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    Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
    You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
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    You can help by trolling the shit out of them whenever you see them, then laughing at their lulz-inducing theatrics.

    Cat eyes.JPG


    With Jews, weeaboos!
    I'm not handsome, I'm not funny, I'm not witty, I'm not charismatic, and I'm not fun. I have nothing to be proud of


    — EvaXephon on himself

    I’m a perverted sexual deviant, and I absolutely love to perv on sexy video game girls and anime girls. That’s a core part of who I am, and I’ll openly, publically, and eagerly state that fact, absolutely anywhere. I’ve already found 5 other perverts, now I just need to find one who can model props and environments.


    —How YandereDev reacted to a volunteer being uncomfortable with his perverted requests

    YouTube Favicon.png YandereDev (Powerword: Alexander Stuart Mahan) is a weeaboo manlet that believes he is a 16 year old girl with DD tits who is currently creating the game Yandere Simulator. Aside from the fact that the game is an obvious ripoff of "Yandere," Yandere Simulator is a shitty Hitman clone, except, instead of having big, open areas, location diversity and tension, it has only one area inside a school and no tension. Not to mention that none of the game's assets are made by him, he just steals them from Gmod or other games and calls it a day; but don't you DARE mention this to him, because these models are obviously just placeholders, and not realizing that makes you a stupid goddamn fucking elitist snob. Really, the only redeemable quality about the game is that you get to kill school children.

    On YouTube, he will frequently seek out videos talking about him just to leave a comment to get attention. In most cases, however, because nobody other than Alex and his millions of sock puppets like his game, he will either try to flag the video down, flame the person on his personal blog, or write an angry email to the person exclaiming just how "terrible" they are as people or how what they do to him is "the worst thing evar!!!1!" so he can stay in his echochamber and not have to face actual complaints about his kindergarten level programming skills and improve his shitty game. Oddly enough, nobody ever asks him why he's always lurking on YouTube instead of making the game that he's been complaining about being forced to build for years (despite nobody even asking him to make it), of course though, pointing this out only makes you a "troll from the anus of the internet known as Kiwi Farms" (actual quote lol).
    Funnily enough, someone by the name of "Reddit-favicon.gif NewYandereDev" actually DID tell Alex this, and made his own version of Yandere Simulator in an hour which was better than what YandereDev did in a year and a half, in fact, it was so successful that the mods on the subreddit had to introduce a new rule specifically stopping anymore coup d'états in a vain attempt to reduce the amount of people that see Alex as the lazy faggot that he is.

    YandereDev's lies and stupidity

    While he does have a main YouTube account called YandereDev, YouTube Favicon.png EvaXephon is also the name of his shitposting account. He says that he's "constantly pressured by game development" and he "has no life"(which is true, he has no life, nor has he ever) yet this account is still active, proving that he isn't actually "spending eight hours a day reading emails" as he says, and only uses that as an excuse to get more pity points and Jew gold for his Patreon. In fact, as of the making of this article he uploaded a video only one month ago.

    He also constantly bothers Twitch about why his shit game was banned from their equally shit website, and keeps on saying "But other games do some of these things! Why don't they get banned?" Twitch's official response was his game was still in development so they couldn't unban his game in case he added in anything that violated their Terms of Service but this response is pure bullshit as Minecraft is technically still in development, and it is allowed on the site. A better explanation would be that his game contains all of Twitch's bannable offenses while not being very profitable, as opposed to (for example) Natsuhiro Highschool which only has some of these offenses, while also still bringing in shekels for Twitch.


    Before becoming known as "the developer of Yandere Simulator" he was known as "EvaXephon" (a mix of Evangelion and RahXephon, how creative!) and it was as this alias that he first became infamous, he would spam links to his shitty streams, or constantly whine about not having a girlfriend, which isn't too much of a surprise considering he uses Gaia. This was not all he would post though, he would frequently talk about how much girls hated him, and the people that he would ogle, and then continue to complain about how much unfair the world was to him. His posts even became so shit that he had to ask the mods to delete one of his threads because he was being so stupid. Another interesting fact is that due to Alex being homeschooled (poorly) since the age of 12 by his parents, he has consistently aired his grievances on Gaia about how much of a failure his dad thought he was and that he wanted to kill him in the night (his mom too because apparently "she was kind of a bitch too"). It was also with this name that he would post his adult fanfictions. Feeling brave? Read one of them here.

    Sometime a few years ago, Mahan was tricked by a 14 year old girl named Sisef into giving and receiving n00dz, which in turn led to the girl telling everybody which resulted in massive amounts of butthurt from Alex, especially because he was hacked by a group of trolls.


    Alex also owns another YouTube account by the name of YouTube Favicon.png XephonEva, and unlike his shitposting account, this was his personal account, aka his fap folder that he used to like and favourite e-whores showing their cleavage or stripteasing in front of the camera, or even his other weird fetishes.

    Gallery of depression About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Lunar Scythe - His first game

    Something that Alex is very good at is making gory games full of unnecessary amounts of blood. His first game is a prime example of this. It was a hack n' slash game called "Lunar Scythe" The story of the game is a girl in her late teens who thinks that there are some people who don't deserve to live, so instead of going to a psychiatrist like a normal person she kills everybody she sees because Death told her to. Okay.

    Surprisingly enough, Alex thought that a game that he worked on for three WHOLE months (wow so much effort) would be good enough for his idol Mike Zaimont (the creator of Skullgirls). Obviously, Mike shot him down for being a fucking retard and not knowing how to code a simple "hello world" program. Alex didn't take it too well and ended up demonising Mike for making fun of him in front of his "friends", completely disregarding the fact that he just said he had no friends and also disregarding the fact that Mike was giving legitimate criticism of his shit game, but Alex isn't good at taking criticism, as shown in this thread.

    Yandere Simulator - His ever-prolonged "magnum opus"

    Yandere Simulator is a shameless loli recolor of Hitman that was originally thought up by a drunk faggot on /v/ that thought it would be funny if someone made a game poking fun at the yandere trope in animu by designing a game around a satire of this, but instead fell into the hands of a guy that let this concept go right over his head by making a game that is completely unaware of its own incompetence and yet takes itself super cereal. Despite its visual-novel-inspired presentation, the game serves only as an outlet for you to vent your kissless virgin rage by killing digital women and pretending they're the upperclasswomen that rejected you in high school, and thus delaying your inevitable schoolyard massacre and subsequent suicide for a few more weeks.

    YandereDev makes frequent updates on the game's development progress to his JewTube channel, in which he espouses great confidence that the game will one day be completed, despite the fact that it's been in development for 41/2 years, and the first of the game's eight bosses isn't even playably finished yet.


    The player controls Yandere-chan, an emotionally-unstable teenage girl (But don't worry, guys! They're all perfectly-fuckable adult women, even though the game explicitly says otherwise, and you're a good person for finding them sexy!) who develops an obsession with a dreamy schoolboy, whose default appearance coincidentally resembles the incel developer. In a no-holds-barred demonstration of what the developer desperately wants to do to the women who turned him down in his youth, Yandere-chan drowns, strangles, burns or otherwise murders schoolgirls who attempt to steal her beloved.

    Or at least, that's what it would presumably fucking be. Since 2015, the developer has accomplished little besides making stock models walk around a school and filling the game with Easter eggs and references to other murder simulators like Undertale and Metal Gear Solid V, because it's not as if he has anything better to do.


    Since obtaining a set of schoolgirl models from the Unity asset store, YandereDev has been whining about how overworked he is with the game's development, and how he "never takes a break," and spends literally "eight hours per day" reading fan mail. When he bitches (which is constantly), he conveniently neglects to mention that he's only done the game's coding and UI design, and that literally everything else in the game is either the work of online artists with no self-respect (including a grass texture stolen from an artist who had explicitly refused him permission), or was given to him free-of-charge by his adoring legion of sugar daddies (and he still expects you to believe he's poor, despite making over $60,000 per year off of Patreon alone). He claims that the stolen assets are placeholders and that they'll be replaced when the game reaches completion, despite actively netting neetbux from the game's development.

    Partnership with tinyBuild

    In one of YandereDev's tl;dw update videos, Alex announced that he would be working with a small development team called tinyBuild so he could have less work to do, and because of this his predicted date of release was shortened from 2021 to 2019. Oddly enough, no fans of YandereDev's felt betrayed that despite saying that he wouldn't sell out to a company to help keep his game as he intends it to be (even though he stole the idea of the game), this is strange because tinyBuild set restrictions to him... restrictions that he later broke which ended up with his partnership being terminated within a fucking year. After being told to GTFO, he voiced his complaints about working with tB, of course these were all petty things like the person he was assigned to work with being "too work oriented" and "straight to the point" not realizing that in a professional area, people aren't actually supposed to fuck around for eight hours a day and blame it on fan emails.

    Notable Characters

    Senpai/Taro Yamada/Taeko Yamada

    The main love interest of the game with no weaknesses and is loved by every girl despite being plain and uninteresting like every other harem protag. Suspiciously similar in design to YandereDev himself.

    Ayano Aishi/Yandere chan

    Crazy bitch with a DeviantArt-tier backstory that tries to be heartfelt and make you feel bad for the character, but ends up unironically giving her autism with traits such as a lack of empathy for others, obsessively focusing on a specific thing, inability to talk to others properly, shyness, dangerous mood swings, a failure to blend in with normal people, and being a main character in an anime. Not actually a yandere as she is not "cute and bubbly" to normal people, and is instead actually closer to a kuudere or kuugire

    Osana Najimi

    Generic tsundere character in every generic anime game, nothing of value is found with this character and is only there to fuel Alex's desire of killing Asuka. Osana is mostly notable for being the only rival even near finished in the game even with the release goal of now 2021 so Alex can continue milking his patreons until every penny is dried out. He has also made an indestructible bodyguard, who is a literally named "Indestructible Rival" in Japanese (Oh wow! Alex is being very clever using google translate for names.) so people can't kill Osana easily.

    Muja Kina

    An actual adult that falls in love with the main character who is a student. Alex tries to defend this by claiming she's actually the same age as the students, despite the fact that no school in their right mind would not only hire an underage person to help with medical needs in a school, but also someone whose only character trait is being the clumsy cute girl that every in-universe beta fawns over.

    Mida Rana

    This time YandereDev doesn't even try to hide the predatory nature of the character, he literally says that she likes seducing teenage boys.

    Hanako Yamada

    Senpai's younger sister that wants him to bone her even though they're siblings. Some argue that she only loves her brother in a "sibling-like way", but if this was the case then YandereDev would have no reason to keep on bringing up the commonness of incest in Japan and also saying haha funni animu trope to try to make his fetish seem less weird (by using Japan of all places).

    Megami Saikou

    Literal Mary Sue with a Deviantart-tier backstory about nazis, eugenics, and random shit that a 14-year-old would think would be cool. Alex's favorite rival and his cum rag.

    Mai Waifu

    Alex's male fantasy named after his own sex doll which was confirmed by a Kiwifarms user.

    Imagine being this retarded to name your coomer fantasy after your sex doll you posted online

    Lovesick Loveletter

    File:YandereDev an hero threat.png
    If you even do manage to kill yourself, nobody would miss you, not even your parents

    Last Thursday, one of his fans known as Drapeis (probably the only fan he has, or in this case, had, left) made a "better version" of Yandere Simulator named "Lovesick Loveletter" because he was tired of Alex being a stupid lazy fuck. Now, because Alex couldn't take how Lovesick Loveletter was "at least 100%" better than his own "game," he threatened to become an hero. Drapeis, who was hailed by every redditor, 12 year old, and retarded anime fan who were former fans of YS. But like every Yansim fan-game that tries to spite Alex, it gets into a incredible amount of drama. Drapeis was recently found out to be a exact copy of Alex which has made him recently got him a thread on Kiwifarms, dedicated to his shitty game development and his cowish behavior.


    Gallery of faggotry About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Discord server

    Everytime this autist sees this gif he throws temper tantrums the size of his ego

    People have speedrunned the YandereDev Discord server, to see how fast they can get banhammered. they kept uploading images and gifs such as "CONSUME THE CUM CHALICE" and other lulzy stuff.

    Then YandereDev saw this happening, alot, then someday he sperged out to the point that he privated his server to only people who pay jew gold to him.

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