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    File:Front 2005.jpg
    XY wants you to kill urself

    XY (or XY.com) is just like any other gay hookup site, except it allows users 13 and up to register, allowing for extreme lulz, drama, teenage angst, and an influx of pedos.


    The website is divided into several tl;dr sections, including some CYOC fantasies, stories of almost raped preteens, chat rooms, and the lulziest part of all, the MySpace section.


    Typical cum dumpster

    To ensure that teh gays will continue to be discriminated against for years to come, XY only will talk about BOIZ, not men or boys, but BOIZ. To back this up, they keep profiles of 13 year old boys (no srsly, they do!) which allow members to post pix plz, AOL names, and their addresses, as if they would like to get raped by a 40 year old man. Of course, this is also breeding grounds for trolling for great justice. Just follow this easy guide:

    1. Create a profile with a picture of a 15-16ish looking BOI
    2. Create a fake AOL name, and post a profile on XY
    3. Wait for desperate pedos to email you to suck your BOIcock
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!!!

    Some BOIZ you should troll

    Yungmillionar on AIM/Youngmillionaire11 on Yahoo. He only wants pro-ana, srsly, you have to be less than 155lbs, so fatties need not apply :( In fact, Nets had an awesome convo with him:

    [email protected] wrote:
     hai im at 156lbs and im 6'1 if i keep up my purging tho ill be down to 155 i <3 anorexia11!111 :D
    From: PG <[email protected]>
    don't forget to see a plastic surgeon to repair all that damage done when you got hit with an uglystick.
    [email protected] wrote:
    I can get it done right after ur done getting your stomach pumped from all the gallons of jizz you swallow :D
    From: PG <[email protected]>
    at least I can get some booty
    unlike you 
    [email protected] wrote:
    **awwww you are the best!
    you idol me so much you posted my pic online =)
    too bad you are so wicked mad ugly your pic would
    throw people into violent convulsions where they vomit
    good luck with your disgusting looks, because you
    clearly have to make do with your right hand and your
    bitter envy =)


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