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Xynta, with his backwards 'N'

This exceptional meme hails from the land of backwards letters and over 9000 nuclear missiles. Russians spend time posting variations of him when they're not spreading freedom or enriching the digital landscape.

What is it?

Who fucking cares. Inquiring minds in search of an answer on wind up distracted by delicious cake so we might never know. Perhaps that is its ultimate purpose, a beacon of light on a dark ocean.

The name of the man on the pictures is Vladimir 'Nomad' Goryachev. He works in company AG.RU as a game reviewer, a journalist and gay. His reviews are full of deep nihilism, pessimism and sometimes disgust. Actually, Russian word ХУИТА stands for any meanless and useless shit, so Nomad+ХУИТА is a very good combination.

When you see this man in reply to your post or comment, I have some bad news fo you: you should really become An Hero, 'cause you've just said a very stupid thing or created the worst thread ever.

ALSO: The power in Ukraine has been usurped by the Jewish oligarchs, hence the government in Ukraine is called a junta (pronounced: "kh-oo-nt-uh"), which basically refers to a "fascist dictatorship" of any kind.

Seriously, WTF?

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In after XYNTA hija-- oh, nevermind

Little vocabulary. Russian [xʊj], "хуй" is especially rude world, that means "dick". Khuyta (pronounced like "who-it-ah", desu) is just a transliteration of a Russian derivative word that means "bullshit". Some newfags try to force this "meme" on 4chan or just wipe it. In Soviet Russia, meme forces you.


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