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Yung Lean is a chubby wigger rapper from Sweden. His songs consist of rapping about inane shit with a voice like a ketamined homeless person. He is part of the group Sadboys with his friends Yung Sherman and Yung Gud. He is also very closely related to rap collective Drain Gang with his friends Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, Yung Sherman (Sherman is a member of both groups), and Ecco2k. Despite being a "sadboy", Yung Lean seems to be a happy dude. Fucking liar.


Early songs are Lean bumbling out words to a beat that is 3x louder than his voice. His first claim to fame, his Lavender EP, had him rapping about arizona iced tea and fucking your cousin. To date, his best songs are:

Milkshake with them crushed up Oreos Bangbros, stick my dick inside a glory hole Burgers with bacon and that guacamole Stick my dick inside your pussy Yeah, yeah, real slowly


—Yung Lean


Around 2015 he was hospitalized he is too much of a pussy to admit what happened, so we have to look at the records.

When he was recording one of his albums he got addicted to drugs, to be specific xanax, lean, cocaine. This led him becoming overdosed and got hospitalized. After that he returned to his family.

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