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Zeno IRL

Zenophile was an ED sysop, cosplay enthusiast, and enigmatic emo troll overlord of the internets. He was also notable for having special abilities like traveling through time, and speaking in Hebrew.

During YT's heyday, when the lulz were falling like manna from the sky, Zeno earned his stripes by playing a key role in trolling many of the notable YouTube lolcows, and fighting the epic faggotry and USI the site had quickly become known for. Before he got raped by the banhammer he helped launch missiles at various camwhores, wannabe e-celebs, scammers and all manner of cancer on the tubes. A valuable contributor to our honorable ED, he's known for m4d internet detective skillz, and enjoyed scifag trolling during the days before anon fagged it up.

Zeno isn't your typical troll though. His trolling techniques are often unusual and he's prone to wikibreaks due to IRL affairs and is a little introverted avoiding most social situations. Little else is known about him though, other than that he's obviously scene and spends too much time on *chan. Like WM, he's also a little awkward with IRC and has been known to flounce in drama queen fashion on occasion. But Zeno loves the lulz and loves the drama, he's basically that fuzzy little plushie you'd love to put in your pocket. Unfortunately, he may have left us ;_;

Fun Facts

808's hat IRL
  • Holds a class 3 e-psych license.
  • Agnostic leftard.
  • Some suggest he's really a chick IRL. This is actually not true. He does matter-of-factly love the cock though.
  • Britfag (see above)
  • Huge comic book fan.
  • Hates instant messengers for some reason.
  • Still uses Vegas.
  • 4 l0t 0f /-/1$ 33rly C0|\|7rI85 w3r3 n33rly 1m|°055|8l3 70 (_)|\|D3r5tan|) Dv3 70 /-/1$ u|\|u$val 7yP|n9 57yl3.
  • No one hates Zeno.
  • Zeno guest starred on LOST as himself.

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