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Atomic.gif Warning!

She didn't even say "I'm dead as you read this" she whined about how she was GOING to do it like an attention whore.



Alison / Xallyfacex another an hero?

Xallyfacex is a myspace whore, who in her About Me claimed "I'm fucking controversial" became notable on /b/ after she posted a bulletin on MySpace saying she was about to become an hero only a month after posting a blog about the pointlessness of suicide, decided instead, to become an hero. Strangely (?Suspiciously?) she included a /b/ reference in her Blog. If this be a Troll, it be a Mighty Fine Troll. The question of its authenticity was questioned, but was disregarded. It does seem that it was a Troll.

An Hero Bulletin

To whom it may concern:

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of my intention to leave this world of lies, it is unbearable to think that you all would want to live in such a hollow place, I would rather take my place in the dirt. I am sorry to anyone that I may hurt in the process, but this is my decision, and mine alone.

Good bye,




It's so dumb when I see bulletins, or blogs, or hear people say how they want to kill themselves. Usually over something like their parents making them clean their rooms, or their ipod was stolen


—Xallyfacex's MySpace Blog a few days prior

Hoax confirmed from irl boyfriend????!

streamlinedogma : I wrote the letter
streamlinedogma : idiots
/b/tard : haha fuck yea seaking!
streamlinedogma : yeah seaking
/b/tard : is she gonna be pissed about this
streamlinedogma : I didnt put it there
streamlinedogma : idk who did
streamlinedogma : and probably not

Bout My Pylons: We posted her #
streamlinedogma: its not her number
streamlinedogma: idiot
streamlinedogma: show me it
streamlinedogma: lol
Bout My Pylons: Go check the thread
streamlinedogma: I did
streamlinedogma: I see
streamlinedogma: the school number
streamlinedogma: lol
Bout My Pylons: Scroll down
streamlinedogma: I did
streamlinedogma: not there
Bout My Pylons: Moron actually looked.

streamlinedogma: She wanted me to write it for her?
Bout My Pylons: She wanted you to post on /b/ for her? Fail
streamlinedogma: I didnt post it on b
streamlinedogma: idk who did
streamlinedogma: Im guessing fred

OP is "Fred?"

Fail-trolling from her boyfriend

Bout My Pylons (1:54:28 PM):	Apples taste like garbage.
streamlinedogma (1:54:29 PM):	You are garbage
Bout My Pylons (1:54:47 PM):	You ate me? I knew you were a homo.
streamlinedogma (1:54:56 PM):	Yeah
streamlinedogma (2:10:50 PM):	You sir are made of epic fail
Bout My Pylons (2:11:06 PM):	Says the guy who wants to eat me out.
streamlinedogma (2:11:03 PM):	Crawl back into your newfag cave.
Bout My Pylons (2:11:22 PM):	Newfag? Okay Mr. Fail-Troll.
streamlinedogma (2:11:19 PM):	gb2/gai
streamlinedogma (2:11:30 PM):	Why would I waste my time to troll myself.
streamlinedogma (2:11:37 PM):	*gaia
Bout My Pylons (2:12:01 PM):	Obviously, you're trying to increase your e-pene right here by trolling. Why wouldn't you?
streamlinedogma (2:12:10 PM):	I don't need to increase my e-pene.
Bout My Pylons (2:12:29 PM):	Then put your hands back in your pants and quit typing.
streamlinedogma (2:12:23 PM):	I was asleep when said material was posted
streamlinedogma (2:12:42 PM):	Woke up to some guy messaging me with links to chan
Bout My Pylons (2:13:07 PM):	Funny you logged in at the exact moment that someone posted your screen name.
streamlinedogma (2:13:23 PM):	Because I usually log on at 12.
streamlinedogma (2:13:31 PM):	Why would I post my own shit to be bothered while I have to clean?
Bout My Pylons (2:13:55 PM):	Obviously it doesn't bother you if you're still typing to me.
streamlinedogma (2:14:22 PM):	I no longer have to clean?
streamlinedogma (2:14:31 PM):	I finished vacuumming
Bout My Pylons (2:14:43 PM):	Yet you have time to be 'bothered' by YOU IMing ME?
streamlinedogma (2:15:34 PM):	And sat down to have a newfag tell my girlfriend that I caused this, which I didn't, so as you can imaging if you ever had anyone that cared about you and someone made up a story and said you betrayed them you would feel pretty bad. I guess you are lucky no one gives a shit about your life, or that no one loves you though.
Bout My Pylons (2:16:10 PM):	Perhaps I'm lucky that I'm not wasting my time on the internets while you continue fail-trolling.
streamlinedogma (2:16:17 PM):	But sir, you are on the internet.
Bout My Pylons (2:16:30 PM):	Your point?
streamlinedogma (2:16:36 PM):	You said you aren't wasting your time on the internet.
Bout My Pylons (2:16:53 PM):	I'm making a Flash website for money.
Bout My Pylons (2:16:59 PM):	Money = work = useful time.
streamlinedogma (2:17:01 PM):	I already made my money for the day
streamlinedogma (2:17:05 PM):	So
streamlinedogma (2:17:07 PM):	you work too slow
Bout My Pylons (2:17:33 PM):	You made money from chores. I'm making money from doing actual work.
streamlinedogma (2:17:36 PM):	I make money from linux shit
Bout My Pylons (2:17:50 PM):	You agree Linux is shit.
streamlinedogma (2:17:44 PM):	I get no money for chores
streamlinedogma (2:17:56 PM):	I agree its hard work, not for noobs, etc
Bout My Pylons (2:18:19 PM):	You're agreeing with a statement never mentioned by me, but rather yourself.
streamlinedogma (2:18:20 PM):	I do
streamlinedogma (2:18:22 PM):	You restated it
Bout My Pylons (2:18:39 PM):	Explain.
streamlinedogma (2:18:50 PM):	You restated by saying
streamlinedogma (2:18:51 PM):	I agree
streamlinedogma (2:18:54 PM):	that linux is shit
streamlinedogma (2:18:58 PM):	If you read what you said
Bout My Pylons (2:19:08 PM):	Where did I say "I agree"
streamlinedogma (2:19:01 PM):	Dumb fuck
streamlinedogma (2:19:05 PM):	You agree
streamlinedogma (2:19:09 PM):	*you're agreeing
streamlinedogma (2:19:11 PM):	which would mean
streamlinedogma (2:19:15 PM):	it is part of your opinion
Bout My Pylons (2:19:26 PM):	What did I agree with?
streamlinedogma (2:19:39 PM):	[15:17] Bout My Pylons: You agree Linux is shit.
streamlinedogma (2:19:41 PM):	you agree
streamlinedogma (2:19:45 PM):	linux is shit
streamlinedogma (2:19:47 PM):	read it again
Bout My Pylons (2:19:56 PM):	I said "you" not "I"
streamlinedogma (2:19:52 PM):	You agree
streamlinedogma (2:19:53 PM):	meaning
Bout My Pylons (2:20:01 PM):	And in any matter
streamlinedogma (2:19:55 PM):	its part of yurs
Bout My Pylons (2:20:04 PM):	If Linux is shit
streamlinedogma (2:19:59 PM):	you agree usually means
streamlinedogma (2:20:01 PM):	agreeing with
Bout My Pylons (2:20:09 PM):	Then it's not hard work
Bout My Pylons (2:20:11 PM):	As shit is expelled naturally.
Bout My Pylons (2:20:15 PM):	Meaning you're not working hard.
Bout My Pylons (2:20:18 PM):	Meaning you're failing at life.
Bout My Pylons (2:20:23 PM):	gb2cleaning.
streamlinedogma (2:20:24 PM):	gb2 being a fucking waste of life
Bout My Pylons (2:20:49 PM):	If I'm a waste of life, why do you continue to harass me, Mr. E-Pene?
streamlinedogma (2:20:55 PM):	Because you caught my attention
Bout My Pylons (2:21:10 PM):	And apparently.
Bout My Pylons (2:21:43 PM):	If I'm worthy of your attention, that not only makes me a waste of life, but you and everyone you associate with too. And if peolpe associate with them, and vice versa, then this entire planet is void of useful life.
streamlinedogma (2:21:57 PM):	Nihilism is great huh?
Bout My Pylons (2:22:27 PM):	Your fail-trolling is nowhere near amusing.
streamlinedogma (2:22:44 PM):	Then block me, wait I allow me to help.
streamlinedogma signed off at 2:22:55 PM

The Aftermath

In true MySpace whore fashion, Alison posted a bulletin admitting that her suicide bulletin was a ploy for attention, to see if her friends "really cared". As it turns out, Anonymous was the only one to respond. And now she must suffer the consequences.

xxxxx (6:16:10 PM): hey
aberrationn (6:16:32 PM): hey. who's this?
xxxxx (6:19:33 PM): Anonymous
xxxxx (6:19:35 PM): you fail epicly
xxxxx (6:19:51 PM): AND I MEAN EPICLY
aberrationn (6:20:05 PM): lol ok. good one
xxxxx(6:21:32 PM): and dont forget a little FAIL
aberrationn (6:20:05 PM): lol ok. good one
aberrationn (6:22:28 PM): right. because messing with someone via AIM instead of real life makes you a real badass and totally mature. later.
aberrationn signed off at 6:22:36 PM.
aberrationn is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

  • She got peeved...*


Anonymous delivers: Phone Number = 727-457-0182


  • Her AIM name is "aberrationn" please check to see if she is online.
  • Her Boyfriend's AIM name is "streamlinedogma".
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