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    The name "Zakumi" is a composition of "ZA" (Zoophile's Attraction) and "kumi", a Swahili word that means "cum in my anus",or any other phrase because the language makes no fucking sense. Since South Africa had no other ideas on the name, the LOC decided to steal some more cash and go rape some white wimmin.Zakumi has not been given a fuck about up untill the year of 2009,then furries caught on, immediately spreading their furry AIDS to Africa.

    Zakumi is simply a horny teenage leopard. Zakumi spends more time in furpiles than he does playing football. Of course, have you ever seen him on the pitch? No, you haven't. Before, during, and after a match he is instead found being a submissive bitch in the stadium's changing rooms.

    Zakumi and his AIDS infested fans


    Paul > Zakumi

    i would totally yiff zakumi if he didnt have aids


    —A furfag

    Typically only furfags find Zakumi interesting. Everyone else will just think "aw, what a cute mascot" then ignore it completely.

    In the league of furfaggotry, Zakumi is either drawn as a cub or an adult, even though according to FIFA he was born in June 1994 making him a teenager. It doesn't matter to furries, they think pedophilia is awwwright.

    Zakumi is already on Facebook, Ychan and a bunch of other mainstream sites.


    There has been major butthurt in South Africa due to Zakumi (like everything else) being made in China.A lot of niggers were very infuriated by the fact that whitey of S.A couldn't come up with their own yellow anime leopard with green hair that attempts to play soccer and blows the trumpet like a retard instead. But when the World Cup came around,everyone who was against him stopped whining,and united with the spirit of the beautiful event because they died of AIDS.

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