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    *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*
    Nikki and all hir (sic) friends.

    File:Lj-favicon.png Yinepusayi is a psycho LJ user from Reno, Nevada. In her time on LJ she has been known for having at least 100 alteregos, crying over knitting, being the ugliest thing to ever crawl on the internets, being anorexic, and generally being crazy.


    Hello my name is Nikki

    Yinepusayi is a woman. However she spends about half of her time being a FTM. Yinepusayi is not consistently transgendered, though, because of her other problems (more on that later). She has even mothered a child, though how one manages to breastfeed while still maintaining a male self-image is unknown.

    Yinepusayi has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend, leading to some very ugly sex.

    She also likes to use the nonexistent pronoun "hir," which is special Internet snowflake language for STOP OPPRESSING ME WITH YOUR GENDER BINARY.


    Yinepusayi's god lives in her plush dog and tells her to buy toys on Amazon.


    Actually it's Nicholas.


    "Captain?” Eve ventures, “Are you alright?”

    Even though she wasn't programed, therefore not capable, of worry, Khadien could still sense the undertones of worry when she spoke. Making his feet move again, Khadien walks with his cup of coffee back over to his desk and slowly lowers himself back into his seat. The coffee he carefully sets down to the left of his data monitor. “Yes Eve, I'm fine, just trying not to stress myself out over trying to find just the right doctor for us. This is definitely not an easy task.” He reaches up to roughly rub his face with his hands.

    “I know, but I am sure that you will be able to find a most suitable candidate for us, Captain.”

    Khadien slowly lowers his hands and a smile breaks out on his face. “Thanks Eve. Your vote of confidence actually means a lot to me.”

    “You are most welcome Captain. I will now leave you to your work unless something happens that needs your immediate attention.”

    Khadien nods a bit, still smiling, glad that he has such a reliable and loyal person like Eve around. “Thank you. I do appreciate it.” He knows that she won't respond any more, but he also knows that she did hear what he said to her. Eve heard everything, but that was ok with him, he also knew her to guard his secrets and the secrets of anyone else aboard with her life. The only way that she'd break and tell something secret that she's heard is if it meant that one of the crew would be in danger. She was also programed to erase her memory banks upon capture and only Khadien and Phawn knew, not only the location, the codes to bring her memory back. He had been so lucky to have acquired her, even if it hadn't been in the most legal fashion. Granted, he hadn't stolen her, but rather won her fair and square in a poker game. It wasn't his fault that her previous owner had been both greedy and stupid and had given the opportunity for her to be betted on and for. He had felt no sympathy for the guy after he'd won and he got a look at the guy's face. It had been one of those looks of utter shock and disbelief. The guy had wanted to go another round, but the hour had been late and Khadien had been playing for several hours. Luck seemed a hit or miss thing with Khadien, and he had never had this much luck before in a game of cards, so he'd figured that he'd better stop playing then and there or else he'd most surely lose. He'd stepped out of the bar they'd been playing in to collect his new ship, and the guy had followed him out. That's when Khadien discovered just how much of a sore loser the other guy really was. Khadien was lucky that Phawn had his back that night, and had been hiding in the shadows just in case something went wrong. They didn't kill the guy, but he would always remember that he had lost his ship in a card game and had his ass kicked by the one and only, Captain Khadien Vouche.

    Looking down at the top of his desk, Khadien gives it a tender caress with his fingertips, like one would give to a lover. She hadn't always been this beautiful. In fact, the guy that Khadien had bought Eve from was not only neglectful, but also downright abusive. The outside of her was deceptively sleek, stylish and a beautiful sight to behold. Inside the walls had massive cracks and large gaping holes through the ship. The chairs had their upholstery cracked badly, along with the stuffing coming out. Most of the control panels through the ship weren't even working, and the furniture looked as if someone had worked very hard to break it all into pieces. There were several rooms that served as quarters that all looked completely destroyed. The meal's area looked as if there had been not one, but several food fights in it. Food was stuck to the ceiling the walls, ground into the carpet in some places, and the tables and chairs appeared as though someone had finger painted on them with some sort of green substance. Khadien really didn't, and still didn't, want to know what that green substance was. There were trays, plates and cups, broken, bent or shattered which also covered the floor. It was only when he arrived in the medical room that he really got the shock of his life. There, laying unconscious on the floor was the heart, soul and brain of the ship. Eve was laying face down in a pool of her own fluids. When Khadien turned her over to inspect her he saw that she had massive cuts and bruises all over her body and it felt like several of her bones had been broken, luckily not her neck since in his panic of seeing someone laying face down like she was, Khadien had turned her over without thinking about how unwise his actions could be. It had been Phawn who had sprung into action while Khadien held Eve, and had went around the medical room trying desperately to find equipment still in tact that he could use to help Eve. A lot of it had been smashed and that room has also been made quite a mess, but Phawn had been able to save Eve, by some miracle.

    Once Eve was up and fully functional again it had taken quite a bit to start in on the repairs for the rest of the ship, which also included restocking. Quite a bit of their finances came from shady deals that they made with the major crime lord circle that was largely known in that sector of the galaxy and was rumored to even have their power spread further than anyone else could even imagine, and no one ever dared to question that. Those who had been foolish enough to snoop around and ask questions about them mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again, as if they never existed. Well, that's how people treated the ones that disappeared anyways. It was far safer that way.

    Because they had racked up such a huge debt with them they were now expected to run special little errands for them. Errands that they had no choice about. They had to take them or else they could end up among those that had disappeared. There had been some pretty vicious rumors about what happened to those who had disappeared, yet none of these rumors could be verified, yet they continued to circulate around, growing in number despite some of the ways being ridiculous and downright impossible to pull off, much less believe. At least they had Eve, all up and working properly though. Sure, there were times that they could just kick themselves for the stupid and rash agreement that they had made, but at the time they thought it was the only way to get Eve up and running as quickly as they did, and hindsight is always twenty/twenty.

    Now they were on their way to drop off a shipment of several crates to a mysterious someone on Lupubo whom they only knew went by the name Felnoir. Khadien took his eyes away from the top of his desk and leaned back in his chair. They had been promised that after this drop off was over that they'd be able to take a break from all this for a while. Of course, they had said things like that before and it never really happened, some emergency came up at the last minute where they either had to do a 'quick' pick up, drop off, or both. The only problem with these type of emergencies were that they were even more dangerous than normal pick ups and drop offs, and they were never quick. Yet they knew they couldn't complain even a peep. That was the way things worked. You shut your mouth and did what you were told and things go along fine, but when you open your mouth you better be ready for the trouble that follows an action such as that.

    Khadien's eyes glance over to his right and takes notice of the stars silently moving past the window. He picks up his coffee to take another sip of it, then carries it over to the window to look out it. He'd always been fascinated with the stars. He could sit for hours at a time, looking out through that very window and never get tired of watching them. When he was a boy he'd often wished that one day he could go up and be among the stars, and now he was getting his chance, although it wasn't quite in the exact way he had hoped. Now as he glanced out the window there was something odd going on, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. A moment later though he was able to figure it out as the stars moved by his window slower and slower until they stopped all together. The ship wasn't moving...? It was as if his brain either didn't, wouldn't, couldn't or a combination of all three, want to admit that they were no longer moving. The question was, why were they no longer moving? He didn't have an answer for that, but he knew someone who did. Before he even realized it his lungs had gathered in a much air as they could and he was soon yelling just one thing.



    Photograph of the incident.

    My girlfriend taught me to knit today. If you take a look at that statement you might think that's such a cool thing, yet for me it's become a very triggering thing, and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. I was already bad to begin with, but for a while now I'd been wanting to learn to knit and crochet from the kits that both her and my boyfriend had bought me for my birthday. It was a hard decision actually, to choose between the two kits, but then I finally settled on knitting.

    It was really slow going at first because I kept messing up a lot thanks to my learning disabilities, slowly but surely though I was able to cast-on (get my first row upon my needle). Then came to part to actually knit. I was told that probably doing five rows would be good practice for me and then afterwards I'd be taught a pearl stitch (something that they'll do after getting some sleep because it's so late). I said this was fine and didn't think nothing of it.

    After they went to bed I popped the latest Netflix DVD that we had gotten (Babylon 5 - season 1, disc 3) into the laptop and started to watch it. It was towards the end of the first episode, where I was actually giddy at the prospect of being able to do something like knitting and I started to think of 'Grandma' O (not revealing full name). At first I thought that she'd be proud of me for learning how to knit just like I remember her doing (she also crochetted), but then my mind started to remember all the stuff that she used to say and do to me. How she always used to tell me how bad I was because of all the demons I had in me and that she could feel them when I hugged her. I was evil, I needed to be exorcised to get all the sin and wickedness out of me. I remember crying as she would scream at me (the demons) and tell them to stop making her hate me, stop making her hurt me. Then she'd call me a good for nothing little brat for always allowing the demons in me. I'd get bruises from when she used her strength (and she was really strong) to hold me down while trying to get the demons out. She always scared me with all her screaming and carrying on when nothing was wrong with me. It sent me always into panic mode and I would struggle trying to get away, but I never could. She would always laugh and mock me, claiming that I only struggled and got bruises because the demons knew they were dealing with a Warrior of God and it scared them so they made me struggle to try to escape, but she'd trapped them good and if I didn't want to get any more bruises then I would stop inviting them into my body to defile God's holy temple. I would remember walking around in summer with long sleeves and long pants instead of short-sleeves and shorts just so that no one else saw the bruises. She'd call them war wounds and that I should display them proudly, and if anyone asked I was to tell them I got them while fighting against the very enemy of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I do want to get the five rows done that where instructed so I can get the hang of things, yet right now my hands are shaking so badly, my body is trembling, my stomach is doing flips and I just want to curl up in the corner, rocking and whimpering. She's dead! She's dead! She's dead...so why does she still have this effect on me...?

    I hate this. I feel so unsafe right now. I wish someone here were awake to hold me and tell me that everything's alright, but I'm afraid my partner won't understand and I told my girlfriend to go ahead and get some sleep because she badly needs it, and if I just told her that I don't want to then go into her room and wake her up over something as stupid as this, and I feel it's stupid because I shouldn't be experiencing it. I should be over this.

    I have a bad feeling that I'm going to hardly sleep and then not even get good quality sleep because of this. :(


    You know things are bad and you need to stay home from work when even normal moving around like walking, standing, etc. makes you bleed so heavily that it still runs down your leg after only 2 hours despite you having an overnight pad on. *sighs* This boi so fuckin' hates this girly body with it's nasty girly parts. If I could sell them on eBay and get the nice boi parts that I so desire then I would in a heartbeat. Guess I'll just have to be miserable in the meantime.l




    Core, On hearing about Yinepusayi

    Work is haaaaard

    Yinepusayi loves to post on service-related communites on LJ, like customers_suck. Even though those comms collectively get over 9000 posts an hour, she always acts like people know who she is and care about her bullshit. A typical post starts out with the introduction "Recap: Tiny cashier with long hair that uses a cane and fanbois over Hunter & Davey of AFI," and goes on to describe the terrible injustices she suffers at work:

    1) Someone mistook her for a boy when she was trying to be a girl;

    2) Someone mistook her for a girl when she was trying to be a boy;

    3) Someone made fun of her cane, because in LJ-land using a cane means people will try to have you fired or throw you down some stairs;

    4) Her cruel, cruel Sears overlords weren't tolerant of her five dozen made-up illnesses.

    The community Sears on LJ is pretty much nothing but her whining. To be fair, it must be really hard to work a regular job if every one of your several hundred alternate personalities has to come in for job training.

    UPDATE: She has gone on Disability for her imaginary ailments and apparently lost custody of her daughter:


    Multiple Personality Disorder

    According to [1], she/he/hir/hem/whatever, has a very large number of other fucking individuals living inside her mind. While this proves that she's batshit insane, it also explains why she can't manage to stay "transgendered" for more than a day or so at a time. The following is a comprehensive list of the alternate personalities:


    • Kathlene - a vampire who does not like liars.
    • Arica - a 16 year old vampire who is not a fan of idiots. Born on 9/11
    • Lori - a 13 year old lesbian. Also a vampire.
    • Bobbie - a HYOOMAN who likes vampires
    • Danielle - likes doing things with her brother
    • Eleni - OH HEY A VAMPIRE
    • Blair - Yinepusayi's otherkin alterego. She is a huge black dragon that can take on the form of a small and delicate human. In her human form she wears a simple, thin dress that appears to be see-thru but isn't, and changes colors when she moves. In her dragon form she is surprisingly gentle and moves about with a gracefulness that is hard to match. Scroll down for her amazing poem.
    • Stephanie (currently inactive)
    • Harmony - Dislikes: rude people. Likes: being a vampire.
    • Sara
    • Megan (currently inactive)
    • Atti
    • Ruri
    • Electra
    • Lynn
    • Angel
    • Pirotess
    • Tessla
    • Britney
    • Bryony
    • Claudia
    • Belladonna
    • Elani
    • Harley (currently inactive)
    • Jezebal (currently inactive)
    • Jordan (currently inactive)
    • Lolita
    • Miri
    • Morgana
    • Oz
    • Prudence
    • Remy
    • Rowan
    • Sage
    • Skyler
    • Miriam
    • Diana
    • Alison - 9 year old vampire with a pottymouth. Likes: hunting for food, being with her daddy and rap music. See Poetry section for her showing off her vocabulary.
    • Storm
    • Blaze
    • Willow
    • Bo
    • Roe
    • Nightshade
    • Orisa
    • Iz
    • Katie
    • Fred
    • Trixie
    • Aiyana


    • Nicolas
    • David - Bisexual, married, has a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Likes The Vines.
    • Darien - notable as being the only alterego who god would love if he were real.
    • Hannibal
    • Arkhan - Also born on 9/11. Why does Yinepusayi hate America?
    • Spike - LOL A VAMPIRE!
    • Rich
    • Alex
    • Gerald
    • Byron
    • Cain
    • Cole
    • Erik
    • Gabriel
    • Kenneth
    • Keven
    • Logan
    • Odo
    • Ozzie
    • Shane
    • Sidney
    • Roger
    • Peter
    • Kaleb
    • Axl
    • Kyle
    • Quentan
    • Conner
    • shadowsmile
    • Kadin Jr.
    • Darwin
    • Angelus
    • Tristan

    Others (?!)

    • Farkle
    • Corey


    Down in the crystal blue depts
    I know there is a paradise waiting for me
    Time to kick off my shoes and strip down to nothingness
    Time to kill my mind of all the thoughts I've ever had before
    Don't stop me
    Please stay back
    If you really loved me you would have done something sooner
    But now it's time to...
    Take the plunge into the sweet and calming arms of Death
    Soon I'll be caught in It's warm and deadly embrace
    I would have a new lover that I know would stay with me forever
    And I would finally be rid of the horrid pangs of life
    I'm brittle as you can see when you touch me and I break
    I'm so tiny that it's easy to pass over and not even see me
    I have special talents that are so overlooked by all
    Or else I'm so very over worked that I am taken advantage of
    My blood, my sweat, my tears have all been heavily shed for nothing
    No one seems to give a damn about what happens to me
    Everywhere I go I feel as if I don't even exist so why am I still breathing
    I want to breath deep, close my eyes and...
    Take the plunge into the sweet and calming arms of Death
    Soon I'll be caught in It's warm and deadly embrace
    I would have a new lover that I know would stay with me forever
    And I would finally be rid of the horrid pangs of life
    Leave me alone because I know you care nothing about me
    Leave me be because I know that you hate me
    Go to Hell for all I care, but stay away from me once you get there
    Fuck You, I'm a Dragon.

    ~ Blair ~

    Some time ago I was birthed amist a sea of violence
    And made strong so that with any hardships I'd endure I'd cry less
    I was so very young yet I was forced to grow up so very fast
    But tasting that red gush felt like such a rush that I wanted it to last
    Even sex can't compare to how it feels when someone's life pulses in your veins
    I just have to be careful or gone from the scene if I leave bloodstains
    I am a killer, but am I a cold-blooded one
    I guess I must be because I'm having so much fun
    Like the Pheonix I died just to rise again
    Better watch your back or for you it could very well be the end
    My daddy's dead but I don't ever think about him
    I don't because he did what I consider to be an unforgiveable sin
    It's what drove my mom to go nuts and pump bullets into his chest
    And what drove her to swallow a bullet and try to kill me before there could be an arrest
    All that drama and violence could have been avoided if my daddy didn't choose to sleep with a fucking whore
    Now do you see why I don't think of my daddy any more
    I'm a killer now, but am I a cold-blooded one
    I guess I must be because I'm having so much fun
    Like the Pheonix I died just to rise again
    Better watch your back or for you it could very well be the end
    Is that me that you see with my hypnotic eyes pulling at your sleeve
    Is this all just a dream or is that your family that really does grieve...


    Lil Nicki

    Nicole's inner pedophile rears its ugly head with File:Lj-favicon.png lilNicki.

    we finly hav somfing of our own so we not use werdestiny caus that fo bigs now hop that otay

    we wike seen babi slvia caus it mae nikowas happy but y babi hav go way so man fings confuze us an it mae us mad caus we no undersan that mae us bad we no wan be bad we wan be good but we do fings an somtime we gets in trouble but we no realy understan y we fink we need help but we frad ask caus then pepole fink we dumb


    —Lil Nicki accidentally imitating The Shining


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