pokéfags, it is a "Dark, Illusory Fox Pokémon" and its special ability is "Illusion." Here's the full description:

    Zoroark is a bipedal fox-like Pokémon, and mainly grayish-brown in coloration with red and black accents. It has a pointed snout and ears, the insides of which have red coloration. Zoroark also has some red rimming its eyes and mouth. Zoroark has a large, voluminous mane, primarily red in coloration but with black tips. The mane also somewhat resembles a ponytail, as a greenish bangle down its length separates a mass of the mane from the lower portion. Zoroark has a black ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. Its upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the shoulders, and Zoroark's three claws, as well as the claws on its feet, are red in coloration.


    Thank you, nerds....

    Send in the Furfags

    Yes, upon seeing Zoroark, the furry fagdom collectively creamed themselves even more so than the auragasm that occurred when they first saw Lucario. They ran off to their Digimon sketchbooks, jizz-stained keyboards, and $800 tablets, to create Zoroark OCs, write crappy Zoroark fan fiction, and draw AS MUCH FUCKING ZOROARK PORN AS POSSIBLE!

    Below is just a sample of the insanity to come, and, not surprisingly, most of the Zoroark porn is gay. This is because most zoroark in the games are male. This didn't help anything as we all know all furries are either gay, in the closet, or are female and see zoroark as the ultimate furry bishie.

    Brace yourself.... About missing Pics
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