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    Lekali-Zealot (also known as Zeal or Rampant) would appear to be just another furry at first glance; yiffing anything she may come in contact with like a sexually frustrated rabbit, but a more in-depth glance shows something completely different. No doubt about this one guys, she's a troll.

    Outward Appearances

    Originally a male human with purple-tinted skin and wings, Zealot has since changed throughout the 4 years she's been seen on the intarwebz. From dragon to feline to hermaphroditic feline to whatever the fuck else you can possibly think of. At the time of this article's birth, she is... some kind of freaky cat thing, uhh... hell, not many know WHAT the hell she is. White fur, four ears, and half her face reduced to a skull. Very attractive, I'll tell you.

    When not trolling, Zeal just acts like any furry would; emo, horny, and a well-rounded lolcow, but even at this level, she exhibits massive signs of trolldom including, but not limited to flame wars and attacking furries at a personal level.

    The Lulz

    Some trolls may actually classify Zeal as being a bit... overenthusiastic about her lulz-gathering. Oh sure, there are the conventional lulz generating techniques like insults and mudkips, but more often than not, she'll attempt to gain personal information to spread around to other trolls, hijacking emails, and generally running the victim clear off whatever site she found them on, only to get banned herself shortly afterward in a sea of holy fire. Lolmartyr. Kinda selfish, though, since once the lolcow escapes to the safety of obscurity, no other troll can have fun with them.

    She also enjoys spreading drama around with suicide threats, horrible poetry (which is obviously a trolling attempt) and links to the Pain Series. This usually gets her banned too, only to return moments later with a sock puppet, and the lulz continues. What fun!

    WTF is Rampant?

    The furry known as Rampant seems to be closely associated with Zeal. For those who don't know, Rampant is a red fox and a non-stop trolling machine who only appears in times of massive drama and turmoil. The reason the two seem to be connected is one's disappearance moments before the other appears. sock puppet, anyone?

    Where To Find Her

    Like most furries, Zeal can be found on the site Yiffstar, though she's made, um... appearances at smaller conventions. However, unlike most trolls, she doesn't have a LiveJournal account, or at least no one can find it. Also, since she seems to love a good AIM raid, her AIM is Legend of Zealot. Some say she has other contacts, but no one cares enough to dig them up.

    Fur series.jpg

    Zeal is part of a series on


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