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    YIFF! The Musical

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Just when you thought that furries couldn't get any more flamingly gay, they take the next step - creating a musical - YIFF! The Musical (now known as furReality).

    The show was first conceived in 2007 and for a few years was thought to be dead in the water until a new production crew took over, the old production crew being completely sick of the whole fucking thing. A new, full-scale show is supposedly coming out in 2010. Despite having over three years to think of a plot they still have not come up with an ending.

    The Creators

    For a full list of those involved in his horrific abomination, click HERE. Also contains their personal details.

    Tim Saward

    Tim Saward. Worse than Hitler and you know it.

    He wants to kill the apostrophe and burn out your eyes before you do.

    Kyle Evans

    An animator and creator of Fable, which took him over 40 hours to make. See the brilliant results of his work here.

    Vahn Fox

    What you can't see is the porn he's staring at.

    (Moar like V& fox amirite?) A faggot who is involved with the Gay Rights movement. Also enjoys Mexican meat pies. He became a furry after reading children's books such as Redwall.

    Stage Lion

    A drama whore trying to prove he's hardcore by making rock music. He is also a master at puppeteering, since he uses his hands so much.

    The Characters

    They have the nerve to use the word "lulz".
    Our "hero" - A teenage fag from England who, instead of looking for a girlfriend spends all his time on the internet fapping to furry porn. Can't figure out why his mother is worried about him.
    RedFox is everything that Russ wants to be, and who he can be online. He's a dashing, handsome fox who can move at speed and hunt with tremendous cunning. He also knows how to seduce.
    Primrose Bacon
    Russ' mum is worried about her boy spending all his time on the internet in the company of people who seem weird. She should be.

    Anyone who isn't batshit insane should.

    Gr1z, aged 26, and an Americunt. He's tried to realize his furry dreams, because he's too much of a faggot to do anything.
    His fursona is a wise old bird. He is very intelligent, and everyone hates him for it.
    Eric, got into furry a little before Russ/RedFox, also comes from the U.K., and he's there to advise Russ and help him induct a little into the real life furry community.
    His fursona is an American yellow ferret with the power of invisibility, whom he roleplays in detailed RPGs based on the universe of a TV show.
    A fat bitch who spent her life shitting out kids instead of becoming the supermodel she always wanted to be.
    Her fursona, a cat called Malvina, is a smart, glamorous librarian. Surprise, surprise.
    A fat balding faggot who like to pretend he's loli OL. Unfortunately our "hero" doesn't discover this until after an evening of slow dancing and yiffing.
    Basement dweller. No surprises there.
    A big bad rapist - supposedly the villain of the show. Hasn't yet figured out you can't rape the willing, although you can give it a fucking good try.

    The Plot

    This text was ripped straight from Wikifur, because no ED user with any self-respect would ever dare watch this without having his ass raped to the point where he could make Goatse blush. Except Blu Aardvark:

    The story is about Russ, a young English guy of 19, who is a fur. His mother worries about his apparent internet addiction, but he can't tell her what it's all about; she'd never understand.

    Russ goes online and starts to mix with the furry community, in particular with a mentor figure from the States called AzurePhoenix, under whose tutelage he establishes his own fursona, RedFox, and first hears of the concept of yiff - which in his mind becomes a holy grail - the thing that he wants most. He also starts an online romance with JadeVixen, the fursona of a girl in the States,(a reference to Alynna Vixen?) but his mother is worried about the wolves of the world, and fears that Russ is too innocent and inexperienced not to be harmed.

    Russ and Jade continue to roleplay and yiff online and Russ quickly starts falling in love with her. After Primrose realizes that Russ's sexuality is all bound up with his furriness, she takes action to make sure he can't express his furry side again by cutting off his internet connection.

    Driven by his mother's actions, Russ steals her credit card and flies to the United States to attend FurCon - a generic furry convention parodying Anthrocon. Here he spends days in the presence of other furs(who all are guys. At least the show is realistic), loving every moment of it. He meets Gr1z, who makes Russ a conbadge to wear.

    Later on into the convention Russ learns that JadeVixen is present at the convention and goes to hunt her down; eventually finding her in fursuit, they begin a duet together, ending with him removing her fursuit head only to find that JadeVixen is actually a gay man who is already in a relationship with someone else attending the convention. (Aren't all furries gay?)

    Downhearted, Russ decides to leave the convention, only finding out that his mother's credit card has been blocked when he tries to pay. His mother contacts him telling how she's paid for a plane ticket home and that a taxi is waiting for him. Unable to return to his furry-devoid life back home, Gr1z offers to pay for his convention and invites Russ to live with him. He accepts, and goes on to live his new furry life.

    The show itself is only half-finished, and will apparently get a lot darker. Hopefully someone will get raped, so they can finally understand how their pet dogs feel.


    The Show Itself

    Part of the reason the show has taken so ... fucking ... long to get off the ground is because the song, plot, cast - indeed everything - is so cliched and boring even other furries believe it is a pile of shit. This alone however could not stop the musical slowly emerging from the depths of the internet into the IRL world because furries will do anything to be recognised or accepted - whether it be stepping on other furfags toes paws or embarressing themselves by making their online perversions known to the public.

    Watch at your own risk:

    This second clip is called "The Ultimate Yiff" - in which the furries try to parody themselves themselves and fail miserably.


    Having attracted little attention from the furries, YIFF! has attracted even less attention from the other internet users, with the exception of one fail troll:

    Obvious troll is obvious.


    —But sadly not that obvious.

    So let me get this straight. You're so scared of trolls and antifurries that you just HAVE to attempt to boycott a play/musical that was really just meant for the comedic value. I'm sorry, but you need to stop being a baby. (wah... why do they say mean things to me, why does it hurt so... *sobsobsob*)


    Furries fursecuting furries.

    Actually, having seen it, I must admit you are right. I'm deeply annoyed that a furry could paint the other members of the fandom in that manner.


    —Namely being gay and spending too much time on the internet.

    has no one bothered to check what kind of videos this guy uploads? i find it quite funny that some furries just take stuff like this at face value and consider it an "attack". This is just something someone did for a laugh, its called "trolling":P


    —But attacks from trolls are the WORST!

    A Challenger Appears!

    "Yiff! The Opera" (The Furry Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell)
    (Fast forward to 2:12)

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