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    Priya circa 2015

    Priya Cynthia Kishna, also known as Yerdian/Galaxu/HewArt/Veganartbook on DeviantArt, has gained popularity as a proud wolfaboo advocate, amateur copyright attorney, and perceived internet tough guy. In between mile long diatribes and lecturing people about art theft, Priya makes a pretty penny selling her fanart of Nintendo and Sonic characters as well as various dollar store trinkets.

    Wah Wah Wolfaboo

    Like the thousands of other furries on Deviant Art, Yerdian believes wolves to be magical fuzzy angels and Earths true master race. Puzzled that anyone could dare think otherwise, Yerdian makes a habit of routinely making rambling, pro-animal rants at every given opportunity. Common bulletpoints include;

    • Humans are actually animals too, so it's even
    • Humans are actually consciously evil animals, so they're worse
    • Animals have souls because my Christian friend says so
    • The only reason you'd say otherwise is because you're a cyberbully

    The main argument, of course, is that the dreaded hyoomuns are really the most evil creature on the planet.

    Upon Closer Inspection

    Given Priya's frequently contradictory, poorly researched and often blatantly false points, it would appear her wolf love might not be entirely genuine. Indeed, if you're one of the few who can't be bothered to read her eye-stabbingly ugly walls of text, it would appear as though she could give a fuck less about animals or their well being. It does become apparent, however, that she really, really isn't a fan of being trolled. Specifically, she has a burning hatred for Encyclopedia Dramatica and it's userbase.

    Anti-wolfaboos are a bashing group of people, acting a little like those childish sick fans from Encyclopedia Dramatica, the lowest scum on the internet.



    They see Encyclopedia Dramatica's "Death is lulz" section as their home and take the internet way to seriously.


    —Priya quoting a non-existent section of ED

    They even put up larva nests whole groups and sites and create "army's" to convince people that "wolves suck", "everyone who opposes hunting is ignorant" and to promote humanabooism.


    —Yerdian, forcing memes at a Nostalgia Critic level

    While the wolfaboos draw beautiful artwork of animals and wolves, or the so-called sparklewolves, the anti-wolfaboos are totally obsessed with bashing/trolling their artwork because wolves are included.


    —That's gotta be the reason...

    Anti-wolfaboos are mostly whiny sissies which can't stand on their own feet. When the wolfaboo is too strong for them or when the anti-wolfaboo is insecure about his whining, he posts a comment on anti-wolfers their cockroach-nest that says "lol, look how he insults me" or "lol, look at the stoopid wolfaboo". While their true feelings are actually: "Help! I can't save my own ass in a discussion because I'm a hypocritical moron, save meeee!"



    I've seen one of my friends getting page views because she was put on a site called: Encyclopedia Dramatica and 99% of the information there were lies and twisted words.


    —Brace for views

    You see, dear reader, it isn't Priya's passion for wildlife or a disdain for needless slaughter that's the root of her righteous anger, but the fact that she apparently arbitrarily picked one side because the other guys were all such fucking douchebag assholes!!!11!1! >:c. Despite this, Yerdian fancies herself quite an effective anti-troll, so much so that she's refined her debate skills into a handful of several key (but highly effective) points. As such, every one of her archenemies is either; an idiot, a Nazi, an animal killer, or an animal killer enabler.

    And When You Inspect Closer Still...

    But these raging anti-ED feelings weren't always there. In fact, there was once a time when dear sweet Priya believed Encyclopedia Dramatica was her personal army!

    Who deserved public humiliation via this amazing wiki, you ask?

    Her sister. She wanted to fist-rape her sister. And she deserved it because;

    I would like to put out a bimbo I know from my family. She really is a witch and has stolen my original story and brushes with the honor, pretending it wrote itself. I have worked eight years on that story, and now she saw, she literally wrote it on and pretend it's her. Really, they really deserve to be humiliated!


    —It was all original content. Do not steal.

    Which leads us to...

    An Art Thief Cries About Art Theft

    When her crusade against those awful, awful humanaboos are just too much, Yerdian like to unwind and take potshots at DAs other source of unadulterated butthurt; art thieves. or, more specifically, perceived art theft. See, Yerdian, being the clever little devil she is, has thought up all these brilliant and original concepts and symbols behind her work, and anyone can spot said symbolism from a mile away and smell that genuine Yerdian all over it. Such blatant attempts at symbolism fraud cause Yerd enormous stress, and sometimes she needs to stop what she's doing entirely to address it.

    based on some stupid art thief I know IRL. I was pretty stressed, so I couldn't work on my commissions today because of that thief.


    —stress sigh

    I first thought they were just insecure, but many people disagreed with me about that being the reason to steal someones' hard work. They told me: "I am insecure too and I hate my life. But that doesn't mean that I have to hurt other people, too by stealing their art. I am an artist, so I draw everything myself. Without tracing... without stealing!"


    —Yerdian discussing one of the imaginary conversations she has throughout the day

    I'm telling you this because I don't want anyone else to go through this. BE CAREFUL with who you trust with your work.


    —Seems legit

    In typical weeb fashion, Yerdian chastises others while at the same time partaking in the royalty-free world of fanart! In a hilarious lack of self awarness, Yerdian decides lifting entire copyrighted characters isn't a problem, and neither is selling their likeness for profit.

    But at least she isn't stealing the symbolism.

    Yerdian Vs. ED

    Cynthia not quite understanding what's happening

    As soon as word got around to her, Yerdian reacted to her Dramatica page in the usual fashion. Step one, deny deny deny. Yerdian, like many a'lolcow before her, claimed the plethora of screencaps of her saying and doing hilarious and embarrassing things were all just photoshops, made by a crack team of trolls out to slander her good name and derail her dreams of publication. When that convinced nobody, she followed the next logical step; embrace the notoriety. Again, Yerdian follows the standard routine and maintains that, not only has the page fail to paint her in a less than flattering light, instead, she insisted, that the page actually got her more followers and watchers! Fancy that!

    And then, as always, she somehow grew tired of these totally existing and not at all completely made up hordes of new fans and decided that she would then sue Dramatica for libel as a result of a page of things she had said verbatim.

    The following is an account of her tantrum as it unfolded in real time, as uncovered by a planted troll used to gain information on her. AnthonyS13, one time hardcore supporter now turned chickenshit traitor, was convinced he would be given leniency if he leaked her intentions of litigation to her detractors and give her false, misleading personal information on the names and locations of who she assumed to be behind her Encyclopedia Dramatica article. On April 3, 2012, Anthony exploited his well versed knowledge of Yerdian and actually cracked her DA password, handing it over to trolls in a halfhearted attempt to save his own ass.

    The Vegan Artbook

    The Vegan Artbook template
    That's legitimately how she learned to make comics

    After somehow failing to get UN intervention to bring down Encyclopedia Dramatica, Priya gave up and went back fighting the only foe she knew she could beat, cartoon versions of people she doesn't like. She eventually became so satisfied with many of these crude drawings she decided to compile them all in a new business opportunity; the Vegan Artbook. Displaying an impressive amount of improvement over the years, the drawing all show Priya uses her chibi avatar to flawlessly disprove carnist logic.

    Gimme money

    Gimme money now

    Priya Cuts The Crap and Just Resells Other Peoples Merchandise

    Learning the craft at her familys 7/11, Yerdian knows the finer aspects of business.

    Following in her peoples proud tradition of reselling cheap trinkets for absurd mark-up, Yerdy has since taken up to reselling "vegan approved" versions of various cheap Etsy nitnacks. Promising she keeps no profit and that all proceeds go to approved charities, she lists a variety of cute and clever products at outrageous mark-up, ranging from a couple of dollars here to nearly triple original asking price there. Opting out of the usual practice of following and yelling at would-be shoppers from a mall kiosk, Yerdian has taken a more subtle approach in order to grift the riches from unwitting social justice warriors and animal lovers.

    General money Woes

    How embarrassing...

    It would seem that, with Yerdians widespread popularity over the years, that the constant need to hock cheap merchandise seems a bit beneath her. Why, she even makes so much money, PayPal actually suspended her account to make sure everything was on the up and up! No, no really guys! She's certainly in no need for sure lowly means of income. Upon closer investigation, however, it would seem Yerdian isn't being entirely forthcoming with the amount of money she's making and what she's doing with it. Indeed, despite having been an accomplished comic author over the years, Yerdy has had quite a habit of being unreliable with delivering her product in a timely fashion. BUT ONLY BECAUSE SHE'S BEEN SO SUPER SUCCESSFUL GUYS. If only there was a way to publicly measure her financial supporters...

    Enter Indiegogo. In an effort to crowdfund her publishing costs, Priya set up an Indiegogo fundraiser, confident that her fans would push her well beyond her goal. Results were... less than satisfactory. She actually ended up receiving under a quarter of her goal.

    Clearly, her base had already been tapped out purchasing her fine products. Maybe so many had actually donated that, like payPal, the website itself flagged the rush of money as suspicious! Yeah, that must have been it...


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