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    Winged-Maniac appears to be a totally average Narutard cosplayer (with some Kingdom Hearts on the side), except that she's not fat or completely hideous, which actually makes her not average at all. Also, her art tends toward mere mediocrity as well, which instantly raises her above most tartlets in terms of talent levels. But most importantly, Trained E-detectives suspect that her lack of mustache and fat rolls may have inspired the jealousy of noted lolcow SapphyDracases.

    The author of this article, Ilurverainbows, swears that she is not SapphyDracases, but the article mentions Sapphy way too many times for it to be a coincidence. If Ilurverainbows is NOT SapphyDracases, then it's unclear how she got hold of Sapphy's chat logs, or how it's possible that there are two fangirls who hate yaoi with an equal passion.

    You are invited to examine DoladdarKate, a confirmed Sapphy production, for the sake of comparison.



    Winged-Maniac is a 14-17-18- year old Narutard Weeaboo who finds imposing both genders on the internet to be a "CRUISE FOR COOL" method. This fucktard cosplays at Naruto cons, thinking it makes her look Kawaii DESU!. She has no actual original "ART" talent whatsoever, so she covers that shame up by posting faggot cross-dressing photoz on most of her site. Known continuously as a drama whore,she likes to start fights on the interwebz for great justice! She's an expert at asskissing people who're way better at not failing life like her.

    She believes that Cosplays is an actual REAL Sport since transexuality is Super Special Awesome! So does this mean Football, Goatse practice, and Hunting niggers is less of a sport than that?!

    She Blames the 300lb black person SapphyDracases who can't type and article worth shit, about the creation of her butthurt!!! LULZ!!11!

    Her bff on furc (read: person she sucks up to the most to get free shit from) is a character known as Pez; another bitchy KH-fag that's currently a 21 year-old dyke dating a 16 year-old girl. (read: PEDO.) Her art is sub-par at best, and she is incapable of drawing anything that isn't a 'bend me over a table' little boy, covered in rainbows and fagjuice. Winged-Maniac kisses Pez's ass constantly, hoping to get free art and super internet popularity in the process.

    IRL GUILT!?!!11!! NOES!!!

    Unfortunately Winged-Maniac’s IRL self can't decide what gender to be since she's so insecure with it. Apparently she's known to be a girl but acts like a male fag on Furgaydia just to find a sex-partner to cyber (or Yiff) with. No one loves her IRL because she is as hideous as a WoW troll. She transformed Roxsucks into a furry, thinking it would make her appearance roleplaying him on furcadia a “sexy thing”. She also finds it lulzy to repeat the same exact insult to the people she dislikes and continues to find it funny, even though she uses it over 9000 tymes a day!!


    On Furgaydia, she roleplays under Kingdom Hearts Animu faggy characters such as Roxas (MOSTLY FOUND ON) acting as a Hitler along with murdering Jews with the Gayblade, Paopu (Lezbo alt), and Xigbar with lesbian worn panties on his head. With these alts, she tries to become An Hero to prove to people that being a Yaoi Goatse fan is FTW! Only thing she did in the end is make the characters (that don’t belong to her) look more faggy to society, ruining minors’ hormonal development. If you spot her on her alts, she’ll most likely be seen doing what she does best, raeping other Kingdom Hearts-wannabe dumbasses.

    While on this Furfaggotry game, she daydreams about other characters on the game, like Axel and Sora, fucking her over 9000 times til she gains a sexual coma and cums on her computer.

                                         Kung fu ninja by winged maniac.jpg

    Browsing her DeviantArt, you'll notice that it's raeped with cunty cosplay NAH RU GAY pictures, trying to confuse people about which character she actually dresses up as. In this site she tries to make people believe she’s into heterosexual couplings like Sasuke and Sakura,instead of the pictures with Roxas and other 13 year old boys fucking it up the ass in a bloody orgy.


    Also, she likes to troll and bitch at people when they type shitty journal entries on their sites about something she gets upset about, taking everything they post to be serious business since it effects her ego chakra. (ENTRY BALEETED DUE TO JOURNAL ERASE.)

    Her new fetish is Sasuke like the rest of the idiot fangirls who caught this syndrome. She cosplays as the pink-haired bitch a.k.a Sakura of the show and stalks the other person who’s dressed as her sexual fantasy. Unlike him she wears the super special awesome PUSSY DEFELTOR OF DOOM TO CAST HER MUDKIPZ JITSU!!!!!11 Sasuke rape.jpg

    80% of her gallery consists of her hideous face sucking off Sasuke’s emo loldong. Her costumes usually look like what prostitutes are known wear. She’s a mirror-cracking CAM WHORE!

    Her most recent works is shitty Inuyasha drawings that looks as if she traced them from a munga book.



    <33Yaoihater <33: Hi

    Roxas: Hi?

    <33Yaoihater <33: Are you really into Yaoi smut?

    Roxas: LOL duh, we all love it here, I’m gay with many men. <333333

    <33Yaoihater <33: Yaoi is overrated u know, and Roxas sucks ass too...


    Resultz (<33Yaoihater <33: Over 9000!!!!!11 (Winged-Maniac: -0) THE WINNAR IS THE NOOB, AND THE LOSAR IS THE BUTTHURTED YAOI-FAG!!!!!


    Roxas: Walrus Alurt

    Roxas: ALERT*

    Sapphirus: LOL, it’s the Narutard.

    Roxas: You’re talking to the wrong alt, idiot.

    Sapphirus: I’m talking about your DA.

    Sapphirus: Now please go kill youself Roxas, plz.


    (Winged-Maniac: 1) (SapphyDracases: 2) WE HAVE A WINNAR AND IT’S THE LOLCOW FATASS BITCH LULZ, THE LOSER IS TEH ONE WITH THE BAD TYPOZ! You fucking failed us again Narufag, as expected. Oh and btw, these two used to be fwends, til Winged-Maniac got butthurt that SapphyDracases doesn’t like Pedofag Pokemanz evolutions. BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!1111!!

    AI has cursing filters so bad wurds are BALEETED.


    It's impossible for her to fight her own battles on the internet like real people do. She has her gang of Yaoi-reaping posses to back her up incase she fails with her attempted internet trollings; which she automatically does anyway. You will find her in this group in AI, on Furgaydia. She hides there to cover up being a Pedophile Roleplayer with younger children; lyke the internetz isn't going through pain enough already……

    Since this Wapanese bitch can't decide on what gender she wants to be FO REAL, she will be known an Hermaphrodite for the time being. She’s hoping she won’t get ridiculed for it in the end, TOO LATE. Just be warned everyone; she's a 14-17-18 (various) yr old douchebag who uses male characters to seduce little kids into pixel fan Yaoi-Orgy role-playing sessions. ALSO cocks.

    Ways to insult her;

    Call her a Pedophile

    Say Yaoi sucks cocks.

    Tell her Sasuke and Roxas sucks

    Paopu fruits aren’t people!

    Winged-Maniac's JITSU gallery