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    Wolf punk

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    She's so PUNK
    File:Wolfpunk fursona.png
    Her secondary fursona
    Her main fursona
    Her boyfriend

    Wolf_punk Now known more as Nightbanewolf is a 18-year-old furfag and a major attention whore, who spends her days clinging to her computer, creating multiple accounts on FurAffinity as well as on DeviantART and drawing piles of shitty MSPaint art. She has also been accused of flooding other users by sending them comment after comment, as many as once per hour.

    Not only does she molest the eyeballs of people who visit her gallery with her atrocious 'art', she is also known for drawing horrid fan art for her favourite artists, in the hopes of receiving something in return. Fortunately, no one in their right mind wastes their time or talent on this retard.

    If by any chance she decides to be your friend, she will show her appreciation with a pile of crap that makes it clear she thinks quantity > quality. And yet this pathetic excuse for a human being claims at least 100 friends actually enjoy these two-minute piles of crap.

    Drama on teh Internets

    Last thursday, Wolf_punk came out with horrifying news. She was about to receive her report card from school and by her words, it didn't look good. She spawned a huge shit-storm, bawwwing how her daddy was probably going to take away her precious internets. She shouted on dozens of people's personal pages with pleas to read her journals and latest artwork, saying she would miss them all. In her journal, she asked begged all her friends to pray that she wouldn't be so tragically separated from her precious computer and imaginary friends. Lulz ensued when she posted a pile of crappy EMO art, expressing how heart broken and afraid she was that she wouldn't be able to dick around on the interbutt with her precious 'friends' and 'mate'.

    What is this shit?!?

    Refusing to listen to polite suggestions that she really should GET A LIFE, Wolf_punk continued her pity-party over the course of two days, providing hour-by-hour coverage, until she came back with good news. Miraculously, her grades had improved, which was an obvious excuse to cover up her drama whoring. Instead of her father giving this bitch a well deserved spanking, she was only punished with early bedtime.

    She later admitted never really being worried about losing her internet access to begin with, which made her look the biggest attention whore known to mankind.

    After finally being permanently banned from FurAffinity in mid 2008 Wolf_Punk AKA Nightbanewolf picked up right where she left off and continued being her amazing attention whore self and begging every random Joe to draw her shitty characters on deviantart.

    And no, i don't get upset my computer is taken away from me...because it never actually does, my mommy and daddy say that just to scare me a little...


    —Wolf_Punk, admitting what an drama-whore she really is

    Is that you, Wolf_punk?

    "I wasn't spamming!"

    Shortly after that, a couple of random furfags suddenly received notes from a user named Myrna, asking permission to draw their fursonas in order to practice her skills. But when the two of them found themselves drowning in poor quality art, suspicions were aroused.

    The targets of this wave of spam decided to bring this ridiculous scenario to the public and thus another epic drama was born.

    Of course, Wolf_punk was soon to find out about this. She appeared on the battlefield with her personal army, claimed that she never mean to target anyone and denied ever spamming at all. Sadly she proved herself wrong by making several replies, always adding something to the previous one.

    Details of stupidity

    What you will witness next is just the tip of the iceberg of all the retarded things this girl said during her hours of glory. About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    We are all pawns in her intricate plan, guys

    no fair....thats private dumb dumb! I may seem stupid...but i do have a brains, and since you guys think I am falling into your trap...well, actually its the reverse way....except it'll be hard to tell...and in the end, its gonna surprise you...LOL, i love my well trained acting, i can change my act into whatever situation that calls for it...>)


    —Wolf_punk, BAWWWWWing over screen shots from a deleted submission

    As if this wasn't enough, Wolf_punk made a surprise appearance on Dramachan, claiming she had called out a group of IRL 'friends' to aid her in fighting all the IMMATURE MEANIES. When the thread was suddenly flooded by these retards, the lulz only increased.

    Her plan backfired- it turned out this personal army were nothing more than sock puppets, imaginary friends made up by Wolf_punk to fight the war for her, as evidenced by how every single one of them spoke exactly the same. This exposed her severe case of Schizophrenia, though signs of this could already been seen earlier (as when she claimed she was able to speak Finnish and failed miserably by using nothing but online dictionaries to translate random words).

    Gallery of Fail

    Now, even Wolf_punk herself is aware that she expends very little time and effort on her so-called art- drawings with color combinations which will cause your eyes to bleed, laughable 'anatomy', etc. Despite the suggestions of other artists, she is making incredibly slow progress in the 'improvement' category.

    She also became known for drawing some hilariously grotesque pieces, such as the Bloody eyeball. Obviously thinking she had created something original and macabre, Wolf_punk used this concept so many times, that it became a meme in the furry fandom.

    Besides Bloody Bleeding Eyeball On a Table, Wolf_punk can totally draw a lot of other things: MS Paint 'drawings' repeating the same concept with deformed horses and/or canines with poor quality backgrounds, and so-called '3D' drawings in which a deformed animal's face is tilted slightly towards the viewer. All of her galleries are full of it, with the artist adding more every day.

    OMG it's so 3D I could just reach out and slap it!
    For the first time, i will be doing requests. Note me the details if you want me to do your's or your friend's avatars. These are the choices you can choose:

    1. In 3D version.
    2. In Sideview Version
    3. Black and white (not colored, and you can add in the colors yourself))

    And i will be only doing Canine and Horse species, i haven't figured out the others yet. Sorry^^


    —Wolf_Punk, no shit, Sherlock

    Fine Examples: About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    But since it is for me, i can make it up as much as i want...LOL


    —Wolf_Punk, claiming that she can decide what is in a picture drawn for her regardless of what it actually is

    Troll Artwork: About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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