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    Wtf omgz

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    This photo is the awesome.

    'File:Lj-favicon.png wtf_omgz is the furry-free alternative to Wtf_inc. The maintainers possess a more intelligent form of moderation, where they are active enough in the community to immediately seek out trouble and bring down the Banhammer on deserving assholes. The maintainers of Wtf_omgz also have a slightly smaller stick up their ass regarding posts, i.e. they aren't whiny cunts and the decision of whether or not to use an LJ-cut is up to the original poster. The only criteria is that the subject matter be sufficiently wtf-worthy. Wtf_omgz also encourages mockery of the unfortunate individuals who happen across the community by obvious accident, which includes but is not limited to furries, posters of normality, and posters of the ever-dreaded old meme.

    As of June 2008, wtf_omgz has over 3300 members.


    Wtf_omgz is maintained by the users File:Lj-favicon.png hate_engine9 and File:Lj-favicon.png kittydoom.


    Whiners, like posters of old memes, are generally regarded with the utmost hatred. It is not uncommon for members to break down and cry when confronted with the wrath of the members who are better at life than them.

    The hot sack of man flesh that was madincleveland.

    The Great Pwning of '06

    A lonely old man going by the username File:Lj-favicon.png madincleveland was trolling around various communities on LJ. He caught the attention of File:Lj-favicon.png hate_engine9 (formerly ilovescabs) and File:Lj-favicon.png kittydoom in the File:Lj-favicon.png randompics community. He flooded the place with inane posts about guns and movies, highlighted by scrolling text and absurdly poor spelling. He was banned, but kept circumventing those bans by using one of his many puppet accounts. Aggreived about being caught, he launched a pathetic attempt to flood Wtf_omgz, but failed as all of his accounts had been preemptively banned. Excessively long story short, File:Lj-favicon.png kittydoom and File:Lj-favicon.png hate_engine9 gathered ridiculously large amounts of evidence against him, and after violating a no contact restriction issued by LJ Abuse, all but one of his accounts were permanently suspended.

    ChristieLuv, aka crystastarlight.

    Sissyfight '07

    The first real drama of 2007 came with the posting of an image of a sissy man wearing a frilly girl's dress. File:Lj-favicon.png crystastarlight decided to be a bitch and call LJ support, leading the cooler members of wtf_omgz to laugh and point. Originally, everyone assumed File:Lj-favicon.png crystastarlight was just being an asshole and thought that everyone was laughing at the sissy man because he looked ridiculous. Upon further investigation by File:Lj-favicon.png kittydoom, it was discovered that File:Lj-favicon.png crystastarlight was not only the moderator of the sissy community, but had a really fucked up face. Many lulz ensued.

    As a result of the drama, File:Lj-favicon.png crystastarlight, aka ChristieLuv aka File:Deviantart-favicon.png AdultBabyDiaperGal, has locked down sections of the SissyKiss message board in an attempt to block access to the lulz. Fortunately, the members of wtf_omgz are clever motherfuckers and have been scavenging the rest of the site to find more hilarity.

    The Great Butthurt of June '07

    Local stupid bitch File:Lj-favicon.png pixelateme stumbled upon the livejournal of trashy-racist-goth-thing File:Lj-favicon.png saint_amaimon and discovered many lulz lurked within, mainly through photographs such as the one demonstrated to your left. Pixelate decides instant cool points would be won by posting his pictures on WTFOMGZ as she giggles sadistically behind the safety of her computer screen. So she does just that. Over 200 comments are instantly received as St. Amaiamaiamamaimamon quickly responds to every fucking post with many deep, gothic phrases such as "Pig fucker."

    Halfway through the comments, it is somehow revealed that Pixelate is actually a 15-year-old girl. This leads the biggest badass of them all File:Lj-favicon.png kittydoom to ban her ass so fast that her lolitastic tits manage to jiggle a little for the first time in her life. As usual, a severe case of butthurt is quickly developed by the preteen, and she creates spare account after spare account so that she may leave just ONE more comment in revolt against the mods before being banned again and again, over and over and OVER as displayed by the suspiciously-named accounts all over page 2, such as File:Lj-favicon.png underagebanned and File:Lj-favicon.png banned4lyf. Eventually she gives up and goes running off to MySpace where people will appreciate her ultra-funny cynical remarks.

    Is it over yet? lolololo...


    You all seem to have forgotten that 16-year-old girls are ruthless, and have many a lacky trailing behind them. User File:Lj-favicon.png dirtylittlecity is Shocked and Appalled upon hearing of her best internet friend ever being banned from a community that clearly states in the rules that if you're underage b&, you get b&. So she cuts and pastes Pixelate's original post and tweaks it a bit. The thing is, posting a bunch of pics of a sexy azn whore isn't really going to offend anyone, especially when you do it with this as your icon:

    Popular Memes

    The good kind of bad photoshopping.

    - Fursecution Fridays
    - Making fun of wtf_inc
    - Wapanese jokes
    - Posting photos of bears
    - Genital torture and mutilation
    - Making fun of sissies
    - Shitting dick nipples