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    Wtf inc

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    Image behind cut not work safe (depiction of Jews).
    Will sum1 plz tell me if this is wtf?????///
    File:Wtf inc hypocrisy.PNG
    Then what's the point?
    I hope this hasn't been posted before...

    LiveJournal community for Internet oddities, run by a shower of furry faggots. Its membership is dedicated to incessantly bitching about how any and all posts to the community have failed to conform to their anal retentive standards of netiquette.

    The community rules

    These are the revised posting guidelines as they existed at the time of this writing. It should be noted that the moderators have not yet appended them to the community userinfo.

    1. Every post must be prefaced with a disclaimer such as "I don't know if this is wtf but..." or "Sorry if this has been posted before but...".
    2. As long as rule 1 is upheld, informing the poster that something has been posted before or is not, in fact, wtf is strictly forbidden, as doing so would hurt their delicate e-feelings.
    3. Every post consisting of an image or more than two lines of text MUST be put behind an LJ-cut.
    4. Anything that could possibly offend anyone from the ages of three and up MUST be marked as NSFW. If something is completely inoffensive and safe, you must state that it is "possibly NSFW".
    5. Expressing an opinion in your post is not permitted.

    Failure to uphold these rules, or even complaining about said rules, will result in the lamest drama the Internet has ever seen. So much so, that the more drama-inclined members of wtf_inc were driven to create a separate community for the purposes of allowing the members to spew forth vapid wank without polluting the community proper. Surprisingly, wtf_inc's maintainers are highly active in the discussion community, despite the fact that wtf_inc_discuss' stated mission is to LOL at wtf_inc members.

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