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    Jessica/Aki Warumono (better known as Zerodomon on DA [1]) is a flat-chested 19-year-old white girl in Nevada city, CA who gets a kick out of pretending to be a supa kawaii gay furry yaoi haafu catboi on DA while also claiming to be a Jrawker and a model in Grorious Nippon. and can be frequently found "modeling" on deviantART, y!gallery, or Myspace. Or Youtube for real lulz.

    Zerodomon shits a brick any time someone reminds her that she is just a flat bitch and not actually male and despite an obvious lack of cock in photos, continues to insist that she is a "dude". She pretends to be "gay" so that she can rake in yaoi fangirls and fanboys, who insist that Zerodomon's feminine body and voice are a result of a "hormone imbalance". Like most weeaboos, she has also claimed to live in Tokyo, yet somehow managed to whore herself out at small animu conventions in Sacramento at the same time.

    • Note: Zerodomon (A.K.A. Aki/Vincent/Jessica [her real name]) actually has tits. It's a not-so-well-known fact that she wears layers to obscure the plane of which her boobs protrude. Also...she wraps them down sometimes..

    Despite trying to convince everyone she is male (No, seriously, she's a boy u guise, srsly), Jessica always wears makeup, regularly wears skirts, and has the girliest most feminine voice imaginable. Any attempt to call her out on her bullshit will result in her blaming it on her Klinefuckers' or her unleashing her yaoi fangirl weeaboo horde of 'fans' upon you, then her customary angst-drabble of contradictions, then bawwleetion and b& from commenting her DA evar again.

    Dat Voice

    Lulzworthy Screen Caps


    I DON'T give a SHIT if you think I am a girl or a guy. I have Klinefelter's, so leave me alone about my gender


    —Jessica, on being fucking insane

    Jessica claims to have Klinefelter's Syndrome, (or Klinefuckers') that magically makes her look like a girl and vehemently insists that she is in fact a gayboi. What she apparently doesn't know, is that having Klinefelter involves a small dick, hence making it impossible for her to have that kind of package between her legs. She even goes so far as to tape down her mosquito-bites and cover her photos with shitty shoop and carefully-placed DA tags (always over the chest) and stuff her panties with socks as "proof" of her manliness.

    Gallery from the Macro Ninja

    One day on /cgl/ (potentially the most fucking pathetic board to ever disgrace 4chan) an unnamed hero appeared. This Anon was dubbed "Macro Ninja" and he proceeded to create lulz at an abnormal rate. Here you can pay your respects to his work. You faggot.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    She's an arteest gaiz!

    Like every single fucking weaboo furry emo faggot on deviantART, Jessica is such a tortured soul. She expresses herself in various poems, art, and other deep, meaningful stuff. WARNING - VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK

    SPESHUL FEECHAH- The Tilt Gallery!

    Have you not somehow been miraculously blinded by the shit presented to you in this page we have a Special Section for laptop users!! Simply tilt the screen on the pictures below to see the wonders that Jessica thought she had got away with!

    External links to Jessica (but you didn't hear it from us)

    Taco Bell 109 Olympia Park Cir Grass Valley 95945 (530) 477-8163

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