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    120px BEWARE EDIOTS!

    This piece of shit will fucking rape you in your sleepz.

    YaoiGoddessKeale is a wannabe "professional" transgender artist and self-proclaimed yaoi god who is only really known due to her Kingdom Hearts yaoi. She/It is an avid Gaiafag where most of her popularity has spawned. It is not uncommon for her to be involved in some sort of drama, much like a fly to a particularly foul piece of shit. She cannot seem to stay away from drama in any shape or form. She has had many fallouts with people due to her HOLIER THAN THOU attitude/ego.

    Kia is a bizzare, shotacon fetishist who has publicly thrown temper tantrums and actually cosplays IRL at shopping malls "because she wants to be the character". What she means by that is that she really, REALLY believes she's some anime character. She cannot seem to tell reality from fantasy. She forces her other friends to do gay little cosplays with her. She went into a Disney store, dressed as Sora and publicly embarrassed her friends. An ex- friend of Kia proclaimed that she wears a devil tail, horns or some cat ear hat when she goes to collage. She truly believes she is her Mary- Sue character(KeaLe) and cosplays him IRL, shocking and disgusting the public with her embarrassing outfits.

    Kia has dyed her hair pink and black , worn emo-ish outfits to match her Gaia avatar and HAS ACTUALLY GONE OUT WITH UNDERAGE BOYS/GIRLS. Srsly, call the pigs on her fat ass. One time, Kia stole a girls clothes because she wanted to "dress like a little boy" and went to collage that day, acting and behaving like a little underage boy. Due to this, Kia's level of sanity is questionable. To top it off, she did not return some of the clothes she borrowed.

    She is a profound moocher off of other people's money and demands people to buy her clothes and food. Even on Gaia she annoys people for their precious pixelated wealth in a lulzy fashion to those who witness it. She cosplays almost every day and is recognized as "that freak who thinks she's a shota". If you ever meet her IRL, kick her in the cunt and steal her money (which is actually other peoples money) for great justice.

    Kia has been known to dump art sites when they start to delete pictures focusing on her own sense of taste. A few to be noted that she has abandoned: Y!Gallery, Deviantart and a few more.

    All that is do not want, EVER!

    KeaLe Leaves DA, again?

    "I'm leaving DA forever!! That'll show 'em how little I care!"
    KeaLe hiding the evidence that was presented before her.
    Let's see, she deletes all the comments, then she leaves AGAIN after she said that she already left
    Then again it was children who prompted her popularity in the first place . . .

    Sound familiar? Yes, it should as miss Kia threatens to leave everything she fucking joins, pissed off at the rules she agreed to abide by and is somehow bewildered as to why admins deleted her shota. She rants and raves as if she was above the site herself. But we thought she said she already left? How can you leave TWICE? WTF Kia you wrote a TL;DR journal about leaving then you come back deleting shit going "haha, stupid trolls im LEAVING you guys are so childish". Not only is she a drama whore creating much lulz for the audience of anonymous watching her, but she deleted the evidence ED provided against her, which is by the way, flawless, screenshotted, and somewhat TL;DR. KeaLe is extremely butthurt by the "childish trolls" that called her out in her lies, art theft and rudeness to her fans. A screenshot taken of her journal is obviously the most lulzy and retarded one the fatass has ever taken, because now she has left DA, TWICE.

    Fucking lol. If ED's "pointless little flame wars" meant nothing to you, then why the fuck would you delete them? If trolls are that retarded to you, why not let the public see their stupid and "pointless" comments that you lmao at?

    Woo, there's an article on ED about me, big deal 90% of it is bullshit and rumors anyway.


    —Sadly this little tartlet knows nothing about screenshots.

    Oh, and look at that, Kia is saying she doesn't care about this article. This begs the question; why did you delete everything? If apparently most of this is 90% bullshit, why didn't you just ignore the trolls and continue drawing your shitty art that your 13-year-old fans flock too. Your Y!Gallery got banned, is that bullshit? Even the faggots there agreed with us.

    I've deleted pretty much my entire gallery so you trolls dont have to look at my "crap" anymore.. why you bothered looking at it if you thought it was so gross is beyond me. Oh, and I agree, a lot of it was shit. haha. every artist has to start somewhere though.


    —Thank Christ.

    Seems like AFTER you said you didn't want the attention anymore you are LETTING the "flame-wars" continue? Kia is going to regret having posted that comment, because we screencapped it just in time. Now, as KeaLe has said here, she boasts on about how pathetic and retarded we are, forgetting that she's the art thief, she's the tracer/copier/style stealer, AND she's the bitch who flames her own fans (see "KeaLe and teh comments box" for outstanding screenshots). To make it on ED, you have to be an outstanding cause of drama and lulz for the ED mods to even accept an article, even then, a lot of evidence must be provided. The mods have approved, all blanking will be reverted and this shall remain here for over 9000 years.

    I wonder why I am treated like I am the only person who does it, lmao.


    Nice try, but NO.

    Why don't you take a look at the Tracing, Art theft and Plagiarism articles and research before you speak? Trying to make yourself look smart when you don't know what the fuck you're talking about is just idiocy... but we lol'd none the less. Also, you just admitted to copying someone else. We sure look like retards don't We? KeaLe abandoned up to 6 submissions in her gallery. Not the most flattering ones either. She also left the "Sora Hates Fangirls" picture and removed her proud fantard stance in her signature. Hmm... seems like ED did have a significant impact on her. Also, as a note to KeaLe, there are other tartlets even WORSE than you, and they still post art and continue with their lives. You're just weak, and not only is it showing your butthurt in big bold letters, but it's showing how you're making a fool out of yourself. It is impossible to hurt us with your little comments saying "omg dey r retarded". It's pointless and there are MANY of us. Hello, we are a legion.

    In conclusion, KeaLe believes art theft is a-okay and nothing is original anymore, but somehow she forgets about a little thing called copyright which she has plastered all over her art. What a nice lil' lawl suit that will make there! She claims that her article is pointless and she doesn't pay attention to it, but makes a whiny journal and deletes all her stuff without hesitation. She asks people to forget about her, but continues to dwell on her popularity and repeatedly posts how she doesn't care about us when, obviously, she does. She tells her fans she's the great artist YaoiGoddessKeale who is popular, BUT PEOPLE SHOULD FORGET. Lol wut. She will never leave DA, Y!gallery or Gaia. She lurks and watches/patrols her sites-- but wait! We thought she left those places? Of course not. She is a big liar, a fatass, and a crappy artist who will always be trolled. It's more than likely that she has a hidden gallery somewhere, and it WILL be found.

    The "Art"

    I'm a Professional now!


    —YaoiGoddessKeaLe, thinks calling yourself a pro makes you one

    Don't forget, when becoming a professional, it gives her the sad delusion that she can finally get laid when in reality, she can't. Her vagina is like every disgusting thing ever seen on /b/ mashed together.

    KeaLe is famous for her undying love of Kingdom Hearts yaoi, and almost every submission has her disgusting ugly OC lustfully flaunting himself around Sora, the main character from the shitty game. One day, Kia's full rage kicked into gear, apparently wanting to "rattle a few cages" at the KH gallery. Contemplating over her popularity, she decided to post a sloppy drawing that would make a 5-year-old's crayon drawing look professional. Because Kia is always right, she expected people to kiss her ass and agree with her. What was this earth shattering proclamation? She stated that "Sora Hates Fangirls". This is rather mind boggling, considering KeaLe has a VAGINA and shamelessly proclaims she's Sora's biggest fan. Deciding that logic can kiss her ass, she hit the submission button. She didn't get the reply she hoped for.

    99.9% of her drawings are rough dirty drawings covered in smudges and other miscellaneous crap to the point you can just make out a rough idea of whatever clusterfuck of fail she has drawn. This is lazy, unprofessional and most of the time looks like a retard drew it in the throes of an epic orgasm. Kia boasts she has taken "life drawing classes" and is a master at anatomy with her awsum skillz. Her coloring is also far from perfect and sometimes would look the best if she stuck to her sketches, which would get an A+ and a smiley sticker from her 4th grade art teacher. She prefers to use Painter, which most shitty artists use to resemble finger painting and uses her Wacom tablet like it was on fire, frantically coloring roughly and not putting the actual effort into creating a decent drawing you can call art. If you are to confront her and explain the details of her fail, not only will Kia unleash the fucking fury, but tell you you're a liar who has no life, no proof and then smack her popularity in your face in big bold letters, followed by the XD smiley. Just looking at her DA gallery you can tell the girl does jack shit and gets praise for it, her 13 - 16-year-old fans are 89.9% female basement dwellers whose skills are below or on the same level as the self-proclaimed yaoi god (who makes us aware of this fact constantly), drawing nothing but hawt man on man lovin'. Even with her legion of drooling retarded fans, she still complains about not having enough fav's/comments/asspats etc. What a faggot.

    Keale In Real Life

    Unfortunately for the general public, this fat fuck has been unleashed upon society. In this rather amusing but saddening and pathetic incident, Keale was invited to a person's birthday party which was going to be held at the PNE in Vancouver. The whole time, Keale was a whiny bitch and insisted on lugging her suitcase around. Whining like a little Ethiopian with no food, she complained and asked if the host of the part would drive her home. This person had to use public transit. On her fucking birthday. To lug Keale's fat ass back to her house which is a good two hours away. Four hours wasted because she couldn't carry her suitcase. When they got back, she wouldn't stop whining about how hungry she was, which isn't surprising. The host ended up spending most of her birthday money trying to fill the impossibly large stomach that belongs to Keale. Keale also wanted to spend the night at the host's house, but her parents were unsure. Good instincts, paretns, I wouldn't let that 'thing' into my house either. They did agree and Keale spent the night. Gross.


    Much light has been shed on the fact that Kia has actually cheated MANY people out of money. One in particular was an old friend of hers. Kia, being the professional she is, when called out on such blasphemy, bitched about how Oriens was going to be erased from her life. She complained about how since Oriens is such a backstabbing bitch, she didn't have to do the art! Of course, this did not sit well with Oriens, because $150 is not pocket change for some people. Kia is in for a rude awakening when the shit hits the fan and her reputation is ruined due to her idiocy. She is also known to be a horrible moocher, taking people's money and then kicking them in the face. One reply to a question showed how shallow of a person she could be. "What do you you want for your birthday?" someone asked, and she replied, " If you really want to get me a present, just give me money." She is known to attend many anime conventions, and she does so in any way possible. One convention, Sakuracon 2008 down in Seattle, she got a friend of hers, and made him her "boyfriend". Then she got him to pay for a trip down to Seattle for the both of them, costing over $1000. Then, not even a week later, she dumps the guy. She then moved onto another guy later on but was dumped by him. That guy is very fortunate. If you want to meet the cow herself, just go to an anime convention, stocked with chocolate and she will come running. Here are some pictures that were taken from her DeviantArt account.

    Moar victims of the fatass' money theft

    As Kia posted her whiny journal entry deleting her gallery (again) and comments, some of her ex-fans came forth to reveal their loss of important monies KeaLe had taken from them, some screenshots were taken at the scene, why don't you have a read?

    As long as KeaLe's fat sausage fingers have access to at least one internets, people will always get their precious money stolen in the blink of her fat, squishy eye. Screenshot moar victims if you see them.

    Copied Art LOL

    Not only is she a scam artist robbing people of their precious money, she also copies her favorite shota artist, Po-ju. As you can clearly see, Po-ju pwns that chubby fat ass of hers without even budging. It's amazing how she thought she could trick people into thinking she's not tracing as miss Kia Millier claims that all her art is her own ideas. She still hasn't confessed about tracing/copying and must think people/fans will forget the whole thing and all will be well ^_^ too bad this article will remain here FOREVER! Here's some evidence which should yield yet more lulz and drama to Kia's retarded 13 yr old fans. And if you are still a fan of her, please do the right thing.

    Most KeaLe fantards will VIOLENTLY DENY this section of the article, or shrug it off and say "omg! she was only using it as a reference geez you guyz r such [email protected] I HTE U ZOMG!!11", these people are also shit at art and more than likely trace/copy art as well, but no one cares about them enough to catch them. A real artist could create their own unique poses without copying another artist; there are also anatomy books KeaLe could use instead of ripping off another artist but instead she just did it the easy way and copied Po-ju. The areas in which she copies looks better than the parts she had to think of herself, which just adds to the evidence and by looking at the images there's no denying she used Po-ju's works for her own stupid pictures.

    I dunno, I think its silly and pointless to call anything a copy of anything in a BAD context, since its basically true. NOTHING is original anymore



    Copying? On my DA? About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Gallery of Ugly

    Sweet Jesus . . . About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    KeaLe and teh Comments box

    Here's a section dedicated to the wonderful and kind attitude KeaLe expresses to her fans/commenters. KeaLe likes people to think SHE is right and everyone else is wrong. If you ever come across her rage, plz remember that she's an idiot. Oh and in her signature she has stated she's Sora's number one fan, but all other fans can go to hell XD Her Y!Gallery and DeviantART is a shrine to KeaLe and her sick obsession with Making her OC fuck and rape everything. WARNING: DRAMA



    —YaoiGoddessKeaLe, being nice to her fans

    FUCK OFF FANTARDS! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Keale's Latest Adventures

    With the release of Frictional Game's horror game Amnesia the Dark Descent, Keale decided to not only avoid her dA ban by making a brand new account but also to fag up that series more-so than it already was. Needless to say, making Amnesia her bitch instead of Kingdom Hearts stirred up more drama (how shocking). Below you can see her wonderful and humble attitude towards fans and other fellow artists, proving that she is not only the most quality artist in the Amnesia fandom but also that she is always willing to help those out in need with her superior art skillz!!!11!

    KeaLe Returns as KALE (nothing changes really)

    Even in 2014 KeaLe is STILL pretending to be a yaoiz hawt shotacon po-ju boy with the mentality of a 15 year old boy stuck in a 26 year old grown ass "mans" body. keaLe or kale whatever retarded ass name she gives herself still insists that she isn't a pedophile even tho she has said that her "boy-hole" cunt gets wet after seeing a small boys cock, keaLe even brings back an old oc which is based off herself mind you the oc is a "succubus" who goes after boys 14 or younger can't get more original then that.In 2014 around 3 months ago she got her Tumblr account deleted because of a huge surge of child pornography...my mistake *shotacon* ""art"" her followers requested, but being the whiny fucktard that she is she quickly made a new one, DEMANDING her followers reblog the shit out of "LOL got bahleeted for no reason" post so she can get her precious fans back (THEY'RE NOT FANS! I NEVER ASKED FOR FANS!)so she'll have something to fill the void in her shitty shota life,kale being the poor rat that she is will beg for money or just outright demand it from her "fans" claiming its for rent or food,you know stupid shit like that but then spend it all on anime figurines or BJDs and show them off right after crying and begging for money yet 2 hours from then she complains why is life so cruel when she has no money to pay her bills.She is also still a rude cunt who god forbid goes to japan to get in touch with her inner shota,more like someone get in touch with the police because shotacon is fucking illegal in Canada. same as always kale continues to be ungrateful for the likes and reblogs her shitty art does manages to get, often reblogging her half-assed art 3 or 9 times a day in a desperate attempt for more attention. when she gets fanart, she's simple reblogs it with a shitty one comment "cute" sadly enough her "fans" can't draw for shit so she gets crappy fanart go figure kale is unenthusiastic about it. *remember she doesn't have fans!! or cares about popularity NOPE not in the least! (continues bitching why no one reblogs her asshole gaping jizz dripping shotacon art)

    I like the one where they're all kids, and taking turns on each other.


    —YaoiGoddessKeaLe,kale, squeeing over kiddie porn

    Below are galleries of her general deviantART and ATDD drama and attention whoring she likes to stir up everywhere she goes. Currently under construction.

    Im ALWAYS RIGHT AND UR WRONG!! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    kales new and improved 2014 "professional" art

    after kales disappearance after a while you would think she/he/it has improved in art or perhaps drew something that's not a fucking anime child or "shotacon" to kale which translates to "kawaii desu boys being raped up the ass" no dear god that would be asking for way too much! instead here are some fine arts that kale is most comfortable drawing.The ONLY nice thing I can say is her coloring has gone from shit to crap,so congratulations!! kia,keaLe,kale,or shota boi whatthefuckever for somewhat coloring better! also you may see that kale takes "inspiration" from all the doujins she faps to its not copying!!! BUT IF YOU DO IT YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO WHATEVER BULLSHIT ASAIN ARTIST YOU ARE TRYING TO COPY OFF YOU FUCKING POSER.

    kawaii shotacon!!! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]



    I like my manpanties thanks. <3


    —See next quote.

    Yes, but males wanting female panties is infuriatingly cliche, and is always the case. You already get to see all the female npcs' cleavage at every shop, so what do the girls get?

    I think its time to give the girls something to drool at and be creepsters with.


    —Keale - REALLY likes manpanties.

    I say lol in real life constantly. it confuses people. xD;


    —As indeed it should.


    but if you already have a penis, how would you fit it on... actually nevermind <<; i dont know if i want to know.. Besides, even two penises are no match for my massive manly penor 8D


    —KeaLe is HUGE k!

    What would the world be like without a yaoi god? D:


    —A better place for starters.

    I'm so gay I make rainbows look straight


    —This quote is about as original as her art.

    Calm down boys, there's enough Keale to go around ;D



    Gaia has already pushed the boundaries of whats "wrong" and "right" with this event, and their general sense of humor.


    I seriously dont think having the orphans as a celebrity date like item is too over the top at this point.

    Besides, I want my cute little blonde boy..


    KeaLe is a normal, nice woman with opinions.

    TO be honest, any american who tries to pass off their comics as "manga" make me sick.

    Especially when they arent convincing enough and they KNOW it. Oh well. Lets just forget about it.


    —Because Kia said so.

    People on dA can get so insecure and defensive when it comes to being busted for something they thought they could get away with. Chances are she probably did steal it, or "borrowed" it as some artists put it, and then tried way too hard to justify herself when you busted her, even going so far as to harass you and insult you, with her friends' help. As was mentioned before, all she did really was make herself look worse.

    If you still have any of their comments, I'd suggest screenshotting them and reporting them as a harassment case. They'll at least get a few week ban as a warning.

    Unfortunately, if youre going to be in the dA community (which tends to be full of little 13 year old fanart lovers, immature brats, narrow minded scum and fangirls/boys) then you better be prepared for this kind of behavior. I've been on dA for years now and I know exactly what this kind of thing is like.|KeaLe, thinks other art stealers are scum, but her art theft is perfectly ok.

    I dunno, I think its silly and pointless to call anything a copy of anything in a BAD context, since its basically true. NOTHING is original anymore, take a look at some of the movies being made nowadays.

    people are just constantly plucking ideas from other sources for their own work. Gaia is a copy itself, Lanzer (the head admin and guy who basically created gaia for those who dont know) even said HIMSELF in an interview that Gaia was a culmination of all the things about anime he loves, and know other users will love.

    This isnt really a BAD thing unless something is a blatant detail for detail copy with no credit involved.


    —YaoiGoddessKeaLe giving the A-OK to copying other peoples ideas, but DON'T TRACE HER ART! She doesn't like people tracing the art that she traced.

    KeaLe, you really suck!

    The one nobody will fuck!

    Scamming people's bucks!


    —Haiku from a fan. Beautiful.

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