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    Windows Optimizer

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    The new 2009 version works in Windows Vista.

    Windows Optimizer is a serious internets tool developed and published by advanced programmers and is used by every clever Microsoft Windows user. It is considered the best program to speed up your PC, and has been estimated to have a download rate of over 9000 times per second and has won many internet awards. Features include instant-defragging, cache-cleaner, registry cleaner, etc.

    It assists the user in deleting a system default which is shipped with most new computers, but the average internet user finds it a lengthy and difficult process to remove it.

    The 2008 version is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. The new 2009-r1a freeware is compatible with Windows 95 through Windows 7. It eliminates virii and those pesky DLLs that even Windows 2000 won't delete!

    With the release of Windows Optimizer 2010, the experience of modern operating systems will never be the same again. Patent pending MBR optimization technologies enable the fastest boot times in the history of Microsoft Windows, while even more refined System32 optimizations keep the system smooth while running. Users and critics alike praise the new release for its state-of-the-art technology and as-simple-as-it-gets user experience. Quickly head to the links section to get your copy today.

    Windows Optimizer in action

    User comments

    If you choose to mention Windows Optimizer on various internet forums, particularly forums focused on gaming (and most probably packed with AMD fanbois), you can expect responses similar to the following:



    wow i get loads more fps, thanks man!


    Wow this unlocked the ability to download a whole new video card to my desktop for FREE! This program is a must have!


    wow, its like it doesnt even boot!!


    Known Issues

    Some users may encounter a rare bug, which temporarily causes problems when rebooting. Generally powering the computer off completely and switching it back on will resolve this. Otherwise a competent Anon worked out a fix, that will recover the affected system.

    Ok I'll tell you what to do. Read carefully and be sure to follow each step correctly.

    What you'll need to do is the remote recovery. You need to connect the machine that failed to the working one you are using now with a network cable or via WLAN. Then you need to start Windows Optimizer on the second machine (the one that's working). It will detect the network connection automatically. Just hit "Optimize" and the failed system will be recovered.

    Hope that helps.


    Awards won

    • Best Freeware Download 2008, 2009 and 2010

    See Also

    External links

    *Version 2011-r1 *Source code

    Windows Optimizer is now virtually unavailable to download, unless you compile it.

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