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    Xander Van Dam

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    See what steroids can do, kids!.

    Xander Van Dam (known as Fransisco Rodriguez by his close friends) is a filthy illegal immigrant from Mexico Nicaragua who thinks he is a fox. His viewers believe that he is some sort of furry demigod, but in reality, he is a doped up, lower class, piece of shit who lives on welfare. Xander commits fraud with his mother's credit cards so he can afford to rent an apartment.


    Xander, being the anthro fox that he is, enjoys quality yiff with smaller twink bitches. He attends furry conventions such as Texas Furry Fiesta, Anthrocon and Midwest Furfest. While attending a con, at some hotel, there is a room party with the distinct smell of gay furry buttsex. Hotel maids, who are also illegal immigrants, question if living in the United States is really worth it after cleaning a room inhabited by these furnigs.

    He has a stench that follows him, and even by furry standards, Xander is one nasty smelling fox. Those unfortunate enough to give him a hug, may notice the diaper he wears, confirming their worst fears about the foul odor.

    Shitty memes

    Xander, like many other furfags have a fanbase that consists of well thought out, creative, original Fucking atrocious and generic memes that almost always depict him trying to get at a sexual innuendo, and; or trying to tease other furfags on his popularity in the fandom & his HUGE itty bitty shrimp dick.

    Sex... errr I mean 'yiff' life

    Sooooo popufur, check us out!
    This present is only half of what is inside.

    Xander enjoys yiffing, which is a good thing, especially when you have a shrimp-sized penis. He loves to show off his amazing and naturally built body that came from the skies of furfag heaven. Most refer to him as a tiny cock god.

    Not easily discouraged by his dick, almost an amazing four inches, he scouts room parties, and proceeds to fuck as many furries as he possibly can. Kind of amazing when you keep in mind that he wears a diaper.

    Mate? Yeah, good luck!

    Im always loyal to my mate, nothing can take us apart!

    This is exactly kind of thing a typical slut would say as he's fucks everyone withing a 5 mile radius. Knowing no limits, Xander even had a go with Sparx Traxx, a slutty hermaphrodite.

    I have an open relationship with my Dalmatian and were happy to fool around with plenty of other people!


    Friends go along with Xander's immature teasing, and how he has been cheating on his "loyal mate" with this slut for such a long time.

    Possible relationship with Tai Liddel

    Rumor has it that Xander is on a quest to cheat on his boyfriend of the week as much as possible. He's still having an affair with Sparx, some random furfag, and another named Tai Liddel. It seems he met Tai at Texas Furry Fiesta and in a drug-induced orgy he has finally found true love.


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