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    You gon' get raped.

    Yeffyaboyuice (pronounced Yeff Yahbo Yoos) is your typical anorexic obsessive fangirl/white knight to retards who have an ED page/spoiled white girl/porn artist/ugly whore. Despite her huge ego, she's not special in any way. What makes her stand out from the others is all of the lulz produced from her raging at anons and her increasing stupidity.

    Who the fuck is Yeffyaboyuice?

    Despite all my rage, I'm still just pathetic irl.

    Yeffyaboyuice (powerword: Angela Klecker) is a 21 year old, 6' tall, money-grubbing anorexic girl who resides in San Diego, California. She spends her time drawing porn of celebrities, whining about not having any money or people who unfollow her on Tumblr, and starting huge drama over trivial shit. She lives with her fiance, Geoffrey, who is a burnt out stoner that is too hazed to realize that his girlfriend wants other people's dicks. He started dating her when he was 18 and Angela was 15. They have an apartment and multiple pets, but spend all of their money on weed and celebrity merchandise instead of paying their bills or buying food. She has many health problems, mostly related to digestion, which she could reverse if she quit eating junk food like a fucking pig. Every week she makes sure to let everyone know how much pain she's in and what she got to eat at Taco Bell a few minutes later.

    She started out as a simple weeaboo on Gaia, acting out as her demon chick Mary Sue, Chabo. She started a number of self comics that she never finished, then she started dating Geoff and became a huge slut. She decided to try her hand at porn and turned all of her OC art into that. When she got bored of Geoff's unattractive face, she latched on fictional characters and kept stating she wanted to bang them. She went one level up and became infatuated with EDM artists, who are now the main focus of her porn.

    She used to be bff with Zeriara and LadyALT69. That should tell you a lot.

    Fun fact: Her username means Geoff (Yeff), Chabo (Yabo), Yuice (which is some made up word for comfort apparently). Her friend made up that phrase, but Angela forgot about its origins over time and prefers to just be called Yeff now. Essentially she's being called by her boyfriend's name.


    Angela doing what she fantasizes doing to EDM artists.

    Typical of crazies, Angie draws a fuck ton of porn. It doesn't matter who it is, anyone will become her victim, should she set her sights on them. Unlike most crazies, she decided that her beautiful porn pics are too precious to just share with the world. In an act of true arrogance, she posts a tiny thumbnail of them, then demands her friends and followers to send her money to see the rest of the drawing. Despite saying she has an amazing sex life with Geoff, Angela constantly draws and talks about herself fucking Skrillex, Deadmau5, Dillon Francis, Homestuck characters, OFF characters, Animal Crossing characters, or whoever the fuck she has a boner for that week. Amazingly, she still draws it, even though Skrillex knows about the porn and has seen it firsthand.


    She also loves spilling details about her fetishes, sexual encounters with Geoff, and stating that she would have crazy sex with her female best friend. This most likely stems from the fact that she's socially awkward and no one would believe her about her sexual encounters when first meeting her. While most people would be more modest and keep their lives to themselves, she wants the whole world to know what a slimy skank she is.


    Angie loves sharing with the world how much of a disgusting slut she is, that she posted a list of what turns her on, fantasy or reality!

    • Performing oral on another man while her fiance fucks them
    • Voyeurism "(Watching or joining in, being watched/joined preferably)"
    • Sex faces
    • Pegging (But she can't peg her boyfriend because he has hemorrhoids :( )
    • Double/triple penetration
    • Anal
    • Cockrings
    • Bondage
    • Pierced nipples
    • Bukkake
    • Having the male strangled
    • Amputees

    Typical post on her tumblr:

    Me going to take a shower

    Me: [undressing while shower gets hot]

    Geoff: [sneaks up]

    Geoff: [strips]

    Geoff: [hotdogs dick in between my butcheeks]

    Geoff: Excuse me miss, do you have any grey poupon?


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Yeff and Money

    Angela constantly bitches and moans about how poor she is. When she does get money, she spends it on stupid shit like porn commissions of herX(random celebrity), EDM merchandise (which is generally around $25-40 per item), Taco Bell, and the like. She's even admitted to not being able to feed her pets because she's so poor. There's a huge list of things that she needs to pay, like her rent, fixing her radiator, cremating her goldish (lol), and buying new materials to create her porn with. She makes damn sure everyone knows how miserable she is about having so many important things to pay off, in hopes that someone will sympathize and send her some money, which she ends up blowing on more stupid shit. If anyone mentions that she should be handling her money better, she flips out on them and says THIS IS REALITY. When she runs out of money to spend on t-shirts, she starts up big campaigns to raise money for her "dedicated artistic skills."

    Lol jk. It's actually of her. Give her money to create a comic about HER fucking Skrillex, while she screams and insists that the girl in it is so NOT herself. Has since been abandoned and forgotten.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    NEW: Donate for a gay webcomic!

    A million years ago, after abandoning her Skrillex smut comic, Yeff hyped up a storm about her newest gay webcomic. About two gay guys. That was about all that anyone was told about it. She had people reblog the shit out of her links and excitedly posted the first page, only to abandon it just like the first comic she started.

    One year later, she started up the hype again, but with a catch: You have to donate $6,500 for her to make this masterful piece of crap come to life, because she's too fucking lazy to get a real job. She also gave amazing perks for donating, such as getting a thank you if you donate $1000. Who could pass up that amazing offer?

    One would be advised against giving her any sort of money, seeing as how she spends it all on EDM shit. Seriously. Last time she got $500, she spent it all on some concert instead of fixing her water heater.

    As of January 2014, she was donated $500 to work on her comic. She posted a whole 2 new pages and promptly abandoned it as soon as she became a fan of the anime Space Dandy. Now all of her time and money is going to buy merchandise of the show, and making porn of the title character.

    DFD (Dillon Francis Dinner)

    When Angela became aware of new EDM artist Dillon Francis, she became unhealthily obsessed with him. Porn was made, tweets were directed at him, photos of him were posted. She couldn't stop.

    Soon after losing her job and whining on tumblr about how she doesn't have any money (for the umpteenth time), Angela decided to drop some big news for all of her followers: She spent $500 to have dinner with Dillon and her mom, at Taco Bell. While everyone with a brain told her that was the biggest fucking mistake she could make, she and her friends defended her decision aggressively. She waited two weeks to hear back from Dillon's management, and they told her they'd set up a date. Cut to many months later, and they're still giving her the run around. She suspected it's because she's ugly, since he's been going out with other, more attractive, girls and posting the details, but she kept her head high and whined on and on about how long it was taking. Based on her track record for posting porn of him all over the internet, one can figure out why he doesn't want to go anywhere near her. Dillon's reposted a couple drawings from Angie's blog, so he's already aware of who she is and what she posts. Details to follow when/if the dinner happens. Bitch got rejected.

    DFD Quotes

    Feeling sick from something I ate. Thinking and making it worse.

    Spending a LOT of money I saved on something soon. I’m not even sure if I’m gonna go through with it, and I know I can’t logically afford it when we have this little money. I’m just hoping it makes me happy. I hope it happens.

    Is this going to make my year, or is this going to be the worst financial choice in a long time?

    I don’t know. Lets wait for PayPal to transfer and my nausea to fade.

    Got a lot of work to do


    —Probably the latter.

    I’m about to spend all my money on something incredibly stupid



    Wow someone said I’d get a lot of hate for getting this Dillon thing

    They were 100% right

    Dillon hasn’t even noticed yet and I’m literally getting hate ask after hate ask.

    I’m not publishing a single fucking one unless they are not anon.

    Starting to feel lots of regret because all of these fucking guilt messages


    —Then don't post it online.

    They’re basically calling me financially retarded for “whining for being poor” then spending 500
      • WOW**

    I have like a dollar to my name because I had to update my car tags, get my car smog checked, and I bought this.

    Where did I get the money? The entirety of my fucking tax refund, my best friend, and commissions.



    —Then stop whining online.

    God bless tax returns


    —Because that's what they're meant for.

    Cleaning up my act Dill wise in the meantime, just in case haha

    /hides porn


    —But not well enough.

    Oh about the Dillon Dinner

    I’m gonna have him sign my Taco Bell burrito wrapper

    And give it away on tumblr


    —Oh BOY!

    Dude I’m impressed I still have 5 bucks left


    —You're so good at saving money. :)

    Yeah so my fucking headphones broke in all this, of all the things I need to buy. Muse for drawing? Bye

    My goldfish is still in the freezer waiting to be cremated.


    —Poor baby. :'(

    That leaves me STILL in debt and a chance to make me happy down the fucking shitter


    —Angie's response to "Get a refund."

    Less debt, No Dillon, still not being able to afford anything

    Do you have any idea how much I’m clinging to that dinner in hopes of happiness

    Its all I fucking have


    —Angie's response to "What's worse? More debt or less debt?"

    I’m legitimately depressed

    Because my radiator needed replacing, I ‘m now 750 dollars in debt

    We were having money problems in the first place and now this



    Anyone else wants to write me fic, I pay a cent per word. Message me if interested.


    —She's in debt but will still pay people for smut fiction of herXDillon.

    He is MAD hothothothot irl. I said I wasn’t interested in fucking him. I’m really fucking attracted to him holy shit


    —Because he would have interest in fucking Angela.

    Part of me thinks it will never happen


    —Not at this rate.

    Dillon Francis has Dinner With Your Mom: Still not happening.

    Dillon’s management put off the date again, and still hasn’t given me a hard date even after they set it for mid-may. I’ve been jerked around for two months, I’m starting to get irritated.

    I bet if I was an attractive raver girl or some famous person who bought the dinner, it would have already happened. My teeth aren’t shiny and white and I have no money. I used my tax return to buy this in the first place.

    Dillon’s blog has reblogged literally EVERYONE wearing his merch on the tag but me. And I’m starting to think its because of how I look.

    I’m so sad right now.


    —And you also draw porn of him.

    DFD Reactions

    I can just imagine you showing dillon your porn like "yeah it's so awesome to meet you plus check it out I drew you with a really big dick"


    —Wonder how that would go over?

    if dillon is using that drawing as a twitter avatar, it means he has seen your art, therefore, likely has seen your porn. when you meet him, what if he's like "hey you're that girl that draws a lot of porn of me"



    Even if it is with your own tax return, there's NOTHING in your life that the $500 could've gone too thats more important? I mean look where you're at now, no cash and no Dillon


    —Maybe someday!

    Btw, you're not spending money on things you NEED. Dillon Francis merchandise isn't really a need, nor is a Taco Bell date with him.


    —Overpriced merch is a necessity.

    Angela we are getting this scheduled. Please understand we are trying to film a number of these in one day.


    —Dillon's management after being harassed by her about the date.

    Lol at these fucking dumb Internet girls complaining about the things that they are


    —Tweet by Dillon, possibly about Angela?

    Do you think Dillon keeps putting the dinner off because of all the porn you draw of him?


    —Most likely.

    oh my god anon shut the fuck up. you know what's reality? not having enough fucking money. being depressed. finding happiness in things that can seem unattainable. not being happy all the time. shut your fucking mouth about someone who can barely afford to shelter and feed herself, her fiance, and her bird. either you live securely off of someone else's income/have enough to support yourself, in which case you have no fucking idea what its like, or you dont have enough, and you shouldnt be



    HEY! ANON FUCK FACE! Grow up! I can see you self centered, arrogant ass from here! You don't know shit about living on your own and going through money problems that mean you won't be eating for a while. Move out of your moms basement before you start acting like you know what the fuck your talking about!


    —White knight to the rescue! <3

    What's worse? More debt or less debt?



    Stop being so full of yourself, it's not because they "can't stand reality", it's because they can't stand your incessant moaning.


    —More truth.

    Get a refund


    —Everyone on tumblr

    dillon: "hey you're that girl with 10 pages of self-inserts"


    —Sane scenario.

    what if he finds the dillyeff drawings


    —Another sane scenario.

    imagine if dillon is like "i've seen your blog"


    —He already has.

    I don't think you're going out with Dillon at all. I think you're making this up for attention. Typical of you so ;)


    —Would be possible, but she posted how she burned that $500.

    The End

    After waiting for months, Angela got a reply from Dillon's management. They told her that the dinner would happen in LA on June 12, 2013. She waited for more details on when it was going to happen, until she received a new email from them on June 10:

    Hey Angela - I spoke with Dillon about this again.

    He doesn’t want to make you drive 100 miles to come to LA or himself to drive 100 miles. He wants to focus on creating his album. Very sorry but can we refund you the money and send you a few tees as well?


    —Dillon's management

    Yep. Dillon Francis does not want to have dinner with a crazy fangirl, even if she paid $500 for it. He rejected her. This was a lesson in not drawing porn and being creepily obsessive with the person you want to meet. Angela will most likely stay in denial about his rejecting her and just say that he was too busy.

    She was offered a few free shirts along with a refund, but she asked for a signed hat and a video from him instead, before finally deciding to baww to the manager about the mean internet bullies. He took pity on her and said she could with Dillon in LA on June 24. Shit ain't ever gonna happen.

    One would have hoped she'd spend the $500 refund on things she actually needs to pay off, but she stated that she spent it on some stupid frivolous shit anyway, including the new Animal Crossing game.

    UPDATE: She got to meet him finally at a concert, and they took an unattractive photo together.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Fanfic of the DFD

    So Angela’s meeting up with Dillon Francis for the “eat dinner with your mom” thing and is growing increasingly anxious about it. I decided to calm her nerves with a short story. Not.

    The candles dwindling down to their ends on a Taco Bell table booth would have been comical had it not been for the fact the evening had drawn to a close. Finally the videographers had called it a wrap despite Dillon’s persistence to keep filming. Angela wasn’t sure how much time had really been spent on, but if the candles and the deep, deep look in her mom’s eyes had anything to say about it, it’d been at least an hour or more. And through this hour, Angela had been rehearsing in her head - over and over and over and over - about how she’d ask for the simple request of having Dillon take a picture with her. But not some normal picture - a special one, taken by him, of them. It was unique, for one, and well, Angela just wanted to see how close he’d get to her. Maybe shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek? God, she’d flip. tumblr would never hear from her again. Good thing she told Geoff to post a picture of her tombstone in case things went horribly right. She swallowed hard when Dillon sat up from the booth and shook her mom’s hand and told her she was a good sport.

    This was it…

    She thought about that asshole ameaningfulmoment mocking her (like any best friend would do) and Cee cheering her on through Skype a week previously. Goddammit Ang - you talked to Joel just fine, clearly knowing he’s the most easily annoyed producer in the fandom, but Dillon fucking Francis - the guy who just ate a dozen tacos with your mom for $500 and NOW you’re having cold feet? Get it together!

    Dillon then looked over to her and any confident thought left went right back out the window again. Every footfall Dillon made towards her echoed of “FUCK”, “SHIT”, “NO” in her mind. She was all-too-conscious of her smile as he reached up to give her a high-five. He complimented her mother, then he - DILLON - asked if she wanted a picture. Well, fuck me.

    “YES - uh, yeah, would you please? But I was wondering, uh, if you could take it? Like of us?” Angela prayed to some god that any of that made sense, but based on Dillon’s light-hearted little smile, he understood just fine.

    Dillon took her phone, muttering something about being an excellent selfie taker as her put an arm around her, bringing her close for the shot. He held it above their heads and prepared to take the picture. Then, he said…

    “Hey, you know…”

    Angela kept staring at the phone. She was frozen. Oh god. What? WHAT?

    “I know about the porn you drew of me.” He finished, then took the picture.


    Norm Drama

    Angela does not approve of these internets.

    When not dealing with her sexual desires, Angela enjoys flipping the fuck out on people who own pets. She is a self proclaimed fish and bird expert, and rages at anyone who rubs her the wrong way. This can include making fun of a fat fish, feeding your bird treats, showing what your cat dragged in, and more. Which is ironic considering Zeriara's history with animal abuse and Yeff's love for the critters. Have an opinion against tattoos? She'll scream at you for that, too. Dislike her constant posting of porn? STAWP FOLLOWING ME THIS IS A NSFW BLOG TITS OR GTFO. Hell, anything she disagrees with, she'll start a riot.

    Commission Drama with Zeriara

    They're pretty much similar.
    What a miracle.

    Despite the fact that they act like bff, in February 2013, Yeff commissioned Zeriara for some art with the end result being that her money completely disappeared. Big fucking surprise. Both of them flipped, sent hatemail to each other, and posted their drama all over tumblr, with each of their minions attacking the other. Knowing Zer's track record, Yeff's a retard for thinking she'd be the special exception to money theft. Miraculously, Zer refunded the $20, but it's only a matter of time until she fucks up again.

    I payed my friend for a commission In early November. January rolls along with no progress, so I ask. No response to that message so I said “If I don’t get my art, I’m not going to be commissioning you again.” This made her flip the shit out at me. I tried to make amends but she just ignored me.

    Pissed that I lost a friend over 20 bucks and I STILL didn’t have the art, I filed a claim on paypal over a tip I sent to encourage her to work on it. (Since the original payment expired.)

    This was done in a civil manner, until she refunded the 5 dollars and sent “idgafos” back to me. Then posted “:3” on her tumblr. Obviously this was a passive aggressive backstab at me saying there was nothing I could do to get the rest of my money back, or my art.

    This is where my asks come into play. My irritated asks finalized everything, saying I’d go to the police. I have family hook ups in law enforcement and my mother is an attorney, so this would be no issue. Zer replied to these out of order and made it look like I was violently attacking her blog. Where before, they just went unanswered like in the months before. This made her look like a battered victim and me a huge douche. Aka, exactly what she wants.

    But in short, I lost a great friend and fellow colleague over twenty dollars. No matter how many times I tried to end this civilly, I was ignored or harassed. If you need a second opinion, ask Sako. She knows what’s up and Zer’s sucked soooo much more from her.

    If I actually get my money back or my art, it will be a fucking miracle.



    Looks like I’ll be taking some screenshots and emails to the police tomorrow morning.

    See you in small claims court Zeriara. What a waste of friendship.



    pretty sure small claims has a minimum amount necessa-oh wait they totally do. Also, I would love to see the court where this dispute actually makes it. Look I dont give a shit about whats her cunt, her living off of people is a sad thing, and you kinda set yourself up for it by giving her money. If she wanted to change herself for the better she would pack her shit and live in her car, move to a better town where she can find work and make something of herself. Just saying.



    Sorry Zeriara ripped you off. She has done it to a number of us. If you had Googled her before commissioning, it could have told you a lot about the negative reputation she has built and her dodging work she's been paid for.



    She’s picking and choosing the asks I sent to her, making her look like the victim.

    I already knew her history but she built my trust over the past year with consistent commissions. This is just nasty.



    I’m not the bad guy here. I bought a commission from her 4 months ago and have since then been harassed and ignored for asking for progress. This whole “I’m working diligently why are you yelling” is an act and you would know if you spent 5 seconds around Zer.



    She is just doing what a sociopath does when they are struggling and don't have to be responsible for all their internet actions. She also has no job and smokes mad weed. It is what. You can only expect so much



    probably gonna have to get a new blog

    i woke up to my inbox full of hate messages….. i know who sent them.



    When you made friends with Zer, I was worried something like this would happen :c I'm sorry you lost a friend, there's really nothing worse.



    I read all up and down that ED article about Zer and I'm almost surprised she doesn't have a Chicken Smoothie account. Or maybe she does.



    i really need to talk to sako about some of the things you’ve said, i’m really concerned i might lose a real friend tonight



    Don’t bother

    Yeff > Zer



    War on ED

    On July 9, many of yeffyaboyuice's white knights came to blank the page, not realizing how pointless and stupid it is. It just added more lulz and drama to the mix. Now if you try to go to the talk page on this article, you can see Yeff trying to ask ED to take down this article. She was told to GTFO, which made her cry to her tumblr followers and many of her white knights got pissed. Below is the gallery of the event. The moral of the story is: act like a retard on the internet, and people will notice.

    As expected, she made a grand show of telling everyone how she will improve herself and how she used to be a stupid bitch and blah... blah... blahhhhh... No porn, no begging for money, no self promoting. Also as expected, she broke these promises with a barrage of Animal Crossing porn and begging for money for her birthday or some shit.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Yeff jumps on the tranny bandwagon

    Despite being totally comfortable in a woman's body, Yeff decided to cater to her obviously growing fanbase of Tumblr retards. Her identity is supposedly Demigirl because she "shares masculine characteristics, as well."

    Claiming you're Gay still won't make men attracted to you. About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Yeff leads to another artist's suicide attempt

    Being a rabid Steven Universe fan and a quickly-budding SJW, it's no surprise that Yeff regularly partakes in publicly shaming her loyal fan's artwork. On one fateful day in the EDM fandom, she lost her shit over some artist tracing her old artwork back from 2011-2012 and copying her trashy comic's mary sues. Obviously, she was a little envious of someone else improving her shitty art. Either way, what makes her stand out from the crowd in the entire EDM MDMA fandom is her ability to get her fans to harass another artist to the point of a mock attempt of suicide.

    What I really have to say//feel//think about #yeffyablowchunks

    Perhaps you should’ve read my TOS on FA (X) - Stating all previous poses and inspiration from other artists are LISTED IN THE FUCKING JOURNAL ALONG WITH BEING LINKED TO MY FAVE ARTISTS PAGES.

    I’ve commissioned Polartoons, Uriko44, Ms. Delicious (pink lightning), YOU, and several others. Even emailed them through commissions emails to tell them ‘OH MY GOD YOU’RE MY FAVORITE I LOOK UP TO YOU AND LOVE YOUR STYLE A LOT! AND WISH I HAD THE ABILITY TO DRAW LIKE YOU MAY I REF THIS PLEASE.”

    Not that I take credit for every pose I ASKED to use as PRACTICE for my own characters for that specific structure that I just couldn’t grasp. Like you kept accusing me of doing. And saying I was in fact stealing.

    Then you were live tweeting about me closing my asks, being ashamed probably etc over you calling me out bullshit – Nope. Ya dumb square I was having FUN at EDC with ALL of my ACTUAL friends. Having a fucking BLAST. Because oh. I can afford it because I WORKED HARD FOR MY MONEY BUSTING MY ASS AND DIDN’T BEG UNLIKE YOU EVERY OTHER COUPLE OF DAYS.

    LOFL you have over 40+ people message me the following: Kill yourself, I want to poison your drinking water, I want to burn down your house and your garden, You deserve to die, You will rue the day you fucked with yeff! You gon’ regret stealin’ that there art home fry, Skrillex wannabe!


    1. My hair is cut super short after I let my hair grow down to my ass over since 9th grade.

    2. Skrillex is not my favorite artist anymore (I love him to pieces but he’s just not my ultimate favorite as he doesn’t produce enough content: photos, videos, music **without it being a collab**) nor is he who I really sit around and want to be like? so? suck a dick with that statement.

    “pm me and this will all be over” LOL. Right. In less than 8-10 hours of you getting miffed over a fucking set of teeth you said I traced which I even redrew them through a fucking 5 minute video from start to finish

    Pt 1. (X) Pt. 2 (X) Pt. 3 (X) Pt. 4 (X) Final + bonus eat my fucking ass (X)

    you even went through my old digital stuff on DA that I had done and had no idea what the fuck crediting was at the time back in like 2011-2012 I had no idea what the fuck I was doing I was in high school using the stupid ipads to look shit up and draw for class - I ADMIT I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK SOURCING AND CREDITING WAS FOR THAT TIME PERIOD. I WAS FUCKING 17-18 and just started using DA for real for real aside having it for fucking class and a tablet the schools provided for the first time EVER. I made previous mistakes I was then taught to correct and became incredibly anal over WHICH WAS SOURCING AND CREDITING WHAT CURRENTLY INSPIRED ME TO TRY AND DRAW.

    Then wasting your energy to go through alllllll 450 pieces of art on here (tumblr and probably instagram because knowing the self righteous cunt you are you went through everything) you picked what? ten out of a span of a few years? that was already okayed? between 2014-2016???

    By Sydney, Polar, And fucking Julia from my previous FA (previous account was made in 2012 - new account was made in late 2015 and had nothing uploaded account up until I moved back to NC) my accounts over to a more organized one??? - I HAD OVER A TOTAL OF 40+ different people telling me to go die over it. It was MULTIPLE messages from every single person as well. I blocked over 100+ people just in a total of 8-10 hour ratio.

    Damn if Skrillex really knew how you acted in rl? I’m pretty sure he would have 0 respect for you and wouldn’t fuck you with a ten foot pole especially when you’re getting your little squad to bully someone into committing suicide.

    Which is fine because I blocked every single one of them because LOL. You’re a joke? and I’m not someone who gets hurt easily especially over some shady ass anons.

    And good golly I don’t follow their tumblr accounts because I just don’t??? I follow them everywhere else and have them all listed as my fave artists on all my art sites.

    And HAH.. Really?

    You think I’m afraid of you? And moved accounts because oh my god! How awful an EDM blog who is oh so popular for drawing every DJ’s dick in her twat is being a big bad wolf! Nah dude. You’re just an internet bully who USED to be one of my favorite artists who I looked up to for 6 fucking years mind you - who got over 40+ people to get me to try and kill myself over art because of YOU. B)

    I moved accounts because I personally didn’t want to be apart of the EDM fandom anymore stated in this post - (X) NOT BECAUSE OF BIG OL’ #YEFFYAFUCKFACE

    Sitting here having my favorite artists telling me to die and shit. Man. I must’ve truly ruffled some of your feathers. You must have your little posse of friends really pussy whipped to the point they could play ring around the rosie with that labia of yours. HAHA WHOOPS. #sorrynotsorry

    But I see through you. Other people see through you.

    I’m not like your other little fucking victims that have been listed on encyclopedia dramatica who just gave into you because you get a band of people to try and hurt their feelings over your little temper tantrums. Because you want to be right. Well you’re not right.

    I will not succumb to your advances. And I will not be swayed by your mass amount of negativity. Obviously I chose the right thing. Ignoring you + everyone you’ve had literally harassing me for over 8-10+ hours, and having an amazing time at EDC and getting on my plane back home without any thoughts of hurting myself over some stupid girl who thinks she’s better than everyone which you’re not just because

    “oh well I’m friends with these artists on tumblr” I’ve been friends with Sydney, Julia, and Polar since I fucking started using FA. They followed me. I followed them.

    And just an fyi they probably don’t know my tumblr url because I don’t have it posted on my new or old FA account…..?

    Lets not forget here who’s helped who out here tho! :)

    Next time you’re begging for money when you’re oh so broke, need help with your groceries for yourself and your animals, when you’re apparently evicted and need help with your bills, when you want//need help for jumpstarting your comics?

    I won’t throw you 50$ here, 100$ here, 300$ there. Ever again. Because what do you do? You never post content for comics, you never use it towards anything you beg for. You sit there and use it on electronics, edm merch, or anything skrillex related.

    You live in a fucking city//state that has some of the highest living costs in the US. You have better electronics than anybody I know on here. You have more EDM merch than anyone I know on here. And you’re always going to venue shows. Kinda a waste of fucking money when you’re oh so low on your funds. #yeffyacontradictyourself

    I remember my ex bf giving you his prize money to help you that he won off of here just to help you out. You never even thanked him. You ignored him after. Like he was nothing.

    You have no concept of money. You are irresponsible with money. You steal money from your followers for your own selfish needs.

    What was it you were begging for on a stream the other night hm..? let me think… 300$ for a fucking speaker? Oh that’s right! Who helped you with that? some sap who doesn’t know you well enough to know all you do is fucking beg. So next time you beg?

    You better be letting someone make you into a fucking toaster strudel for the kinda money you constantly complain and ask for from people who are already struggling to keep up with their own bills. #yeffyarepublican (get it? because republicans constantly steal and embezzle money or ask for more of it because their hundreds of thousands still can’t pay for the life they choose to live!)

    If you really want to piss me off I’ll just post every fucking transaction I ever sent to you for all the times you posted begging on here.

    I don’t have to beg for money. I can actually keep my car, my place, take care of my bills ON TIME, All 4 of my cats and my 2 pitbulls and my 1 weiner dog whom I spoil absolutely fucking rotten because oh I can?, I can pay for my school loan, I can pay for my fucking car insurance, I can pay off my health insurance, and I can buy what I fucking want without BEGGING. You low life trash heap.

    BTW where the fuck did all that money go? All the donations I (and surely a huge amount of others made) towards clam punchers on a separate paypal account for art//charity related stuff hm???

    Where’s the comic content for the rest of that EDM comic I (and surely a huge amount of others made) helped fund you out on? HMMM????

    Oh right. You spent it on merch and shit you didn’t need the next fucking day (because I and other people were ignorant and cared enough to want to help you out because myself and your other followers who aren’t your little goons– thought you were actually fucking struggling. I myself am the fool for believing you). As per fucking usual.

    Try and make me look fucking bad and have people harassing and trying to embarrass me? PITIFUL.

    You’re a fucking saltine cracker compared to all the salt in the ocean I have pent up against you.

    And no one wants to sit here and go up against you like they really want to – I know more than a handful of people on my watchers list who want to stop being friends with you and have unfollowed you before this blew up, because you make them feel like absolute shit and treat them like garbage, constantly nit pick them and their art skills, why didn’t you bitch at sonnietwipz for literally tracing over your work?

    • whispers* because you pick fights you won’t win, bitch about everything that looks ‘similar’ to your art or other people’s art because you have no fucking life how the fuck do you expect other artists to flourish and know how to draw without referencing stuff? I guess you’re trying to copyright nature, anatomy, everything else you honestly have no control over and don’t own << this is like a tattoo apprentice learning the trade and being told they can’t be inspired by their teacher to tattoo the way they were taught.
    You have nothing better to do with your existence aside draw DJ’s with their dick up your ass or ask people to read your selfship fics or view your pornography, You’re fucking 24 years old get a damn life other than the one you currently live in or get your shit together and stop being PETTY sorry but someone had to say it so I guess it’ll be me.  

    But they don’t have the fucking balls to call you out on your shit and stand up against you for themselves because they’re afraid you’ll make them suffer through the same shit you put me through in one night. Well I have big enough balls to REALLY call your ass out cause I’m not afraid to confront people.

    A lot of people side with me on this as well. Especially @rooksah-la-hookah - @aniyalayt - @crocs-vicious-blog - @alethalwombat - @jaibyrd13 (Especially her because she knew I was just getting into tablet drawing and furries when I first start going to school in 2009-2013 when I graduated. SHE EVEN FUCKING HELPED ME DEVELOP MY STYLE.)

    who sits here and watches me draw free hand without having to sit there and reference or trace someone’s art – if I’ve been watching them for years obviously their style will flow with mine because these people do tutorial shit too to follow by. LIKE A LOT OF PEOPLE DO.

    For example! •Mr. Spitzy - he’s inspired by Ms. Delicious’s work and has a SUPER similar style.

    •Shudd - their are also inspired by Ms. Delicious’s work and has a SUPER similar style.

    •Falvie and Kero_Tzuki - both have SUPER similar styles.

    •DieselBLUE and RedRusker have SUPER similar styles.

    WHY? Because they’ve been watching each other and have been fucking inspired to do great things like their favorite artists. •You have no right to tell someone they can’t be inspired by their favorite artist.

    •You have no right to tell someone they aren’t an artist because someone’s style is too similar to be their own and that they don’t deserve to be treated equal in the artist community. Just because “oh my god I’m so popurur in da EDM fandom SO DESU NEEE let me try and ruin your life and make you never want to draw just because you pissed me off.”

    No. I’ll always draw. I will always look up to my favorite artists and never be afraid to have my voice heard. I’m not scared to draw. I’m not afraid to ask for help or have my favorite artists teach me how to do THEIR TRADE, THEIR WORK.

    Not to mention google and people who print off images for college classes like I attend don’t always reference, credit art we’re shown unless they are well known artists mentioned in our books. So it’s not like everyone knows what the fuck or who the fuck drew a certain thing if it’s just printed and hung up with no watermark.

    Having someone looking up to you for so long should be a fucking compliment it’s not something every person does therefore it is a PRIVILEGE. A treasure. Something you should be grateful for instead of taking it for fucking granted.

    Please deep throat a fucking cactus. I HATE you and REGRET ever looking up to someone who obviously can’t act their fucking age and has to bombard people with drama of just fucking accusations and say so’s because you think your popularity will give you every right to be a rotten little brat, the fact you surround yourself with people who also agree and bash people just by the snap of your finger also are pitiful fucking people for encouraging suicide – the fact you think this is sane and appropriate behavior? LOL okay, and is disrespectful to herself and her own fucking values. You lying wad of chewing gum.

    The whole haters get you famous shit? nah. I’m not jealous of you, I don’t envy you, I don’t want to be you. You are a crappy person. You are a shit influence on new people to the EDM fandom. You’re a shitty friend. All you think about is yourself and always turn conversations around on yourself. ALL AROUND A SELFISH YOLK.

    I have an amazing life. Amazing people I surround myself with. And amazing friends who sit here and support me. Unlike you. Because you constantly claw and yearn for attention which I don’t have to do because I give and recieve what I give back into this world and life.

    Well you definitely got my fucking attention. Kitty can scratch back bitch.

    Art theft or a true improvement? About missing Pics
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    Yeff the overkill Jew

    Since driving one of her fans to commit suicide, she decided to help herself pay her utility bills in another creative way. She took matters into her own deadbeat mother's hands and tried to sue the art thief herself. She later announced to her followers that she called off the whole lawsuit when she realized she didn't know how to Dox some random tracing furry.

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