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    ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

    Somebody should do something about it.


    File:Deviantart-favicon.png XxForeveredAloneXx, Shyness is a stupid Canadian, 14-15 year old with special needs, and has some serious issues with taking criticism, and is prone to be a hypocrite, judgemental, lying, narcissistic cunt, and just being an illogical bitch over everything, regardless over what it may be. Not only this, but she pretends she lives in a little wonderland of her own, and actually HAS to be taught that the world isn't all puppies and rainbows, like how she wants it to be.

    She's apart of a site called DeviantART, and is apart of the Rayman fandom, though, the fandom isn't fond of her.

    The account names she has gone under so far are-- XxForeveredAloneXx, AskBina, MyNameIsBina, rp-rayman, rp-shyness, RaymanXShyness, DeviantArtJudge, TheRealRayman, raymanluv, and so on and so forth. Point is, there's a pretty good reason as to why her username is "forevered alone".

    (And she can't even spell it right holy shit)

    As of 7/24/14, she made a new account, yet again, under "cuterayman", defending herself. Nice try, kiddo.

    UPDATE SEPTEMBER/3/14: -Shyness abandoned her backup account and moved to her main one -Shyness cause trouble with her shitty opinion as you can see it here[1] -Shyness insulted the rayman fangirl AGAIN [2] -Someone is making a troll account to make Shyness want to leave deviantART [3]

    More info coming soon!

    How it started

    Nearly a year ago, Shyness/Sabina/Sofia, or whatever the hell her real name is, as if anyone even knows, joined DeviantART. Started off like any typical user; She began commenting on Rayman fan arts, and sparked interest with the fandom. No big deal.

    Though soon after, she discovers the shipping side of the fandom. As in, Rayman x Oc/Raygirl. Shyness disapproved of this, so she began to bash those who had such ships. Clearly, this pissed off the a few of the fans/community, and they decided to tell her that that was rude, she shouldn't be doing that, etc, etc.

    Then all hell brakes loose, because she's way too sensitive about everything.

    Shyness calls them out for it, calling them "bullies", "devils", and other things that sound just fucking stupid. She does this, but out of all the ones she had to call out the most, was Manami, or XxManami-ShayxX, and yet, she was doing nearly the EXACT SAME THING when it comes to what the other fans were doing. Was there...Was there a point to that?? And even just calling her out-- She could have called out such users as N0va3d, RayBro16, and lots of others, but noooo, it HAD to be the one user that rants and calls out people's bullshit. Nice going.

    (Although, knowing them, they'd do so too, but you know what I mean.)

    Shyness was also being pretty pissy over how many called her out, and how frequently it occurred. But I mean, hell, this girl has had over 10 different accounts, moved around to each one of them, and was acting so terribly, who WOULDN'T want to make one on her??

    Not to mention, Shyness said she didn't want to be judged, when she judged Manami, (for example) about how she spoke. She doesn't want to be judged, and yet, she wants to judge everyone else, and illogically too. Over the smallest fucking things.

    Love and War?

    Shyness claims to be all about peace and love, and not starting "war" over things. Though, if you take a look at what she's been doing, she's done nothing BUT start "war". Calling out Manami, lying about her and the statements she's made, making her look like a cyberbully when all she wants to do is help, calling others names through journals, being rude to her own friends, and just acting like an immature 5 year old, who clearly needs to be kicked off the internet. Many people have called her out on it, saying things such as "If you didn't want us to rant on you, or if you didn't want war, don't act like that and start it". But let's face it, that wouldn't work by a long shot.

    So of course, for months on end, it's been "I'm sorry, I'll do better and we can be friends", to "I hate you...you're such a bully/devil!".

    Oh, and did I forget she uses her autism as an excuse for her behavior?

    Rayman Fetish?

    Rayman, a character in a videogame series [4] A limbless, fiery-haired, mutant bird thing who's also a good 100+ years old, who was made SPECIFICALLY to save the world, eat, and sleep.

    But Shyness, with her attitude, started all of this because of her nasty and unhealthy obsession with this...thing.

    She's made accounts upon accounts, pretending to be him, and bash other users going against her on her main account. Though, everyone figured it out due to the plain idiocy, and the fact that "Rayman" typed JUST like Shyness, kind of made it a dead giveaway. Not to mention, she makes Rayman look like a complete asshole with how she was doing it.

    Shyness turns him into this romantic, shy and pathetic, cowardly...thing, compared to his heroic, childish, and brave ORIGINAL personality. And of course, that is highly frowned upon in the fandom, or at least the shipping side of it.

    What puzzles everyone is how she ACTUALLY thinks this thing is real, and that he LOVES her.

    She also claims to have a thing, or a "lucky pass" with Ubisoft, and plans on making her Oc Shyness/Sofia/Sabina/whatever, canon and in game, so she can ship her with Rayman, and make it an official thing, and "it'll happen like MAAAAGIIIC".

    And she used a base to make this character. Brown hair, blue eyes, a pink dress/sweatshirt with a heart on it, and an oversensitive and shy personality would not fit in an action game like RAYMAN. Oh, and you're 14. Does she really think that pathetic excuse for a character would be in the interests of a company like them? Do you, Shyness?? They'd be hitting rock bottom to do that, let's just face the facts, and you certainly don't have a "lucky pass" to do it.

    Rayman was also mentioned to not really be interested, or at least the creators aren't interested, in having him in a relationship. Nice try. Ship him with your Oc all you want, but don't be a total bitch to the others' ships, making comments about how you have a pass to do it unlike everyone else, and hogging him like he's yours only to have.

    Shyness has also picked a few fights over some Rayman fan art, such as this [5]

    Though this might be a joke with some of the comments, now, on other works, profiles and such, they have become more serious, and genuinely angry when she sees such comments. (Shyness is both DeviantArtJudge and MyNameIsBina.)

    And one, for example, is when she decided to pick on the Rayman x Oc shippers, that isn't so much as a friendly joke, is this [6], where she apparently HAD to ask as to why she liked Rayman, and to change her DA signature JUST to "prove it".

    Well, people can like things, can't they? They don't need to fucking announce it to the world like you are doing, Shyness. At least, unlike you, SexySonadow KNOWS the boundaries between being an annoying little fanbrat bitch, and knows when to stop in regards to what the fuck is real, and what isn't. Oh, and she also did it to Britta as well, as seen from the comments here [7]

    Shyness also made a group on DeviantART as well; [8] Using it as an excuse to "claim" Rayman for her unhealthy obsession and attention whoring as well. Not to mentioned it was fucking copied off this group [9] The originality is so low in this one. Or not even there, for that matter.

    Racist against Americans

    Shyness has made several attempts to act like she's French, when she was Canadian for several months before that. She's also made comments many times before this, that Americans, and all of them, were selfish, rude bullies, not taking into account that a good portion of her "friends" and fallowers, are FUCKING AMERICAN. Some of the people she likes, and talks to on a regular basis, ARE FUCKING AMERICAN.

    Recently, she also put something in her DA custom box, saying "if you are French, you can be my friend :) I do not want any American friends, please." This offended many people who are Canadian, French, and American. Not only does she make Americans out to be complete dicks, (though a lot of them can be, no offense) her behavior made the Canadian side feel offended that people like her even exist, and act like this. Same for the French too, especially when she can't speak French worth shit, and uses Google Translate to do it.

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