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A wolf is a horrifically overrated subspecies of dog that has the dubious honor of being the second most popular animal to be molested by furries (the fox being the first). Once respected and feared for its animal and man-killing abilities, its reverence from Injuns, wolfaboos, furries, emos and suethors to an almost godlike status has made people sick to death of it, and it has quite literally become the Mary Sue of the animal kingdom.

On Art Sites

Wolves are everywhere, most often found in the "popular" section of DeviantART every day. These deviant wolves shop at Hot Topic, have human hair, and are often pro-ana. They come in every color in the spectrum, but are most commonly found in blue and pink. Unfortunately for most artists, the wolf has been copyrighted to Kay Fedewa, so they can’t be drawn without her permission, lest you be paid a visit from her angry, rabid fanbase. 90% of wolf artists seem to have to either draw them as sparkledogs or gloomdogs.

Uses for a Wolf

Wolves are more than lovable majestic beasts, pretty things to look at or great to throw on the grill. Ever since Kay Fedewa invented wolves, many a wolfaboo has fired up MSpaint and jumped on the bandwagon, hoping to create one more unnecessary travesty of wankfests and lulz. Dig deep into the steaming pile of wolf feces and you might find art or a plot.

Original Stories Where Wolves Stand Around and Talk a Lot

10% ofall wolfcomics, are titled "wolfcomic",title less orhavecrappy bunchofinitials that mean nothing

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  • Yuphz


This is what happens when you post "WOLVES ARE OVERRATED" on DA

From wolfaboo

this video is so toatally fack and its iggnorant people like that that make wolves indandered species!!!!!!


—Typical wolfaboo response to video footage of wolves attacking people

WOLVES ARE WAY MORE INTELLIGENT THAN YOU!!!! ESPECIALLY if you think all that you say. Wolves are a beautiful creature that is wrongly mistreated by humans. Wolves play a huge part in society. If it weren't for wolves humans would have probably died out a long time ago due to illnesses from sickly animals.


wolves were endangered and this damn stamp promotes wolf salughter in a way becus we all know thars alot of ppl on DA who dont read the discription and when they dont and they FOLLOW what this stamp says they could help kill off wolves! and saying its jsut liek saveing rats and fucking mmosquitoes?! WRONNGGGG! wolves dont do harm to humans rarly at all and WHEN THEY DO its ONLY because of a disease such as rabbies, your to close to its pups/den/ or maybe even fresh kill, also some ppl intimidate then witch can also start an attack and when they are attacked its mosly be a LONE wolf! saying to kill the wolves because of they attack people?! and then saying educate the ppl!? that is jsut the same as saying" any animal that can and has ever attacked a human MUST be killed" or "any animal that can/has attacked a human for any reason should be killed off"

Saying educate the ppl about wolbes is a good thing and your stamp NEEDS to be taken down in my opinion. think about shit before you make a stamp and try to act like you know and have a good reason first!


—Insanitywolf, completely missing the point of Wolf Stamp

The Truth (from rcs619)

I like wolves as much as the next guy, but it is kind of ridiculous how romanticized and over hyped they can be. I will join you in dissecting some of these arguments, lol ^^...from the perspective of a biological science major, with a desire to be a veterinarian.

Yep, they arent THAT smart. Sure, as far as animals go, wolves are slightly above average...but Dolphins, cephalapods, and cetaceans as a group, pigs (who's intelligence is often overlooked), Elephants, primates, and some birds are, in fact smarter. Pack behavior should not be assumed to be intelligence. A lot of that is imitation and instinct.

You're completely right about a wolf's strength. A human who stays alert, and is armed with a large enough stick or blunt object, could probably keep at least two wolves at bay for a bit. Wolves are built for speed and endurance, not strength. Some domestic dogs are much larger and/or physically stronger than wolves (Rottwilers, Pitbulls, etc).

"Fighting a wolf is like fighting a tiger" deserves a facepalm. *facepalms repeatedly*. I hate to tell whoever said this...but you're completely wrong. Fighting a TIGER is like fighting a tiger. A wolf is what, about 5-6ft long and maybe 80-110 pounds (I might be being generous with that size too)...and full grown Siberian Tiger is about 10 to 12ft and between 500 and 700 pounds in weight. Its like comparing a middle school Mike Tyson.

Wolves hunt in packs because they arent very strong individually. That is the purpose of most group behavior. Sure, you have exceptions, like a pride of lions...but in general, a group is used to compensate for the lesser strength of its individual parts.

"WOLVES ARE WAY SMARTER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ...that deserves yet another facepalm. If a wolf is way smarter than have problems. Dont mistake group behavior for intelligence. Lemmings live in groups, but they will follow other members of their group off a cliff without a second thought (YES, lemmings are real animal, people. lol. look it up). As I said earlier, wolves are slightly above average...but not anything to make any big deal about, as far as animals go. Now, cephalapods...there's some intelligence in that group of animals."

             YIFF IN HELL FURFAGS.

Notable Wolves and Wolfaboos

TL;DR: every furfag EVER.

Art Gallery

What Wolves Actually Look Like

What Wolfaboos Draw

External Links

  • A website run by rednecks selling crossbred huskies and advertising them as wolves. Among the words of wisdom this gem has to offer is that wolves are felines, and that they can be raised perfectly well in an apartment or in the back of a truck. Visit the guestbook.

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