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    /z/ is a mysterious board that, much like Schrödinger's cat, exists and does not exist at same time. If one attempts to access 4chan.org/z/, an intentionally amateurish web-page may pop up, with a message at the bottom says "OH NO THE BOARD IS GONE". Filling 50% of the screen is this image, while a very loud sound of someone screaming (YouTube Favicon.png found here) plays in the background. It is unknown what the chances are of getting it, however it may sometimes just come out whenever it feels like it.


    /z/ was brought about as a result of mootikins deciding to create a board with mods chosen from by the users of the site, in September/October 2004. At the end of a certain amount of time, the title of usermod would be rotated to another user. However, moot made the unfortunate decision of appointing Soviet Russia to the title.

    Being the /b/tard they were, Soviet Russia decided to relentlessy cause havoc on the board, such as the creation of the nonsense word harbl, random CSS changes similar to those still seen on /b/ to this date, as well as creepy-ass backgrounds.

    Eventually, /z/ degenerated into a cesspool of gay porno and stole memes from iichan and SA, as well as instituting a few of its own (Conan O'Brien, and the Pip Pip dog from iichan)—basically making it a cheap knockoff of /b/.

    After a period of time, Soviet Russia "resigned" as /z/ usermod, and after a few usermod rotations, the board was deemed by moot and Snacks to be a failure. WT Snacks had recently added the option to ban users to /z/-only access, similar to the concept of the then-new FYAD Jr. board on SA, and so the imageboard /z/ was removed, and the page was changed to display a reference to FYAD: the Beecock pic, stating "OH NO THE BOARD IS GONE". The page looked like the following:



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