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    ZeldaLink76, in all her 'Tard glory.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png zeldalink76 is a lulz-tastic drama-llama art thief with the I.Q. of a slug. When told that she can not use people's artwork, she becomes butthurt and whines how life is not fair. She proclaims to never have the time to ask artists for permission to use their work, or to credit properly, yet she will video tape tantrums, and post them on to YouTube. When she is losing an argument, because no one agrees with her, she will cry out that it is unfair to give someone the upper hand. Someone other than her, that is.

    I'm a 15 year old girl that got bored one day and decided to make a video!!! And now I'm an internet convict or something stupid like that!! You people are just silly leave me alone!!!




    No wonder ZeldaLink76 steals other's artwork. Hers is craptastic!
    File:Uchicha Sauske by Zeldalink76.jpg
    What the hell is that? A deformed munchkin?
    Look at how amazing that cosplay is! It's EmoLink76!
    And another one goes "WTF? I was never asked!
    Here is you proof, ZeldaLink76, that most of the artists are NOT okay with your video.
    LOLWUT? /b/tard is a big word that makes people feel stupid?

    The drama all started when devianTART user, AmericanLink, asked to have artwork pulled from ZeldaLink76's shitty video. ZeldaLink76 came up with every lame excuse her tiny mind could to keep the video up, and to use artwork that did not belong to her. When demanded by HaloBender and DarkLink107 to take the video down, ZeldaLink76 threw an E-Shitfit, saying that she wasn't going to take the video down.

    She claimed to not have the time to ask people for their artwork, or to edit the video, yet she had the time to spend five hours on a crap-tastic slideshow set to emo music.

    *sigh* So many people have used your art and didn't say it belonged to you and here you are bagging on me and I did!!!! I told you I don't have time for artists to respond!!!



    You're 15, you should have plenty of time.



    I don't you don't know because your not me



    She brought the drama to AmericanLink's devianTART journal, acting like the E-tard that she is. ZeldaLink76 can't handle being told that she is wrong. She claims that everyone is threatening her, and she whines because no one agrees with her. No one, except her BFF, File:Deviantart-favicon.png iDeth157, who backs down when she realizes she is in the wrong.

    She also can not use her own artwork. Considering the fact that you can barely tell what any of her characters are, you can almost not blame her for using other artist's work. Here are some examples:

    As a last resort, knowing that she is losing, she will start name calling, and act as if no one understands her. She has also had her sock puppet go to other people's devianTART page to proclaim that ZeldaLink76 never stole artwork. She just could not get permission. ZeldaLink76 has fallen so low now, however, to harass AmericanLink on the front page, knowing that ZeldaLink76's cause is futile.

    Well your an amazing cosplayer arn't you!!!!!!!



    And you certainly are a child, aren't you?



    Hey at least I'm a child that can Cosplay!!!!


    —ZeldaLink76, on failing to insult.

    Her "Fan"

    ideth157, hot amirite?

    ...hands are the root of all EVIL!!!! I understand why she cant't draw them. Was there ever a time in your life when you could not draw hands. Yeah, I thought so


    —ideth157, on her IDKMYBFFJILL's inability do draw hands

    Her one and only fan, tartlet IDeth157|ideth157. The poor thing seems very confused, thinking that her "bestest friend forever" would be truthful to her, always. When confronted with facts that Zeldalink76 has indeed lied to her, she still believes in all her childish heart that ZeldaLink76 never lied to her since she came into the argument.

    Several times, ideth157 has gone onto peoples pages saying that she did not want to get in the middle, but asked for people to leave her friend alone. She would then turn and completely agree with her friend. Even telling ZeldaLink76 that she was in the right because she had credited them. When confronted, she would tell lies, trying to make it seem like she was "keeping the peace." In all reality, IDeth is a Lolcow Liar.

    Video in Question


    As you can see, she finally got the hint, or got sick of being raped by the trolls. Either way, it was a successful victory. Of course, it took hours of drama, and several pissed off artists, for her to finally take it down. All drama and anger against her, that caused her to be emo, that she could have avoided if she had half a brain to RESPECT other artists.

    However, her YouTube page will be watched carefully. Chances are, she will think we are all morons, and put it back up again, having not learned her lesson.

    ZeldaLink76's Lulzy comments!

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