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    Yuffie Bunny

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    Yuffie Bunny is a part time cosplayer and a full time crackwhore. It's like if you put Jeffree Star and a sparkledog in a blender, drank it, and shit it out.

    What an attractive young lady.

    List of rates

    1. Oral Sex: $1,
    2. Straight Sex by the hour: $2,
    3. Oral plus Straight Sex: $2,
    4. Anal Play: $2,
    5. Anal Sex: $2,
    6. The Works: $2,
    7. Gay sex by the hour: $3,
    8. Gay sex with animals included: $3 (he's not called Bunny fer nuthen!),
    9. Sex with the m00t: PRICELESS.

    It should be obvious that after actually looking at Yuffie, and the rates, that the law of supply and demand are at work here. As soon as last Thursday, oral will be payable with individual Chicken McNuggets.

    Apparently, Yuffie auctioned himself off for a date during a cosplay convention, along with some other crackwhore. Bidding is set to start at a cup of Ramen and 1/4 of your soul. If a winnar is you, take pictures so we'll know where you got the AIDS from!

    Yuffie, apparently in need of some spare crack money, also whores herself out to Razordolls.com and BurningAngel.com (think of Suicide Girls, but if they put out and didn't get offended when you suggested that they do lap dances.) Her pictures are fairly underwhelming and downright frightening, at times.

    Note that these two previous paragraphs both state Yuffie as a he and a she, respectively. Although internet sources claim it to be female, many images suggest...otherwise.