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    Xbox Republic

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    It is more then possible to combine fanboyism with logic and reason.



    Xbox Republic
    Type Xbawks fanclub
    Founded 2009
    Location The Internets
    Key people GeneralMLD
    Motto Our opinion > yours
    Industry Fanboyism, troll bait
    Products Microsoft Hugbox
    Website http://xboxrepublic.top-forum.net/

    Xbox Republic is a collective of die-hard Xbawks fantards who constantly call out the PS3 on having no grass. Blind to their RRODs and playerbase of 8 year old boys, posters on Xbox Republic are completely oblivious and biased for their favourite Microsoft product as if Gates had made a new religion. Hell, here's a quote so you can see what is being dealt with:

    U413 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Xbox Republic was a response to a PS3 fanclub known as Sony Defense Force. However, a 360 fanboy known as GeneralMLD failed to see past that it was actually only a parody. In return he decided to make a forum dedicated to the Xbawks.

    Like U413, Xbox Republic is locked down almost all the time to deter trolls from 4chan. Early in 2010 /v/ completely raped the shit out of Xbox Republic to the point that the 13-year-old admins stopped all registrations. However, a skillful troll can worm his way in via contacting GeneralMLD on YouTube. Whenever registrations do become available again, it usually results in a lockdown as /v/ instantly finds it and raeps the forum resulting in moderators patrolling 24/7, banning every single new account without them even posting.


    /v/ signs up to Xbox Republic
    How do I press W, press Space and move the mouse at the same time???
    Apparently Red-light Districts originate from GTA3.
    But that's wrong, you fucking retard
    This wasn't even in the console war board.
    It's probably true

    Extremely devoted fantard GeneralMLD owns this forum. You may have thought that the forum owner would have been mature and that only the fanbase was giving a shit about which console has more RAM and whatever. Not in this case. GeneralMLD has gone far enough to create OC to defeat PS3 fanboys in the form of guides, and also uploads hypocritical bawww-filled YouTube videos regularly.

    As you may have guessed, Xbox Republic is only for Xbox owners who white knight their favorite console to death. It has been established that the moderators are all 13 or 14 years old. Epic lulz were had when this was discovered, they responded by hiding their age on their profiles which produced even greater lulz as butthurt was clearly induced. If you don't own an Xbox, you are unwelcome. If you like the PS3, you are unwelcome. If you prefer to game with the master race, you are unwelcome. This way the community has less trolls and more circlejerking around the Xbawks. However most, if not all, members are underageb&s which is why the forum is shitty in the first place. Some extremely paranoid users call out all new posters as users of 4chan since they might say something bad about the 360. Serious fucking business.

    Popular Boards

    360 vs PS3

    Yeah, that's pretty much it.

    The board known as 360 vs PS3 is a board which calls for easy trolling. Moderators lurk regularly to delete posts that reference that PS3 has an edge in something nobody cares about. The fanboys here are extremely cautious with new users just like Wikipedia are with theirs, calling for posters to be banned if they "attempt" to spark lulzy drama, effectively trolling themselves.

    Here, moderators and users alike are immature as ever and resort to "PS3 has no games" jokes to spruce up threads. The board was once called The Console War, but this was scrapped so Xbox users can pretend their apparently exclusive games aren't on the PC platform.

    PS3 Fanboy Ownership Guide

    GeneralMLD also created a guide called The Blueprint to Own Any PS3 Fanboy. The guide contains instructions of what to say in arguments over the Internet. Regardless of the tl;dr, the guide simply states to link people to certain websites and then add up scores to prove which console is the best.

    Also jokingly say 2005 and 2006 as years the 360 outsold the PS3. Because as much as they don't like it, we count sales since the generation began. You come to the gen late, you pay the consequences.


    —Winning arguments over the Internet is down to how retarded your arguments are.

    As you can probably tell, this thread was immediately praised by everyone on the forum. However, Anons from /v/ had something else to say:

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Wild LOGIC appears!

    Even funnier, this page shows that the Wii has far more sales than both consoles. Even the DS has more sales. Seeing that GeneralMLD's guide uses facts and figures, this entire guide is pretty much self-pwn and void.

    Troll Graveyard

    The Troll Graveyard is where all supposed troll threads go. Looking very similar to /v/ on a typical day, these threads are usually at most NPOV. If you're not kissing Microsoft's ass, gg, you're a troll.

    Some people may know who I am. You may think I'm a fanboy, but I am ready to accept both sides of the argument.

    I know a lot of you guys will agree with me that the XBOX 360 has the better exclusives, and you will also agree with me that the Halo series is better than any other shooting series on the PS3. Also, 360, i admit, beats PS3 in sales

    I'm just saying: judge me with an open mind


    —TheTruthSettingUFree, getting called a troll then getting banned

    GeneralMLD himself

    GeneralMLD is a 23-year-old devoted Microsoft fanboy. While not posting on Xbox Republic, GeneralMLD is lurking YouTube for videos from game critics. If he finds one badmouthing the 360, he will freak and post a 10 minute video response filled with butthurt because his console wasn't preferred.

    GeneralMLD's believes that Xbox fanboys like him are a minority and that PS3 fanboys are found everywhere on the Internet, always ready to keep the black man down. While he maintains the purpose is trolling PS3 fanboys, anyone who exposes the endless flaws in his videos is immediately blocked. All one has to do is google GeneralMLD or GhostMLD and one will find he has been signed up to many sites for some time. Clearly this specimen has a fantastic social life.


    um no. ps3 fanboys dominate the internet. thing is most normal people are those who just game in their homes and have no desire to infest the internet to convince others their console is the best.


    —GeneralMLG, calling himself not normal

    The points Xbox Republic users miss

    • They can't move their consoles while using them or they get scratched discs. You're fucked if you have a little brother/sister/pet in the area.
    • They have to pay monthly for Xbox Live usage, which is why it's more profitable (plus most of the dashboard is advertisements anyway).
    • They often call some games "exclusives" when they're already on PC as well. Confusing isn't it?
    • They are posting on a locked-down, biased-as-fuck forum as if it is utopia.
    • Valve moved to the PS3 due to Microsoft's DLC rules sucking dick.
    • They are fanboys calling others fanboys.
    • They are experiencing Buyer's Remorse.
    • PC Master Race
    • RROD


    From fantards

    Most of Xbox Republic are fantards in denial. This is made obvious when none of them decide to point out Microsoft's flaws.

    these ps3 fanboys really need to stop being so deluded.


    —DemonWolf. And he's a moderator.

    I'm no fanboy, I just support the superior console.


    —Kaz Hirai, herping so much he derped

    Being neutral is ok. To an extent disagreeing with a overly pro 360 or anti ps3 comment shouldnt warrant a ban unless obviously necessary.


    —From the forum owner himself.

    From retards

    Artist's depiction
    half life 2 is stupid. You start off in this train station and you walk around talking to people and nazis in gasmaks growl at you. I got bored so I used cheats to skip levels. I ended up in this resident evil 4 ripoff except the zombies had roast turkeys on there heads. I killed a bunch of them but then my guns all ran out of ammo so I quit the game.


    —A casual

    PC elitism arrogance. As we all know PC elitists like to bash consoles and say how far superior PCs are for gaming. Arrogance is NEVER EVER about feeling superior than others. It's about feeling so INSECURE that you have to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to make sure everybody knows it.


    —MORE irony?!?

    Additional note: Half-Life 2 was released in 2004 and RE4 was released in 2005. Wtf is going on here.

    From everyone else

    Look at your site, now back to mine. Now back at your site now back to mine. Sadly it isn't mine, but if you stopped catering to retarded children and started posting sensible content it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again - the reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you're sensible and don't have your head up your ass.


    Old Spice Guy

    Don't these clowns realize that the original xbox was only able to establish itself within the video game industry because it was marketed towards ethnic minorities and inner city ethnic folk?

    I mean seriously, the xbox didn't even have an initial market to break into. That's why it had so many shootan games and sports games. Without halo, no spics or niggers would have even given a shit about it.

    Also it's big black and huge, thus appeals to the negroid.

    And with that, MS was able to slide their way into the following gen with the 360.



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    Written on the admin's YouTube account. GG retard.

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