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    Xee-A Twelve

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    Have you ever imagined how awesome it would be to take the stories of The Da Vinci Code, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Independence Day, Scientology, Raelism, and the Book of Revelations and merge them all into one gigantic super-story? The correct answer is no; you have never thought that a combination these stories would be awesome, because, well, it wouldn’t be. These stories have absolutely nothing in common, and only a complete moron would even think that combining these stories would be a good idea. Proof of this statement can be found on XeeATwelve.com.

    Similar to Truthism.com and Montalk.net, Xee-A Twelve is a collection of TL;DR logical fallacies written by a batshit insane Asian woman from Australia named Amitakh Stanford. The website is a collection of her memoirs detailing her heroic adventures of fighting aliens and digging up ancient secrets with the help of her divine wisdom. To sane people, it is the best comedic science-fiction book ever written. To conspiracy nuts, it is a sacred work of absolute truth given to us by the "True Light". Similar to how Christians worship the Bible, Muslims worship the Qur'an, Atheists worship The God Delusion, and Scientologists worship Dianetics, "Truth"ists worship the website XeeATwelve.com.


    Reptilians are [literally] controlling your mind!
    Aliens hovering over Amitakh's dogs' cages.

    Before you begin reading this article, here are a few things you should familiarize yourself with, just to make things less confusing:

    • The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons.
    • Geometry is Satanic.
    • God is a woman.
    • The True Light is similar to Heaven, which is where the Divine Mother resides.
    • The Anunnaki is a name for the three species of aliens: the Reptilians, the Vulturites, and the Nephilim.
    • The New World Order will begin in Australia.
    • Satan's real name is Darkness, but his favorite name is Jerusalem.
    • The Bible Is The Devil's Tool.
    • The sun is a cube.
    • Inner Earth is real.
    • Faires and Pixies are real.
    • The Anunnaki have a device called the Atu-waa that can re-start time.
    • The Rescue Mission is kind of like The Rapture, where the Divine Mother will rescue all of the True-Light warriors and will leave everyone else to die when the universe collapses.
    • Popularity is evil and should be avoided at all costs.
    • George Washington, René Descartes, Francis Bacon, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Aaron Burr, and the Pope are Reptilians and thus, are agents of Darkness.
    • The secret word of the Freemasons is KIR-WHAH-???? (she knows the last syllable, but will not release it because if you say the word, you will be able to harvest the power of Satan) PROTIP: The last syllable is GET.
    • If you believe any of this information is bullshit or batshit insane, you have been programmed by the Anunnaki aliens because they do not want you to know they exist.

    Then of course, there's always this:

    I am an extraterrestrial being – code name – Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a “walk-in”. One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being – code name – Ikluk.


    —XeeATwelve, Actual quote

    Main Chracters

    The ORIGINAL Jesus
    The Jesus the Reptilians want you to believe in
    • Amitakh - The author of the website. She is an extra-terrestrial being who came to Earth to keep an eye on the evil alien known as "Ikluk".
    • Ikluk - An evil alien being and Amitakh's ex-husband. Amitakh was sent from the True Light to keep a close eye over him. Also the reincarnation of Hitler, John the Baptist and King Arthur.
    • Darkness - The bringer of evil and destruction, made up of eight evil minds. Darkness is also the evil mastermind behind the New Age movement, science, religion, popularity, corporations, money, and AIDS.
    • Satan - Darkness's son that Amitakh will soon kill ya rly.
    • Time - A True-Light being who has been forced to create time for Darkness.
    • Money entities - True-Light beings who have been forced to create money for Darkness.
    • Archons of Darkness - Beings employed by Darkness to enslave the universe and bring about the New World Order.
      • Famous Archons include: Buddha, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams, John Marshall, Hitler, King Arthur, John the Baptist, Einstein, Mozart, and The Pope (actually an evil Reptilian military commander named Ati-a-lek).
    • The Anunnaki - The race of aliens that is fighting amongst itself for domination of Earth.
      • Nephilim - This is the race of the "Anunnaki Elite". They also created two factions - the Ducaz and the Pers-sires - to help them take over the universe. They got kicked out of Earth by the Light though so they're not here anymore.
      • Ducaz - Also known as the Reptilians, these are the aliens that are currently the leaders of the world.
      • Pers-sires - Also known as the Vulturites, this is the race that keeps trying to fuck with the Reptilian agenda so they can have complete control of the world. Of course, they fail every time.
      • Olcars - The most elite aliens on Earth right now and advisors to the Nephilim. They also look a lot like Darth Vader.
      • Masa-karas - Another group of Anunnaki that nobody cares about and has aligned with the Reptilians.
    • The Greys - The aliens that are forcing Flouride into our water supply.


    In a nutshell, Xee-A Twelve believes that Inner Earth exists, two races of Anunnaki aliens are at war for total domination of Earth, the sun is a cube, and that Darkness has created this entire universe as a giant illusion, and we are all slaves to his illusion. If you still aren't convinced that the author was either high when she wrote this or is just generally stupid, here is a more in-depth summary of everything Amitakh believes in.


    File:Sun cube.jpg

    Geometry is evil and the work of Darkness. Every single geometric figure is just an illusion created by Satan that forces us to worship him. All geometric figures contain the keys to solving the mysteries of life, which is why Satan made them so confusing.

    The Sun is a perfect example of a geometric illusion, because it is not what it appears to be. Some argue that the Sun is spherical, when in reality, it is actually a cube. The reason it appears to be spherical is because it spins so fast.

    Matter is another prime example of a geometric illusion. All particles in the universe have smaller particles within them that are capable of thinking. Spinning triangles and cubes shield the thinking particle from harm or danger. Every particle in the universe is terrified of its death and begs for immortality.

    Of course, if the entire universe is made up of these spinning, three dimensional figures, then that makes this entire thing not just a shitty science fiction/fantasy story, but a shitty science fiction/fantasy game. And really, if Satan plays D&D, just how fearsome and powerful can he actually be?


    There are two races of Anunnaki aliens fighting for control of Earth: The Reptilians and the Vulturites. The Reptilians are the ones in control now, but the Vulturites are trying to fuck the Reptilians over so they can have control over Earth and all of humanity. The Vulturites want to fuck with the religions and sciences invented by the Reptilians so that people will start becoming more and more separated. In short, anything that is popular and brings people closer together is probably the work of the Reptilians, while anything that is popular and splits us farther apart is probably the work of the Vulturites. Anything that isn't popular is not evil and has been given to us by God, and therefore, popularity should be avoided at all costs (which shouldn't be too difficult for you).

    Although the battle for world domination is primarily between the Vulturites and the Reptilians, there are several other aliens that are being used as pawns in this battle for Armaggedeon. The most notable of the non-notables are the Greys, an ancient race that has been working with the Reptilians to steal human DNA. The Reptilians have promised the Greys that if they help them bring about the NWO, they'll give the Greys a shitload of human DNA, which they can mix with their own DNA to create a hybrid race of super-beings that will emerge as the dominant species of Earth after the Reptilians kill off all the humans. However, the Reptilians lied to the Greys; they won't really be giving them human DNA.

    Rescue Mission

    Since Satan is evil and trying to extinguish the True Light, the Divine Mother has started a Rescue Mission to bring all of her True Light warriors back home. There are three types of souls on the planet: True Light souls, False Light souls, and artificial souls. True Light souls are good and can be rescued from Satan and the aliens by the Divine Mother. False Light souls are evil, but have True Light particles in them. If the True Light particles can be separated from the False Light particles, the person can be rescued. Artificial souls are pure evil and were invented by either Satan or Anunnaki scientists.

    Here's how shit works: Satan is kidnapping viable True-Light workers and imprisoning them in his Virtual Reality. The Divine Mother doesn't like this, so she sent a bunch of "walk-ins" to Earth to rescue the True-Light workers that were trapped here. However, the True Light workers can only be rescued if they hold on to their Will and do not give in to Darkness. If they give their Will to Darkness, they are spiritually assassinated and become a slave to him.

    After the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy fight, the Rescue Mission will be complete and all of the True Light workers will be saved, leaving the Anunnaki to commence their New World Order and enslave humanity. After a few thousand years, Satan will die, the Universal Dodecahedron will collapse, and everything's hunky dory.

    Notable articles

    Xee-A Twelve consists of 131 articles. Most of these articles revolve around Satan and the Divine Mother. Since all of these articles are far too long and boring to read, we at ED have taken the liberty of reading a select few and writing short summaries on each one.

    Nibiru and the Anunnaki

    Arguably one of the most famous articles, Nibiru and the Anunnaki is Amitakh's version of the planet Nibiru story and the explanation of where our alien overlords came from. A long time ago, the Anunnaki leaders, known as the Nephilim, created two different sects of aliens via genetic experiments. The first aliens, known as the Ducaz, were used to conquer and control the Nibirian empire. The second group, known by the aliens as the Pers-sires and by Amitakh as the Vulturites, are bitter enemies of each other.

    Here's how shit went down: The Anunnaki Elite created a bunch of slave aliens to Earth, and thus the advanced city of Atlantis was born. They killed all of the Neaderthal species and created the homo sapiens through a second wave of genetic experiments. They also emplyed a bunch of other aliens to be their slaves on Earth, along with their human slaves. The Anunnaki Elite eventually got bored controlling Earth so they just nuked Atlantis, hoping to wipe out all of the human and alien slaves. However, some of the Anunnaki slaves figured out this evil plan and escaped before they blew the city up. The Anunnaki Remnants brought with them some of the artifacts of Atlantis, and they're hoping when the Anunnaki Elite return, they'll be pleased with what they've done. However, the Elite won't be returning any time soon since the Attas of the Light have scared the Anunnaki Elite into permanent hiding.

    The descendents of these two groups are now on Earth vying for supremacy of the world. Many of these are currently in political, financial, scientific, religious, legal, medical (especially in blood banks), entertainment, military, agrarian or commercial positions, and also in the sex industry.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    The Anunnaki are flesh-and-blood, biological beings with abounding pride, arrogance, uncontrollable urges for adult and child sex partners (whether they be willing or forced participants), and they have a great appetite for conquest and control.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    However, the Anunnaki were delighted to find gold on earth because they used it for ornamentation.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Anunnaki chauvinism has caused women to be subjugated to men and treated as their "footstools" in many cultures including the Arab, Asian, Jewish and Western societies.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Some claim that Jesus was a hybrid from Nibiru, which maliciously implies that He was an Anunnaki. This is patently false. Jesus is in fact, an Avatar of the Light who "incarnated" here to remind and to reawaken the "sleeping" Divine beings of their true Divine origin.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    The Secret Anunnaki Atu-waa

    So, essentially, the Anunnaki have a device called the Atu-waa which has the ability to re-start time in our solar system. It was meant to be activiated before 2008, but they couldn't do it because our hero Amitakh stole one of the pieces herself and thus, made the device useless. However, after the Reptilians and the Vulturites started their drama war, the Reptilians hid the device somewhere in the Middle East. Amitakh also knows every single location it has ever been and discloses each of them on a public website where the evil aliens could find the device easily.

    The Anunnaki Elite realized that their planet and star were in a precarious situation long before they were destroyed. Therefore, they re-located the time re-starting device (called atu-waa) to a very remote planet that had virtually no technology. That remote planet was Earth.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    The Jews claim to be the chosen race of Jehovah, but what have they been chosen for? In reality, the first Jews were a special race, specifically "created" to perform a particular role for the Anunnaki.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Jews were created as tools. They are NOT people.

    When they invaded Iraq in 2003, the Vulturites were after the lost word of the Freemasons, the atu-waa, and the "power point" from where the atu-waa could be activated. They were not looking for weapons of mass destruction at all.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    To digress here, when Hitler was running amok in Europe, the ruling elite were relatively unconcerned until he turned his attention to the Middle East, at which point, Generals Patton and Montgomery were unleashed with such a fury that the allies suddenly gained full control of the situation. Prior to that release, Hitler's Germany appeared to be invincible. When Hitler went for the Persian Gulf, his empire crumbled - it was like a paper tiger doing a job for the ruling elite.


    —Amitakh Stanford, fuck it if he's killing our tools, he better not fucking restart time on us

    What I am about to discuss is for people who have open minds. It is not for the sceptics and those programmed by the ruling elite, as they will probably never be able to see through the programming.


    —Amitakh Stanford, if you think she's bugfuck insane, you are a closed-minded robot programmed by the Anunnaki

    The Reptilians have moved the atu-waa around the world. It has been to many places in recent years, all of which were under Reptilian control at the time. The places include: Tennessee, U.S.A., Australia, Congo, Gibraltar, Vietnam, Israel and Iraq. It was last moved to Afghanistan, near Kabul.


    —Amitakh Stanford, I know where they have hidden an alien device that can restart time so I'm going to post it on a public website for everyone, including the Vulturites, to see

    The Vulturites are unaware that the atu-waa is non-functional at this time. The Reptilians have kept this information from the Vulturites and everyone else. There is a missing "part" that contains the "codes" to activate the atu-waa. This is not a physical thing. This is the part that I confiscated from the Reptilians a long time ago, after the last re-start of time. This is what Ata-i-lek is so furious about and is trying to dislodge from me by any means, including flattery, cajoling, threats, force and deception. It is a catch-22 situation for the Reptilians. That is why I am still here.


    —Amitakh Stanford, our hero strikes again!

    The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons

    Amitakh begins by talking about the history of the Freemasons, where there were three syllables to a secret Word that would allow the one to utter it to control the world and bring the Anunnaki Elite back to Earth. King Solomon and King Hiram knew the first two (which she exposes are are "KIR" and "WHAH"), and Abiff's syllable (the third and most important) was lost forever. Later, Amitakh continues to demonstrate her psychic abilities by exclaming that she knows all three syllables(the first two that she would have to be a 33rd degree Freemason to know, the last one that nobody knows which obviously makes her psychic), but she says she will not disclose the last syllable or how she got it because of how dangerous it is.

    Our hero then proceeds to talk about how Christianity and Freemasonry are Satanic and how they are based off the Pagan worship of the Sun.

    I know Solomon's and Hiram's sounds or syllables. I also know Abiff's sound. I know the entire lost Word. How I know this is irrelevant. Equally, whether anyone believes my assertion or not, is irrelevant. Even when I first mentally reviewed this sound I could feel the tremendous Dark power of the Word. I also have the counter-sound which I used to neutralize the Dark Word. Now, the complete, dreadful Dark secret Word that Freemasons seek to assemble has been contained and neutralized.


    —Amitakh Stanford, you know she's got the lost sound because she felt its evil powers, and she neutralized it, but she's not telling how she got it

    I now disclose the two sounds. King Solomon's syllable is "KIR" and King Hiram's syllable is "WHAH". Abiff's syllable has eluded those of Darkness for 3,000 years, and they will not acquire it before this virtual reality collapses.


    —Amitakh Stanford, she's already given the first two syllables which would make it easier for anyone to figure out, but since she's a prophet and she said they won't find it before the universe collapses, there's nothing to worry about

    One strong indication of the breaking of the illusion of the virtual reality occurred recently. A dog enclosure was locked and the lock had frozen shut. I needed to enter, but couldn't because of the frozen lock. I then pulled on the lock several times, but was unable to unfreeze it. Then, I pulled again and amazingly was able to pass the frozen-shut metal lock and my hand through a two-layered galvanized steel latch! I actually passed both my hand and the metal lock right through the steel hasp! To do this defies the laws of physics in this realm, yet it occurred. It was the equivalent of walking through a wall while carrying a metal object with me.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    While electrons are trapped by protons and neutrons on the atomic level, planets are trapped by stars or suns on the macro level. The sun of our solar system is the trap. It gives off False-Light, which the planets need to survive in this material realm. In exchange for this light, the sun forces the planets to revolve around it and to do all the work keeping the solar system bound together in the illusion which is driven by their orbits around the sun. If the perpetual motion of the planets — the merry-go-round — stops, the illusion crumbles, and all the viable True-Light beings in the entire solar system are liberated from the entrapments of Darkness.



    Much has been said of late about the sun cruisers that have been photographed near the sun. A great deal of speculation has occurred as to what they are doing. They are crafts of the True Divine Creation which are here to extinguish the sun.



    The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons

    The Universal Dodecahedron

    According to Xee-A Twelve, everything in the universe is an illusion. Motion is an illusion, shapes are an illusion, time is an illusion, and you are an illusion.

    As said by Amitakh Stanford, the five symmetrical solids are the Tetrahedron (aka the Pyramid), the Hexahedron (aka the Cube), the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron, and the Icosahedron. The sixth symmetrical solid is the sphere, the most evil and diabolical of the group. This is because spheres are the shape you get when you spin the other five really, really fast. Therefore, Amitakh Stanford has concluded that the Sun, and all other stars for that matter, are cubes, but they are spinning so fast that you can’t tell. As said by Truthism.com, Satan did this because 90-degree right-angles create strife and confusion.

    Another thing that is not what it appears to be is Matter. Matter are actually ultra-microscopic particles capable of thinking for themselves. These particles lie at the core of an atom, and are protected by more spinning shapes. The three layers of shields are called the alat, the lakoo, and the sakooze. Of course, these aren’t the official names, they’re just names she pulled out of her ass.

    After it discusses particle shields, it starts getting off-topic and talking about a Rescue Mission to bring people who work for the True Light back home to the Divine Mother . The reason this rescue mission was inspired is because Satan is kidnapping True Light warriors and putting them in his prison for slavery and mind control.

    Many believe that Pythagoras, Plato and Kepler interpreted the five symmetrical solids in esoteric ways only. This is not so. All three understood that the five solids literally contained the keys to understanding the mysteries of life.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Plato was able to perceive that triangles were building blocks of existence. Plato was probably able to "see" at the atomic level, which level, as I will explain herein, is based upon tetrahedrons and octahedrons. If Plato could have "seen" beneath the tetrahedrons and octahedrons - he would have "seen" the intricate geometric patterns that form everything and would therefore have been able to conclude that at the sub-atomic level, things were also composed of these patterns. However, it was not yet time.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    I call the shield formed by these two triangles alat. Each particle of Matter is first shielded by an alat. . . Outside the apparent sphere formed by the hexahedron, is a pair of protective "spheres" that I call lakoos. . .To recapitulate, the complete assembly of a particle of Matter, surrounded by an alat, which is surrounded by a hexahedron and two lakoos, forms what I call a sakooze.


    —Amitakh Stanford, pulling stupid names for particle shields out of her ass.

    On The Brink Of The Anunnaki New World Order

    The most infamous article on the website as well as the one that makes conspiracy theorists cum buckets, On The Brink Of The Anunnaki New World Order regards the inevitable apocalyptic alien war that will soon DESTROY US ALL!!!

    This article starts out by explaining why the evil space lizards have not yet annihilated us with their technology. The answer is simple: they think humans are physically attractive and therefore want to mate with us. This explains why women want to get breast implants and larger asses, and why men want to be buff; because they are being programmed by the Anunnaki aliens.

    After it's done explaining how aliens have been raping humans, it starts talking about other ways society is falling apart. For example, people are breaking the rules a lot more, so more laws have to be introduced. They were originally going to start the New World Order in America, but then they got lazy and decided to move it to Australia instead. Police officers are being programmed to believe that laws make everyone safer, and military personnel are being programmed to kill anyone who interferes with their perfect world.

    Buying a dog will not only stop Anonymous, it will also stop Anunnaki aliens
    There are many reasons why the Anunnaki remained hidden from human eyes on the planet all this time, and why they have not used their technology to annihilate the whole human race. One of the reasons is that most of the races of Anunnaki are not particularly attractive in physical terms. When they arrived on Earth, they were taken in by the human form and admired its appearance. This led to many aliens mating with human women, either forcibly or voluntarily. Many of the Anunnaki have strong sex drives, and the fact that humans can mate whether in or out of season was a bonus for the aliens on Earth.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Anunnaki are particularly attracted to large breasts, hence they have urged and otherwise programmed women to pursue breast implants. The recent trend towards full lips and big buttocks are examples of Anunnaki programming. Males' hunk-look is another Anunnaki influence. Anunnaki also groom children and exploit them to fulfil their sexual appetites.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Certain dog breeds are being outlawed because fierce dogs are generally feared by the Anunnaki.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Buying a dog will not only stop Anonymous, it will also stop Anunnaki aliens

    The implementation of the NWO has begun. Australia is the launching pad. Originally, the ruling elite had intended America to be the first nation to be absorbed into the NWO, but several things altered that decision, which led to a change to move it to Australia.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Wherever there is pressure to fluoridate water systems, there is a very good chance that Greys are about to re-locate to the area. As I have indicated, for the time being, Greys are closely aligned with the Reptilians. The Greys have co-operated with the Reptilians because they have been promised that Grey DNA and human DNA will be merged and moulded to form a new race that will emerge as the dominant race on Earth after the NWO is fully implemented. The Greys have conducted horrible experiments on humans to work with both sets of DNA. However, the Reptilians have lied to the Greys; their DNA will not be used for any new emergent species.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Concentrated localities have been slated for the most control. Many things are going on simultaneously. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the sounds we hear around us can all be impregnated with various programming agents to help bring about the NWO.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    It was not funny when recently one alien being was talking to another telepathically about me. She said that she could not understand why "this one", meaning me, was able to escape the programming by sensing side-affects to the programming that were supposed to go unnoticed.


    —Amitakh Stanford, demonstrating her divine psychic abilities of telepathically spying on aliens

    Some of the latest examples of Vulturite propaganda involve The Da Vinci Code and the "discovery" of the Book of Judas. These are both designed to destabilize the Reptilian religious foundations.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Prison Break - The Annihilation Of Death And Darkness

    Another of the more infamous articles on Xee-A Twelve, this article discusses Death and the Rescue Mission inspired by the True Light. It starts out asking the question of "Why must things die?". It then asks why we are so afraid of Death, followed by the simple answer that it's because Satan programmed us to be afraid of death. Ironically, Satan is so afraid of his own death that he made us be scared of it too, and therefore, in order to be like your Heavenly Mother, you cannot be afraid of Death, because nothing actually has "survival instincts", but instead, just Satan's fear of death that has been programmed into us.

    After this, it begins discussing how Reincarnation and Matter, and motion are evil and Satanic. Because everything in Satan's Virtual Reality is a slave to motion, when something stops being in motion, it dies. The illusion of no-motion is what keeps the illusion of motion going, and once the illusion that nothing is moving stops, everything really will stop moving and the universe will be destroyed.

    Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes (Matter) are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death. The fear of death is a morbid disease. It was created by a putrid, demented Mind. It is this fear that will eventually topple the entire physical universe.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Ironically, death is the very tool Darkness invented and imposed on everything in Its domain - the Virtual Reality - to control and enslave Its creation and all that are trapped in it.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Everything in this Virtual Reality requires a consciousness - whether a True or an artificial consciousness - to drive it. This means that even a grain of sand has a consciousness. Even things much smaller than grains of sand have consciousnesses.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Re-incarnation is really a very evil imposition on the consciousness. It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    However, the physical bodies housing all categories of all consciousness are made up of Matter (Evil) and are influenced by the programming embedded in them.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Matter is evil; avoid it at all costs

    "Assassination" occurs at the moment a True Light being gives over its Will to Darkness. This can be done by trickery, deception, temptation, bribery, punishment, torture or other means. Those who give over their Will are then "fallen" beings, and, for all intents and purposes, are beings of Darkness.

    It should be understood that Darkness has not the power to take any True Light being's Will by force. The Will can only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Separation of Light From Darkness Has Finally Begun

    Amitakh begins by pointing out the imperceptible truth that the world has turned to shit. She then begins talking about how the New-Age Movement is full of inexperienced gurus with no scientific, academic, philosophical, or theological background. Of course, Amitakh is in no way trying to start her own New-Age cult and accusing her of this would be ludicrous.

    This article then begins pointing out how truth is so easily corrupted - when a message of True Light enters into the Virtual Reality, it is pounced upon by workers of Darkness, who begin corrupting the True-Light's message as soon as it enters. Of course, the information on XeeATwelve.com has not yet been corrupted because, well, it is made of brainwash and lies.

    After this, talks about stupid shit like how Darkness is the evil mastermind behind the New Age movement, and all of the New Age gurus are actually working for him. Then it goes into the Rescue Mission again and how the Christ Energy will soon intertwine with the Anti-Christ Energy, and how cataclysmic the battle will be.

    Once genuine material filters through the evil system, it is immediately pounced upon by the “natural laws” in place in the realm. That is, the agents of Darkness in all forms begin corrupting the truth. This corrupting process is ever so subtle, gradual and deceptive that it appears natural, thus keeping people unaware of the process and the unseen intention behind it.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Among these sites are many that are operated by people who serve the ruling elite. Many of these websites are assisted by the ruling elite, which have control of the internet. The ruling elites’ agents decide which websites are blocked and which are promoted. Website hit counters, availability, speed, convenience and access are all controlled and manipulated by the ruling elite. Search engines will often place the ruling elites’ chosen sites at or near the top of many searches. However, there are times when it suits the ruling elite to put valid websites at or near the top of searches to satisfy their own ulterior motives.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Aliens are censoring the internet (which is probably why they moved to Australia)

    The ruling elite have many ways of obtaining recruits to act as their agents. Beside the main group that openly serves the ruling elite, others are blackmailed, some are bribed and still others are coerced into service. The New Age movement, commerce, banking, politics, conventional religions and so on are infested with agents of the ruling elite.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    What people are unaware of is that the purpose of existence in the Virtual Reality is to serve Darkness. Darkness enslaved every being in the Virtual Reality and forces them to serve It. All of the trapped True-Light beings in the Virtual Reality are assisted by the Light to awaken to the degree necessary to sustain them until they can be rescued. Many people may think that the solution to the Virtual Reality is to make Darkness burn in hell. But, hell is Darkness’ creation – Its home. Darkness runs hell, which is a reality within the Virtual Reality. To let Darkness burn in hell would be to let Darkness have Its own way and to keep It going.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    It Is Done, It Is Finished

    Amitakh Stanford and her alien husband, Joseph Chiappalone.

    The grand finale of the Xee-A Twelve website this article almost resembles a soap opera with a science-fiction twist to it. Amitakh finally comes out and reveals that she is, in fact, an alien. Her mission here on Earth has been to keep an eye on an evil alien being known as Ikluk, so in order to do this, she had to marry him. He beat her up regularly for writing stupid shit on the Internet and not just shutting the fuck up and making him dinner like she was supposed to, but she still wasn't getting the message. She watched Ikluk (or his name on Earth, Joseph Chiappalone) abuse people who disagreed with him, but she couldn't interfere because the Light told her not to. She then concludes by telling all of the True-Light Workers not to give in to Darkness and to remain faithful to the Heavenly Mother.

    I am an extraterrestrial being – code name – Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a “walk-in”. One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being – code name – Ikluk.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    He [Ikluk] has taken on many identities, such as: Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses), John the Baptist, Kirok, King Arthur, Hitler and, in his current "incarnation", he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as Joseph Chiappalone.



    During my marriage to Ikluk, I was subjected to his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse. He humiliated me and put me down. He also beat me up regularly. During one of the beatings, he punched me so many times that I fell to the ground. Then he pulled me up by my hair, dragged me by my hair for about 30 metres and threw me through the front door of the house. He then banged my head against the wall several times, shouting abuse at me. I lost consciousness and was hospitalized from the beating.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    Miscellaneous Quotes

    File:White Buffalo Woman.jpg
    White Buffalo Woman
    Some apparently harmless entertainment is hardly that. For example, Desperate Housewives is not just for entertainment - it is a powerful programming tool. The negativity vested in the audio-visual effects might have been detected by some of you. However, most people are unaware of the unseen criss-cross beams that affect the brainwaves of viewers. Like many other widely viewed television or cinema productions, there is an agenda underlying Desperate Housewives.


    —Amitakh Stanford, The aliens are now using new methods for world domination, like writing sitcoms for ABC.

    Fairyland, where pixies, gnomes, leprechauns, fairies and others of the like dwell is a "magical" place where things are simply magical and where time passes at a different pace than the human physical realm. The inhabitants of Fairyland can manifest as whirlwinds, dust storms, rainstorms, or breezes, etc. when they visit the human realm.


    —Amitakh Stanford, wait...wat?

    It is now time to announce that White Buffalo Woman has returned and that her work is nearly completed. White Buffalo Woman has returned to Earth, not to teach, but to liberate viable True-Light beings who have been trapped in the Shadows.


    —Amitakh Stanford, White Buffalo Woman is coming

    Once again, the "Flying White Buffaloes" will gather. The time is now.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Flying White Buffalos are coming!

    As many are now aware, the Four Elements were symbolically released from the Shadows in September 2004. In October 2005, the Numbers were symbolically released from the grasp of the Shadows. Sadly, for a long, long time, certain of the True Creator's children were forced to perform the functions of Numbers.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    The first Number to be spontaneously released was Number Four, which took far longer to release than all the other Numbers combined. This was no surprise since Number Four has been the most abused by the Shadows. Number Four is the model used by the Shadows in many of Its "prisons". There was a huge release from Number Four, because, apart from many others reasons, Four carries with it all the burdens and tears of One to Three. Thus, Number Four had to be released first.


    —Amitakh Stanford

    The liberation of Numbers was a long awaited, joyous occasion, attended by benevolent beings from all levels.


    —Amitakh Stanford, The Numbers are finally free from the shadows

    Flying Buffaloes 7

    After Amitakh's second retirement from XeeATwelve, she proceeded to author a new website for the people who still cared about her work. Unfortunately, realizing that she had run out of clever ideas about aliens and the end of the world somewhere along the line, she instead decided to dedicate this entire website to going political and addressing the world's major issues. So, since she has left her new-age tripe behind, could she possibly have something intelligent to say? Might she actually have a rational solution to the world's many problems? Could she have answers that mainstream politicians have overlooked? Predictably, she does not. She does not know how to solve the disputes between the Arabs and Jews. She does not know how to overthrow the Communist party in China. She does not know how to bring food and water to starving children in Africa. In fact, she proposes no real solution to any of these problems. The point behind this entire website is based on blaming all of the world's problems on England.

    Since England was the largest empire in the world at one point, it is only logical to assume that they are the reason everything sucks. The English are responsible for putting the Jews in Israel and causing the tension in the Middle East. The English are responsible for the corruption in Australia. The English are responsible for making America looking like the most powerful nation in the world, when really, they're the ones pulling the strings. Her solution is simple: if every country in the world cuts all ties with England and the rest of Europe, the world will start seeing drastic changes for the better.

    While she makes it blatantly obvious that she hates Queen Elizabeth, Amitakh tries to retain some of her credibility by making up even more conspiracy theories about the men behind the throne. The predominant conspiracy throughout these articles is based around a group called the Qualas, who are based in London but have no allegiance to any nation. They simply use London because it is in the most strategic location for world domination. The only nations that stand in the way of the Qualas are America, Russia, and China, which is why the Qualas have made sure that these three countries hate each other. Whenever someone stands in the way of the Qualas' plans, they get rid of them (the most recent being former Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd, who was a great leader and never did anything wrong while in office). Amitakh also claims that the Qualas are the "men behind the throne" and are controlling Queen Elizabeth's every move, which is why she hates Queen Elizabeth.

    Here is a list of political opinions expressed on FlyingBuffaloes7.net:

    • The world should nuke England.
    • The world should nuke Europe.
    • Soviet Russia should be reinstated.
    • Yugoslavia should be reinstated (and then nuked for being part of Europe).
    • Australia should fight the British like the Americans did and declare their independence from the Commonwealth.
    • Australia should adopt America's constitution (bonus points if America adopts Australia as its 51st state).
    • The Jews should get out of Palestine in order to assure the safety of the Jews.
    • England is putting all the Jews in one central location so that Holocaust 2.0 will be easier.
    • Queen Elizabeth is not evil, but she occupies an evil position. This makes her evil.
    • Queen Victoria was a bitch and proves that women do not make good leaders.
    • Terry Jones is a douche for offending the Muslims (even though their religion is stupid).
    • Zionism was invented by England, not Jews.
    • There are some good Jews who oppose Israel's bullying of the Palestinians.
    • Quebec deserves independence from England (she says "England" because Canada is still just a sockpuppet of England).
    • England should grant independence to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
    • England should apologize for the horrible things it has done to China and India (right before it's nuked).
    • France and England are still trying to reclaim America, their oldest and most prized territory.
    • America should cut all ties with Europe and strengthen its relationships in Asia.
    • Scientology is a good, decent religion and L. Ron Hubbard was a very important prophet.
    • There is a small, elite group of people known as the "Qualas" who are the highest of Earth's ruling elite and are presently controlling the English throne.
    • The Emissions Trading Scheme is the Qualas' most nefarious plan evar.
    • Islamic terrorists are nothing compared to English terrorists.
    • America should be more concerned about English spies than Russian or Chinese spies.
    • America, Russia and China are the only countries that have a chance to stop England and the rest of Europe.
    • The Qualas want to make America, Russia and China enemies, which can be readily seen by the fact that they don't use the same alphabet.
    • America, Russia and China should all use the same alphabet.
    • The Cold War was a hoax set up by England to make America and Russia hate each other.
    • Russia desperately wants to be part of NATO.
    • NATO is trolling Russia and it will never let Russia in.
    • When Russia finds out it's being trolled by NATO, it will team up with China and NATO will be destroyed.
    • England is responsible for kicking out the royal families on Russia and China.
    • Tibet is just kidding around and they don't actually want independence from China. The people of Tibet love being under Chinese rule and they're honored that they've been incorporated into the glorious People's Republic.
    • Anybody who is heartless enough to support independence for Tibet is aligned with the Qualas.
    • The plot to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi was set into motion long before the protests in the Middle East began.
    • The riots in the Middle East are being funded and scripted by England, because there's no way a bunch of sandniggers could ever create such organized protests.
    • Syria and America are actually BFFs that are working together to destroy Israel.
    • After Israel is destroyed, America will nuke Syria (for the lulz).
    • The Commonwealth Games PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that England is still an evil slavemaster.
    • Kevin Rudd was the greatest Prime Minister in the history of Australia, which is why the Qualas had him kicked out.
    • America is The New East India Company.
    • The Roman Empire was set up by England to experiment with different techniques of world domination.
    • The Catholic Church was set up by England to experiment with different techniques of world domination.
    • Everybody in the Green Movement is a terrorist.
    • The Qualas support neo-Nazi movements, but will pretend like they don't.
    • America (and the rest of the world) should promote Thomas Paine to the status of a God.
    • America did not actually want a slave trade, but England forced it on the American settlers.
    • America is not the most powerful nation in the world; England is. The English are just using America as their bully nation so that the world will hate America and not England.
    • Everything bad in history can easily be blamed on England.

    Quotes from Flying Buffaloes 7

    What if the Chinese people are being programmed to believe that toxic cane toads are culinary delicacies, and the consumption of the toads will benefit their health?



    Recent protests in North Africa and the Middle East are too well organised to have been generated by grass-roots movements. The earlier ones were more genuine, but the later ones were clearly scripted and sponsored by Western and certain Arab rulers. They know who they are!


    —Amitakh Stanford, Explaining that there's no way a bunch of sandniggers could ever create such organized protests

    The ruling elite are bringing many women to the top positions today as a strategy to appease women's rights and to keep people off guard. The ruling elite hope that people will think that if a woman is leading, then everything is relatively safe. The misconception is that women will not be quick to go to war, and if they do go to war, they will be less cruel. As disproof of this assumption, always remember Victoria.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Remember Queen Victoria? She was a woman. You don't want a leader that belongs to the same sex as Queen Victoria, do you?

    One has to wonder whether Jones would be so brazen and bold in any Muslim country. Would he dare to burn the Koran in Malaysia – in Indonesia – in Syria? Even if God told him to do so?


    —Amitakh Stanford, Trolling Terry Jones

    The Commonwealth Games should remind us all that many countries are under British influence or control.



    In fact, this planet's last hope of being free from its real oppressor depends on America, Russia and China. Nobody else can stand in the way of the Qualas. However, over the centuries, the Qualas have so thoroughly separated the three main powers that they do not even share a common alphabet. This shows that the Plan was hatched a long, long time ago.



    Whilst it appears that Tibet wants independence from China, this is just another Qualas instigation for eventual conquest of China.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Offering brilliant insight into the Tibet situation.

    Who would have thought that a sitting Prime Minister would be ousted like a common criminal? Rudd had worked very hard for the country and was effective in many ways. He was ahead in the polls at the time he was betrayed by his most trusted ministers. In short, Mr. Rudd had done nothing wrong to deserve such unthinkably cruel treatment by his party.


    —Amitakh Stanford, Kevin Rudd was the best PM ever

    At this time, things are coming to a head. There are those who have been impressed to try to force serious Scientologists into revealing things that they want to protect from falling into the wrong hands. I urge those who seek the information to cease their quest, and those who hold it to persevere in its protection. The world is not ready for the information. It could be very dangerous if it is pre-maturely released.



    Who is Amitakh?

    Amitakh and some of her animal family [1].

    No matter how hard you search, it's difficult to find information about Amitakh. Many evil, Satanic Reptilians have tried exposing her as a cult leader and an Illuminati PsyOp. Many claim her and her evil alien husband Joseph Chiappalone are still together and working to destroy the universe.

    If Amitakh and Dr. Chippalone have their way you will all be destroyed, along with the Earth and the Physical universe as a whole! We have a theme going here, yes?


    —Channelz, Source

    Amitakh says that George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, John Marshall (and others) were Reptilian agents who were working to undermine the new American republic and to assist the British to re-assimilate the colonies. I could maybe go along with Hamilton as an Illuminati agent, but George Washington?


    —Ken Adachi, Source

    On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are painted by Amitakh as leading members of the "Light" (called "Attas") who were on a "rescue" mission at the constitutional conventional and essentially saved the day. Is this the same Benjamin Franklin who was a member of the British Lunar Society, The Hells Fire Club, and numerous other British (Illuminati/satanic) secret societies? Is this the same Benjamin Franklin whose floor beneath his London house was excavated some years ago and the bones of some 18 young children were discovered?


    —Ken Adachi, Source

    Amitakh and her ex-husband, Joseph Chiappalone, used to operate a proper cult here in Australia. They were being monitored very closely by the authorities. One day, Joseph was CONVICTED of the serious assault of two cult members.



    Amitakh and Joseph Chiappalone set up The Centre of Knowledge cult in Australia in 1985. The cult was kept under close scrutiny by the authorities due to five cult members meeting untimely deaths, as well as other suspicious activites. Joseph Chiappalone was convicted of the brutal gang-bashing of two cult members in the late 1980's. Amitakh is not a doctor. Her educational qualifications are mostly a pretense. Amitakh's current husband, Steffan Stanford claims to be an Attorney - however he is nothing of the sort. The Chiappalones/Stanfords are liars. Members of their cyber cult are brainwashed, delusional, and dangerous. It is pointless, and even risky, to argue with them. They are incapable of rational discussion.



    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    An evil Satanic Reptilian attempts to expose Amitakh. Source

    Amitakh Stanford / Amitakh Chiappalone

    Since Amitakh's alien husband Joseph Chiappalone has a cult of his own called ANNWN and still claims to be married to Amitakh, it has been rumored that Amitakh Stanford and Amitakh Chiappalone are different people. However, other paranoid conspiracy theorists such as Ken Adachi think that Amitakh Stanford is a sockpuppet used by Amitakh Chiappalone and that the two are now divorced.

    There is little doubt that the author of these works are the same person. Amitakh Stanford, D.M. and Amitakh Chiappalone are the same person. Why then why is Dr. Chippalone alleging she is his wife if she is married to Steffan Stanford? Perhaps Dr. C & She are now divorced? Perhaps Amitakh Stanford is the same person as Amitakh Chiappalone, and she wishes for this little fact to remain unknown, to remain anonymous. I would too if I put out the kind of rubbish that flows forth from these sources. An example of what I mean is that the essays and material reveal the thoughts of a megalomaniac. This kind of thinking is present in the works of Dr. Chiappalone and and Amitakh Chippalone.


    —Ken Adachi, Source


    Amitakh's fanbase usually consists of all sorts of people who share the common trait of batfuck insanity, paranoid schizohrenia, and the antisocial personality disorder. They have trouble accepting that perhaps they're just losers, so they resort to Amitakh's writings as an alternative, which state that if they believe everything she writes, they're special and their souls will be saved in the Rescue Mission. Needless to say, these morons are easy to troll.

    You call Amitakh a cult leader, and myself and others the member of a cult, when in reality, there is NO "cult" in existence. You even ridiculously compare Amitakh's work to Jim Jones' and allude to "kool-aid" mass suicide, when in reality, there is not even a "cult," in existences, and Amitakh has said multiple times that, "i do not advocate suicide."


    —DerekOneSeven, in denial

    And yes, our cult *is* growing, so deal with it. However, we are not New Age. Such an accusation is simply your wishful thinking.


    —troydungeon, also in denial

    As for 20-40, who is a pervert, and has admitted CIA connections, it is obvious to anyone who's heart is aligned with Goodness and Light, that his energy vile, and that he hatefully spews deceitful venom, and hypocritically condemns those who are innocent.


    —DerekOneSeven, if you think our cult is insane, you are a perverted alien

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