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Woolwich Boyz ain't nuffin' to fuck wid, innit bruv.

Currently making waves in the UK press, the Younger Woolwich Boyz are a gang of real nigras using the YouTubes to recruit new members.

Part of the London Grime phenomenon, they strike fear not only into the hearts of the locals but have GangstaElijah shitting bricks all over the joint.

When reached for comment, Elijah said:

This is really rather unfair, yo. My computer science teacher told me that the Internets is supposed to be to a whites' only club yo. I mean, gosh darned it, who knew these black fellows even figured out how to work the MySpace much less such advanced computer communication tools like YouTube?



When it comes to extreme faggotry, no one tops the YWB. Posing with their water pistols in the latest GAP fashions at the subway station, you can tell these homos mean serious fucking business. If you're afraid of your own shadow, you best not step to the YWB. Here's just a few quotes that show just how serious these punk ass bitches are:

Get down or lay down (for a hot oil massage)


You are not ready (and the YWB will fluff you until you are)


Runnin tings out here (at the bath house)


Prerequisites For Membership

"sum illa lowlife made a dis track on U-tube"
"Double Dong" using his skills to "run tings out here"

Anyone can join the YWB, provided that you're black, gay, and a 13 year old boy. If you do not have your own water pistol, one will be provided for you. Jenkem useage is mandatory. Command of the english language is not necessary. In fact, the more poorly you speak it and type it, the better.

As a member of the YWB you will be expected to look as fruity as you can at all times, pose for lots of pictures with your water pistol, and mangle the english language to the best of your ability. Every Friday night is Potluck, and you'll be expected to bring an entree dish of your own making. The last Sunday of every month is Crochet Day, and you'll be expected to knit something nice for one of the other YWB members. Those who do not bring a knitted item, will not receive a knitted item. 'Nuff sed bruv!

Da Crew

How To Speak YWB-ese

  • "I'm hungry" = "yo, can't a nigra gets a chikin up in here?"
  • "I'm a big pussy" = "you betta reckanize"
  • "I'm educated" = "top mali top mali spittin braaaaappp!! zoop zoop"

Note: YWB-ese is *not* to be confused with ebonics, which is based on American English as spoken by white hos gargling on nigra dick.

The YouTube Offensive

The epic retardedness and overall faggotry of the YWB has drawn much attention to them, warranting a number of anti-YWB videos. The YWB has yet to respond to any of these videos, and has not reared it's fruity head on the webbernets for over a week now. Some argue that this due to mommy and daddy revoking their internets when they read about junior's e-thuggin' in the London papers.


Apparently the YWB can do more than just look very gay posing with their water pistols at subway stations. Here's an internet death threat sent out by YWB member ygrinch:

File:YWB death threat.JPG

moer toughguys.


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