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    Xbakkari, also known as Nuclearchild and Toulouse, is a prepubescent-looking furfag that enjoys making a lolcow out of herself with loads of faggotry and continous journal rantings. Also remember she is NOT a wolf artist, simply because she doesn't draw anything furry at all. Of course, this is srs bullshit, and shows exactly how low her IQ of the internets really is.

    Known IRL as Taina Colon (lol wut) she's a self-obsessed emofag who complains about her daddy a lot and her life in general, while sodomizing herself with her Halo 3 video games until she looks like goatse. She trys to dig out as much sympathy from people as possible and shits bricks all over them later on. She mostly does this to her fans rather than to her friends, which is a bit depressing because her fans kiss her furry ass more than her friends ever will. Xba is known to be a tard with an oversized ego who really needs to get the fuck over herself.


    LOL, WUT? Nope. Never makes any mistakes on her art, no matter how much time she claimed she put into it or claims how "original" it is. If you dare constructively critique her works of artz she will claim it's just her "style" and the way she horribly colors and draws out her fuck-ugly anatomy. Continue and she'll curl up into a moping ball and spread her furry haet through journal entries, fans and art because this is clearly all she is capable of. Since she's so used to being smothered and raped by comments full of crap and fail, like most tartlets are, she looks down upon anyone even trying to help her a bit to improve in her art, and it probably would've been a lot less retarded if she actually stopped obsessing over her stupidity and took art MOAR srsly.

    File:Xba loves critique.jpg


    No matter how much lulz she starts, or how many times she shits all over her fans, they will continue to flatter her, praise her, and rape her with comments, watches and favs. Most of them are emotionally unstable 16-year-old girls, or just your fellow emo kids who puke and bleed rainbows. Many of them will forget about their current lives and die hard trying to earn her respect, appreciation, and luv. However, 99.9% of the time they fail, and she will lol until they decide life is as pointless as themselves and become an hero. Pity.

    Xba has a circle of lolis that are stuck to her ass from Neofags to deviantCRAP. They lurk moar on the internets for similar-looking ZOMGCOPYRIGHTED pieces of art that even slightly represents Xbuh's to keep her style ALIVE.

    Even her emotionally unstable fantards try to earn her respect by trying to defend her in most drama cases.

    Lol, Art?

    She claims her art is 100% original and and believes anything "inspired" by another work is copying, which of course, is a big fucking lol. Fuck you. Her art is 100% original and you know it. Even art that is inspired by another artist is fucking copyrighted. Gtfo.

    Although her furfag self is a semi-unique species, it's still 100% red fox with bat wings like 95% of all fursonas.

    If you have a character even A BIT similar to any of hers (do this for the lulz anyways), she will throw a fit and get out her hugbox, posting over 9,000 journal entries about how much she hates you and will draw haet artz. Not to mention her fantard soldiers will assrape you with faggotry. Not only will she make a lolcow of herself, but she'll also accuse you of being jealous of her so called "talent" and "popularity." As if she couldn't get anymoar retarted, she made a journal entry once stating that she only goes on Furcadia now to supposedly catch art thieves and not show off her furfaggotry like she always does.

    She also mocks and gloats at people who supposedly aren't up to her standards in art. If anyone questions her about art requests, trades or commissions on her front page, she'll simply hide the comment and put on an egotastic mood (unless you're an talented artist.

    Xba, although not admitting to it, has a secret Nazi fetish. She has made at least 100 journal entries stating she haets them and does not support them, yet has a furry Nazi character. Xba's ignorance also forces her to believe that Rammstein is a Nazi band. Even if people try to knock some logic into her, she will ignore them and post even moar lulz in her journal, stating that she "doesn't care what they think." Funny. She also believes that people rip off her characters, and suffers from severe paranoia, as stated above. Note that she's made a big fucking deal with these people on deviantART before:

    Even MOAR Xba Lulz

    I don't like 'Furre'. I'ma Anthro person.


    —Surprisingly enough, "furry" and "anthro" are two different things in Xba's world

    IRL Xba

    Name: Taina Colon (Taína Colón)
    Location: Pontiac, Michigan, United States
    Birthdate: 1990-02-15

    LJ Talk: [email protected]
    AIM: Xbakkari, bland crayon
    Yahoo! ID: [email protected]
    MSN Username: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    See Also

    Deviantart (BAWWWLETED)

    Her new shitty art page

    Her other new shitty art page

    lol, Fur Affinity

    Fur Affinity (CURRENTLY ACTIVE)



    Abandoned LJ

    She apparently goes on Wolfhome

    Xbakkari and friends forum

    Fantard Soldiers

    Fatal Mantis has copyrighted the world

    Starreh, a loli of Xba's who's only purpose is to go around looking for ripped off Xba characters and trying to permab& them

    Riokri, another yaoi/gay porn artist

    Xba's fanclub of worshippers

    Xba's ex(?)boyfriend. Despite her screams of art theft and copying, she has no problem with him, ripping her in a nearly identical style.

    Xba's current boyfriend.

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