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    Yank Barry

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    Heart monitor.gif
    This person is dying of terminal old. Please comfort them in their final moments by reminding them they will soon be a rotting corpse that nobody cares about.

    Yank Barry, real name Gerald Barry Falovitch, also known as the Jewish Schindler (Swindler) is a Montreal born kike who is falsely credited by the media as being the lead singer (sic) of the song "Louie Louie," as well as being the recipient of numerous philanthropist awards. He is also known more recently for filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against 4 TOW editors for changes they made to his article.

    As a direct and proximate result of defendants' wrongful conduct, plaintiff Yank Barry has suffered emotional and physical distress damages in a sum not less than $1 million dollars.


    —Dr. Evil, representing Yank Barry in court.

    Music Career

    Fact: Yank Barry had absolutely nothing to do with this song.

    VitaPro Scandal

    In the early 2000s Yank Barry was convicted of bribing the head of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for $22,000 to land a 34 million dollar contract selling his vegetable based meat alternative to state prisons. The deal, enabled by the notoriously corrupt nature of the US Prison-Industrial Complex, would make both the prisons and Barry heaps of cash by downgrading the already inedible quality of prison food to something akin to powdered bird feed. Yank was charged with bribery, money laundering, and conspiracy. In 2005 he was acquitted of all charges, proving yet again that no crime is bigger than the almighty dollar. As if that doesn't sound greedy enough, the money grubber resides in the Bahamas for tax avoidance despite being born in Montreal. According to the old dirty kike: “My company is terribly private in a bunch of countries. I’m a resident of the Bahamas. I don’t pay tax. I’m not American. Let’s say we do over a billion dollars in business. How much I earn is up to me. I give it to kids. I made a deal with God that whatever I save in tax, I give to kids.” So when his Jew eggs hatch, the money he makes off of forcing prisoners to eat shit, will end up tax free into the hands of those Jewlings.

    Wikipedia Article

    My page was so ridiculously false and made be sound like a terrible person and people believed it causing deals to fall through, I finally had enough.


    —Yank Barry

    In 2014 Yank filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against 4 TOW editors and 50 John Does in response to edits they made to his article. The article itself has a questionable history dating all the way back to its initial conception, where admins determined that the author was a sock puppeting shill bent on spreading positive publicity about his client.

    Don't kid yourselves: This page is the number one Google result for a search for "Yank Barry". We are threatening his livelihood (and rightly so. His means of livelihood is extremely suspect). So, as they say, buckle up. He can not defend the fluff that goes onto the page, so he won't. My guess is that he will periodically "wait for the dust to settle" and come back. Keep the page on your watchlists.


    —Rich Fife, Wikipedia

    Opening shots were fired in 2011 when an anonymous user continually spammed a blisteringly long text wall into the article, exposing Yank as a con-artist on many different facets. The spam was quickly removed from the article for obvious reasons, and is not cited in the recent lawsuit. However it shows that there is an active presence of individuals who are determined to fight back against the mind-numbing amount of positive puff news stories surrounding Yank Barry.

    Don’t bother trying to keep this off Wikipedia Falovitch: it will be there for the rest of your days. Like Billy the Kid would say “I’m gonna make ya famous.”, and he only said it in certain instances...


    2011 Wikipedia Callout

    Yank Barry has been a writer, composer, publisher, member of ASCAP since 1971 and a member of NARAS, CARAS and American Federation of Musicians. He now spends his time trying to use these past incidentals to rip people off and he's surprisingly clever though surprisingly stupid at the same time. So let us talk and prove about Yank Barry. Yank Barry was convicted of extorting money from his very partner through a sham in the late 80’s. And he even tried to have that judgment against him over-turned by introducing on appeal that his floushie girl-friend of the time had winked at the judge during trial: Yvette, gonna wear a short-shirt and spread your legs in court, we’ve seen Mohammed Ali!? He met Sidney Lallouz in prison and therein developed a system of defrauding the Cdn. Federal government through their Small Business Loan Program. That Program allows a bank to draw on federal guarantees to support defaulting business loans. He conspired with Denis Faubert, a “bouncing” branch manager of the National Bank of Canada and paid Faubert 5% of the value of the illicit cash proceeds of bogus loans put through by the Barry/Faubert combo from fraudulent SBL clients he generated in the early 90’s. Barry would take a 5-7.5% as well. I would sometimes count the cash. It was a very simple system, a borrower would be approached by a front-man for Barry, Batista who he met in a strip club and later Bernard May, to bring in a fraud client who wanted to make money illegally. The fraudulent borrower would put up the cash and a business plan would be composed to make sure the paper work was in order for the bank files and submitted to Faubert with a cash payment and the loan would be extended to the borrower. The borrower would then get his friends to supply bogus invoices to support the loan extensions whereby the friend, third line down, would not remit the sales tax payments, that would be his payment for the bogus invoice, and cash the bank cheque and remit the cash to the borrower, who would later default on the loan, and the bank would then, per the system, call on the federal guarantee. That way the National Bank would not lose almost any of its money. The set-up of Vitapro was almost exclusively financed in such a way with fraudulent invoices with cash-back to Barry (either personally or on the books as company loans), before and as I was there: fraudulent invoice suppliers included Yvette Findley, his to-be wife, Ben Myers, his derelict former bookkeeper, Rubin Fogel his partner in Vitapro who supplied fictitious invoices all the way along, and there were others – sometimes the amounts would come back as “loans” booked on Vitapro’s/YB Productions books, sometimes exclusively as cash directly into Barry’s pocket to be put into the bare-bones company that had no sales to speak of. (Until Barry decided he was going to bribe Andy Collins of the TDCJ using an off-shore bank account with those proceeds of crime). The purported supplier, the purported borrower, the front-man(men), Barry and Faubert would make their illegal cash on a federal guarantee: now when you read about his father’s and brother’s loss of life in his younger years, think about the doctors’ salaries he ripped off. I would write the business plans and no trace was ever to be, initially, made to the Barry/Faubert combo by having a front-man being imposed. That is why in 1993 Barry’s tax returns do not show any income from his fraudulent business business, why there are no cancelled cheques from his fraudulent SBL client payments. Said clients included that burger joint on the SE corner of Rachel and St. Laurent in Montreal, Donald Picard of Evo Design in Montreal, Claude De Fazio of Satellite Specialist, Edward Shum, Barry’s own company created to fabricate a music track for a worn-out artist named Gary US Bonds,, Rubin Fogel of Rubin Fogel Productions and finally Sidney Lallouz of Montreal. Now Yank, don’t you have something to look forward to as you are crushed from all sides. Yank Barry’s “empire” was started out almost exclusively on fraud proceeds – cash back/loans back on fictitious invoices, period, from his SBL clients, conspired with by Denis Faubert of the National Bank of Canada, then Pasquelle Romanilie as well, his partner Rubin Fogel, his wife Yvette Findley, his employees (Ben Myers and me), his “recording artist” Gary US Bonds. On Feb 26th, 1994 Yank Barry’s company was so strapped for cash, and maybe he just wanted to do it anyway, that he asked me to stage an insurance fraud for him. We were in the middle of a move from 1224 Mont Royal to the 5 Redpath Row address and he had practically no cash and had some assets that he didn’t need. Said latter consisted of a cash-register from the store, a VCR player and some “master-tapes” of his promotional video that he had his fraud partner Rubin Fogel of Rubin Fogel Productions in Mtl fabricate for him as one of his fraudulent SBL invoices when he was starting out. So, parking me little Volks Fox in the back alley of 1224 Mont Royal and brought ”the goods” to Redpath and then went back over to call the MUC Police whereby 2 female officers showed up to take the report: I felt sorry for them but, stay on target. We filed a fraudulent insurance claim for the goods after Rubin Fogel fabricated two fictitious invoices for the master-tapes. We tried for $110 k, we got $21 k and even then Barry tried to twist the rules by having the cheques payable to Imageade of Montreal, his marketing consultant, to pay for a brochure that, again, this time, his fraudulent banker Denis Faubert in the National Bank would not be able to get approval for as an SBL qualified expenditure. Peter Wood, a principal at Imageade refused to sign the 1st cheque so Barry asked me to forge his name on the initial $10 k cheque while when the second $10 k cheque was forged by Neil Floyd his unemployable brother on my instructions: agent provocateur back to you! Thanks for the $1,000 cheque pay-off on Sept 9th, 1994, for arranging it but why would you give “a bonus” to an employee who had just “lost” $110 k of your assets Barry? Was it for staging it for you?, how about forging the $10 k cheque?, no, maybe having your partner Rubin Fogel on your instructions fabricate 2 fake invoices to make the claim? How about the drive to upper Laval to have a purported insurance adjuster play with the cheque to no avail? “Grease” goes a long way in Barry’s world (ask Collins), though sometimes not at all. As stated, Barry was not making any head-way with sales at all for his product in the summer-fall of 1994. He had arranged to have Ontario Correctional Services Facility staff attend his so-called tony Montreal offices for a tasting and they only awarded him a $132-6 k contract for individual deliveries of some pails at a time – it was a real pain-in-the-ass contract since a particular facility would only take 2-4 pails at a time (I would have to courier then thru UPS): he only sold approx $6,000 by Dec 13th, 1994: not enough to pay anything. And then using Nancy Guppy of the OCS, who he bragged about putting on his payroll with a $24 k payment for arranging the introduction to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System – Andy Collins, he decided he was going to bribe Collins too. As the in-house bookkeeper and knowing that I knew something about tax law he asked me if I knew anything about off-shore bank accounts since he said he wanted to get some funds into Collins hands for accepting the contract. For the record, the test order sent to Texas in July of 1994 was so stale that I wouldn’t have eaten it. That product was produced by Ontario Foods pre-April 1993 and Yvette and I had to take it out of the small retail bags and place it in pails in the basement of 1224 Mont Royal before we moved it: it was that product that he sent to Texas, stale as shit and concerned about sending anywhere else including to reliefs around the Montreal area. But, conspiring with Collins for the $20 k cash and $1 k/day, it was accepted. And here is exactly where Barry should be convicted for the charges against him as stated in the docket: the bribe he paid to Collins to buy a product that at that time no one wanted in a big way, that he desperately needed to keep Vitapro afloat when his sales were going nowhere and also at that time so in need of cash with his expenses climbing, came from cash generated by his illegal SBL scheme that never showed up on a tax return, for which there was never any cancelled cheques as payments which was all supposed to be under the table. Imagine, Collins credit cards were paid off with hot-cash paid for by the Cdn public through the Federal SBL Program: one can say that Collins was indeed an “employee of the state”, oops, though the wrong one. Without Collins help in stuffing it down the throats of those who tried to oppose his bid Barry would have gone nowhere. Collins and him were on the phone constantly talking about how to fancy up his bid so that he’d pass the process – the end price for the beef/chicken flavours was determined by approx 6 adjustments with Collins almost writing it for Barry on content. On Collin’s instructions Barry asked me to courier (Fedex) the bid to the San Antoine office for approval rather than to the TDCJ office to distance himself from the conspiracy. Approx. 2 times I was in Barry’s office when he was discussing when he’d get the $20 k into Collins hands, upon signed contract coming back, or before, he was a bit concerned at one point as to whether he’d get the contract so he kept his hand on the money until he did. (When the contract was signed he then tried to mess around with the formulation by increasing the dried carrot content, that’s Barry as usual, rip off even the contract he bribed.) When I explained to him that we did not have the funds in the company accounts to finance the bribe he responded that he’d zip over and see Denis Faubert of the National Bank, his bribed banker, to make the transfer, of illicit SBL-generated funds thru the off-shore account. Which he did. Denis Faubert, the bribed National Bank banker would chuckle about how the contract was being bribed like he and I laughed about how he was on “the payroll” for putting through bogus loans. Denis Faubert, stand up please. (Oh, Charles Terrel also received a $3 k payment for “representation expenses” from Vitapro as well in Sept’94: better pray you have’m Charlie! Or, are you “a cockroach” too?) Barry bribes, period: sometimes he does it with cash, sometimes with cheque. Now this is where it gets hilarious. I was contracted by Barry to be his companies’ bookkeeper in early April 1993 and left on Dec 13th, 1994 – getting pretty hot for me. During that time he seemed to like my work since he gave me two letters of reference for the McGill University Chartered Accountancy Program when his very nauseating and obnoxious behavior was causing me serious problems academically. So I guess who he discounts as a “disgruntled employee to be angrily denounced” was the best “employee” he had worthy of two reference letters. You see, I was contracted to compose the business-plans to be put into the bank files to fund a lot of those bogus loans. I made the best ones I could make “for the occasion”, and collected a lot of hand-writing from his bribed banker Denis Faubert. I was paid $400-$500 per business plan and while no one ever issued a cheque for this activity Barry most thoughtfully, effectively, gave me “a receipt” on Aug 20th, 1994 in the form of a mortgage letter addressed to the Bank of Montreal, (your bank was too criminal Yank, besides, they were the target), where he notes, my salary and, the payments made, a year ahead of when he had one of his front-men (Bernard May, now off the Planet) taped me openly talking about it after I had informed to CRA/RCMP. On Dec 20th, 1994 I asked Barry to put my own business through his process: I paid him 2 $1,000 payments for the $32,275 loan, the “pink bills” that we’ll hear about on the intercept. That was at the same time that I initiated contact with CRA/RCMP to have the intercept established. That plan was directly handled by Denis Faubert and handed off to a third National Bank banker who insisted that I incorporate in order to obtain a provincial guaranteed start-up loan, which was offered to un-incorporated businesses as well. It can be said that I cared more about the National Bank and it’s fraudulent employees thoroughly abusing the government guarantee process, in my case, taking bribes from Barry and then encouraging me to shelter myself personally from liability if the loan didn’t perform so as to again, draw on a government loan guarantee, than they did about me. And then I called CRA and the RCMP and let the group of them play around a bit more – why immediately close down a good thing when the whole World can listen to it, and now we get to listen to the REAL events, not his and his paid-off boxer’s version of it. CRA/RCMP Staff and I decided to put the parties in play by releasing info to the bank and well, cockroaches do indeed always run when the lights come on. BEAT the intercept, BEAT all the witnesses, BEAT the documentary evidence, BEAT ME! I do remember, Falovitch, that you were “looking for a good accountant” when you contracted me on Souvenier Street in Montreal. And tax law is about being literal. Barry, you may try and pass yourself off as an encyclopedia of rock and roll, but I am the encyclopedia of YOU. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Like Jim Braddick would say to Max Baer (and you certainly aren’t even him): “There’s no place that I’d rather be than in your fucking face!!!” ) And never in my life would I have thought that to add to my pleasure in life would be watching Mohammed Ali go “Ouch!” like in the Family Guy getting kicked to the groin, by me, when it dawns on the World that a decrepit boxer can’t be bought with $25 k to clean up a to-the-core dim-witted fraud artist: he’s Welcome to my court any day of the week! (I’ll have the audience at the court house ask him for his signature, but only for one dollar (maybe he can comment about their “right doing” – though who would listen?), when we all have a chat about this and you go to jail forever.) Don’t bother trying to keep this off Wikipedia Falovitch: it will be there for the rest of your days. Like Billy the Kid would say “I’m gonna make ya famous.”, and he only said it in certain instances. Oh, don’t believe anything this guy says about the 417 million meals, maybe the equivalent of 4-500,000 reconstituted from Vitapro over the years, coz until he gets your money into his pocket, that’s all he could afford.
    I DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE FUN! ‘Coz it’s been a scream so far! 
    Compliments of Lyndon Maither – (The Guy Who Almost Poisoned “Paco”, The Parrot, Too. And took your wife out when you were out of town. And who almost cut you and your banker’s feet off with a 12-guage at Cedarbrook in 1995 because you really really don’t want to know how close you came to losing your life. {;>})
    Louis Vachon, President of the National Bank of Canada, amongst other things, you’ll be leaving 4225 Dorchester (RCMP – Montreal) in literally your underwear on my request, to your face, since THREE out of THREE off your employees were abusing the loans process and when all of this comes up in court, as it will, with email broadcast so cheap in Canada, I’m going to make you glow in the dark as long as I breath air on this planet, and it’s not my $31 B on deposit. Your bribed banker(s) fraudulently financed Yank Barry and took 5% of the value of the loans as I sometimes delivered to him, Faubert ran as planned when they all were informed on, he lied to the press, he even fabricated fake evidence to try and save Barry in his Texas proceedings. Make sure the undergarments are clean this time eh?.

    These statements were ignored by everyone since they read like the ramblings of some tinfoil hat truther, and business continued as usual. Over time, a few editors would dedicate themselves to fighting the jew machine and bringing forth the light and truth of this so called philanthropist. One editor in specific, named in the lawsuit as John Nagle, made routine edits changing his occupation from "musician" to "criminal".


    Haven't received formal service of process yet. I have lawyers lined up.


    —John Nagle, ready for war.

    Hey [email protected] - you might want to review how well suits against wikipedia editors normally go ;) the $10m claim is pretty hilarious though


    File:WPFavicon.png Kevin Gorman, Wikipedian in Residence, taunting Yank Barry on Twitter

    The following editors were named in the lawsuit:
    File:WPFavicon.png Nagle
    File:WPFavicon.png Richfife
    File:WPFavicon.png Grayfell
    File:WPFavicon.png NatGertler

    Additionally, the lawsuit specifically cites 31 talk page edits which were endangering Yank Barry's mental and physical health.

    You know who to call.
    • Barry was ordered before the Quebec Securities Commission. It ruled that Global Village Market International was an illegal investment and told him to close it down.
    • In 1999, Yank Barry and the company was the subject of an enforcement action by the Canadian Association of Securities Administrators.
    • So Barry's company raised money by selling shares on a sham stock exchange.
    • (1994) Texas State Prison VitaPro scheme.
    • (2000) Global Village Market International stock offering on sham stock exchange.
    • (2003) Tobacco lawsuit scheme. Result: scheme collapse, court ordered Barry to pay $3 million to investor.
    • (2013) Degas, the replica bronzes deal
    • One of Barry's companies is "Global Village Market." It started out as a multi-level marketing scheme for VitaPro. Over the years, it moved from multi-level marketing to selling VitaPro products (34) to being the Global Village Champions Foundation site today.
    • The Global Village Market ... that's his main business.
    • The website for gvmarket.com slowly morphs over the years from a MLM site to a charity.
    • I removed the Bo Derek, Yank Barry film announcement because an announcement was never made.
    • Barry wanted to sell VitaPro to the public and he enticed over 300 people to invest thousands of dollars in a pyramid-style company.
    • He was in the music business and is now is involved in "the multi-level marketing field" specifically with VitaPro, Global Village, Propectin, and Jeunesse.
    • We need to cover how Global Village Market was shut down by Quebec authorities. That's his real business.
    • Not sure whether to mention the First Bank of Grendad/WISE fake stock offering ... so he's acknowledged it happened.
    • On the Jeunesse/Propectin front, there's a patent infringement lawsuit involving Jeunesse.
    • The Global Village Market thing needs more reliable sources. That's important, because that's his main business. The process by which it somehow morphed from a MLM business to a charity needs to be filled it.
    • The Global Village Market phony stock exchange thing still isn't cleat. (If a company sells stook on a fake stock exchange, does that make them a public company?)
    • So yeah, it really does look like "random lawyer in Bulgaria claims to nominate Yank Barry," which isn't worth mentioning in the article.
    • Whether Gorianov is even qualified to submit a nomination is a big question mark.
    • I'm pretty sure that a nomination is going to be a yearly thing from now until Barry's demise.
    • The fact that a man regularly refereed to as a "billionaire" declared bankruptcy in 1987 and has not had any particularly large visible means of incoming since then ...
    • The standards for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination are very low. Low enough that a nomination by itself is effectively meaningless. Even given that, neither Gorianov nor Singson meet the qualifications for Nobel peace Prize nominations.
    • And a "film" by a documentary maker in support for a charity is more likely to be ad material with famous narrators then the sory of feature production one might otherwise assume for a film "starring" a couple of actors. I don't think there's much there.
    • The CNN article ... has to be treated gingerly as a piece that was clearly not properly checked fully before publication.
    • ASCAP ... no listings for Falovick. So I'm not finding a lot of material that suggests a significant songwriting career.
    • If you want to actually get paid for the songs, you register them with ASCAP pr BMI. It does not give us one recorded credit, on the Humperdinck piece, and that would be sufficient explanation for the gold record (although would not make him notable on that basis).
    • I'm not crazy about the Gusi peace prize. It appears to have little notability even in the Philippines (there's no Filipino article about it). The nomination/award process is very opaque and the winners list just seems bizarre ... a large part of winning the awards seems to revolve around showing up. There's a lot of fake/unverifiable claims made to awards that Barry earned.
    • Sufficient doubt about the status of the band he was a member of exists. At best, he was the lead singer of a cover band, which is not really very notable. We have good sources that he was a member of a cover band organized by a party who lacked the rights to the name. That site is owned by the "Kingmen Fan Club" (77) and not by the group. The legal owner of the site appears to be the "Kingsmen fan club": as noted above. It is not owned by nor operated by the "Kinsmen" as far as many personnel appear to be concerned (there is a NB corporation with that name, but it is not clear that they are the sole owners of that name, nor that they are a "reliable source" for facts about that group.
    • Misrepresenting the situation by contributing to the false impression that he was a regular part of the band is a problem per WP:BLP. The band's willingness to play a one-off show with him changes nothing.
    • I excised the bit about him being a three time nobel peace prize nominee. While that sounds impressive, it ain't.

    As of June 2014 the lawsuit is still in litigation.

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