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    Work safe

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    Technically, this image is work safe.
    This image has been brought to you by randomness.

    Work safe (WS) or Safe for work (SFW) are terms to warn that images are not obscene, violent or fucking sweet!!!!!11oneoneha1! Work safe means that it is safe to look at from work, while working, while not working, while thinking about working, or while thinking about quitting work.

    Stop playing on the internet and get back to work

    SWF is completely contradictory and a total oxymoron. Let's think about this for a second - you're at work to do a job, right? If you're dicking around on the internet, regardless of where you are, you'll receive disciplinary action at your job. The only internet use that is "worksafe" is anything related to your job. Hell, you could go to ESPN or some other tame site and get slammed for it just as bad as you would if you went to 4chan.

    Speaking of which, SFW sections on otherwise nefarious websites are completely worthless, despite what some aspies say. If you go to a site like 4chan while on the clock you're gonna get fired, whether or not you were on /b/ or one of the worksafe boards.

    One day, a dude posted a witty picture of a woman with sausages in her ass and something else in her cunt. Another dude opened it and got totally fired. As a result, the fired faggit had to move back in with his mom and write hilarious Uncyclopedia articles until three AM while totally BLASTED off of NyQuil. Anything cool such as poorly drawn animals having sex in Nazi uniforms or violent material is not work safe. A synonym for work safe is Now Show Friends and Workmates.

    I couldn't care less about SFW or NSFW. That website ED looks like every single degenerate that's ever been on the internet ever designed it.


    —some faggot on EQ2Flames

    lol Who the fuck labels Images?

    Some argue that morally sensitive and responsible bloggers, conservatives, liberals, pedophiles, rednecks and Jimbo Wales label their images. This is because they are not down with killing the white man. Then again, what's stopping people from labeling anything as work safe in the first place?


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