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    WolfJLupus, after a long night of having Cody's knot stuck up his ass and telling the trolls they need to get lives in no less than 100 comments.

    WolfJLupus, also known as Jeremy Wilton is the premiere trolling faggot of the internet bestiality community. When not taking it in the ass from a mighty dogcock, he can usually be found defending the rights of furries to hump whatever pet or barnyard animal they like. There is no comment about him that goes unanswered by his high school-dropout rapier-sharp netspeak.


    A day in the life of wolfjlupus.

    WolfJLupus is a very vocal zoophile, to the point that his fellow dogfuckers distance themselves from him in fear of publicity. He has lost a good number of pets and "animal friends" to his animal abuse, but doesn't fully realize it. His stances and goals are very similar to that of Christopher, though he resents the comparison because of his fursecution complex.

    Recipe for lulz

    When you question WolfJLupus' "zoo logic," he immediately launches into a careful plan of attack that will no doubt result in your internet defeat:

    1. Argue that your logic is chopped because the scientific method doesn't take his wolfmagick telepathy into account.
    2. Argue that your morals are obsolete, and that the comparison to pedophiles is unfair.
    3. Claim that a bark is informed consent, therefore bestiality is not rape.
    4. Claim that you're "ignorant" and "closeminded" because you've never experienced hot, sweet dog snooch -- any amount of pet experience is nothing compared to where his penis has been.
    5. Invite you to his journal to continue the conversation.
    6. Sick his verbose dogfucker friends on you to try and prop up his Swiss cheese arguments.
    7. Spend hours arguing how you have no life.
    8. Label you a troll, and proceed to "anti-troll" you with nonsense.
    9. Ban you when he can't win the argument, and declare e-victory.
    10. Dedicate an File:Lj-favicon.png ant1tro11 entry to you, showcasing your ultimate defeat.
    11. Declare further e-victory while shoving a gigantic, flaming Zeta toy in his anus.

    Memorable quotes

    That poor, poor dog.
    Isn't it the other way around?
    File:DONOTWANT doggy2.jpg
    Another unsuspecting animal "lover" of Wolfie's.

    Notable flames

    More artwork he drew


    In the early morning of March 16, 2007, known internet troll and general asshole Red Machine D, after dealing with a furry at work, fired a blindside opening shot against WolfJLupus by posting a 50 BIG PNG post in the comments section of WolfJLupus' livejournal. No reason was given for this terroristic attack, except for a comment previously posted by Mr. D talking about Arizona jails and ending with "FURRY HOLOCAUST 2007".

    Upon seeing this, it allegedly took WolfJLupus nearly two hours to be able to access his comments section, but when he did, he erased the lulz and banned Mr. D. Undeterred, D then torpedoed WolfJLupus' email account with a flood of copypasta emails and an anonymous post on his LJ with an estimated 9001 embedded instances of BIGPNG.

    The Awesome Hidden Page of Awesomeness

    WolfJLupus is wasting his bandwidth your time (also lol at his puny .22, what a fag)

    In September 2006 an ultra-mysterious secret area BAWWWLEETED popped up on WolfJLupus's web server. This SUPAR SECKRIT SITE has a bajillion subdirectories which are supposed to frustrate the monolithic anti-furry conspiracy endlessly, which means you can find the right directory after leaving web-spidering software running in the background for maybe an hour (wasting none of your time and lots of his bandwidth). Buried within the subdirectories (specifically, [1] MOAR BAWWLEETION -- that's right, wolfie boy thinks he's 1337) is an incredibly secret link! Proceeding to the prize (Guess) nets you the picture shown. LOL I GUESS YOU SHOWED US CHUNKY CHEEKS, GG

    File:Google Maps - Property Layout.jpg
    From the map of his home he's provided, we can deduce that he lives in Bumfuck, Wisconsin.
    File:WolfJLupus Info.JPG
    WolfJLupus being 1337 knows how to cover his Personal Identity...

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