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    Wowzaz 86

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    4chan/b/ are called in to exacerbate matters.
    The ultimate pwnage of wowzaz_86 by recommendation's bait-and-switch.

    File:Lj-favicon.png wowzaz_86 is a basement-dwelling sick fuck who went down on some chick while she was asleep. His defense was that he didn't enjoy it and that he stopped when it became clear that she didn't either (i.e. woke up). Besides, she was obviously asking for it by being asleep in the first place, amirite??

    He then proceeded to whine in his journal about how the whole incident was threatening to ruin his life. (See Victim complex)

    I have the right to be indignant if I so choose to be. You nor anyone else has the power to take that away from me. I have learned a lot about you through not actually interacting with you, and I have come to the conclusion that you are and were a waste of my time. I am sorry that I ever said anything nice to you. It has all turned out to be false. You are not a good person, you aren't even nice.

    About being ashamed, I'm really not. Everything that I did was for your benefit. And the fact that you were incapable of reasoning that makes you worthless to me. I have only one regret concerning our "relationship," and that is that it lasted so long and I got so attached to you and others that you have sunk your venom into. We both know that this has made you a better person. And we both know that I will forever be attached to you... or rather have gotten over you completely with your assistance. So frankly scarlet, I just don't give a damn about you anymore. Gimme a call when you think you can man up and hear my side out, rather, send me a facebook message and lose my damned number. You are dead to me, and I hope that you stay that way. Peace


    Wowzaz86's comment to the girl he almost raped

    The Anonymous flood

    On December 31st, 2005, wowzaz posted a "Rape is Love" colorbar on his journal. Cdaae, who was e-pals with the girl in question, saw this, and made a post about it. Of course, this attracted the attention of various trolls, who were more than happy to take the fight to wowzaz_86's journal.

    Lively debate between cdaae's friends list and wowzaz_86's followed, until certain of the drama whores taking part got bored, and decided to post the entire backstory to 4chan. Within seconds, anonymous trolls and their sock puppets were flooding into wowzaz_86's LiveJournal and filling it with shock images, memes and accusations of rape.

    The story was reposted to 4chan every hour, causing more and more of its members to flock to wowzaz_86's journal. Each re-telling of the event was more exaggerated than the last, until eventually wowzaz_86 was a notorious child rapist. After a few pages worth of anonymous comments, wowzaz_86 made one final post to tell everyone to "Get lives" and to announce he was deleting his livejournal. Of course, this was also flooded by the anonymous hordes in a matter of minutes.

    But the final blow was delivered when recommendation realised that the colorbar had been hotlinked from her. She hurriedly went about creating a suitably HUEG replacement image and switched it with the colorbar. It still remains even to this day, a memorial to his crushing defeat and apparent inability to edit his own posts.

    As of 07/12/2009, wowzaz_86's journal was still being crapflooded by /b/tards.

    Link to his new account


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