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    Wizard Rock

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    Fail levels RISING!

    Wizard Rock (abbreviated WRock) is as old as rock itself (see Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep) but faded with the sands of time until recently when a new breed of faggots, overly enamoured with all things Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, awoke the slumbering beast. Songs in this genre are about characters and/or events written in the Harry Potter books and are, subsequently, full of FAIL. Wizard Rock is considered the largest untapped source of lulz to ever hit the internets.

    Current Wizard Rock bands

    Currently there are at least 100 around 450 bands. The first Wrock band was Harry and the Potters, followed by the oh so original Draco and the Malfoys. Bands are usually named after the character they primarily sing about, and almost always suck. Here's a list of current bands: Wizrocklopedia- Bandlist [1]

    How to become a Wrocker!

    1. Read the Harry Potter Series over 9000 at least enough times to have every letter etched into your skull.
    2. Choose a character (preferably of the same sex as yourself).
    3. Become a fanboy/girl of that character.
    4. Stalk this character (this is hard, because they don't actually exist).
    5. Write a fanfic.
    6. At failing writing a fanfic, write a song.
    7. At failing this, sing and record the song.
    8. At failing this, post it on MySpace.
    9. ????
    10. PROFIT!

    See Also

    Marked As His Equal's myspace[3]
    Harry Potter
    Shit no one cares about
    Just plain shit

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