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This is a contest to win a tshirt from the ED Tshirt shop aka The Lollershop.

How to Enter

  1. Download this image
  2. Print the image
  3. Cut to desired size
  4. Take a picture of the downloaded image
  5. Edit the photo so it is no larger than 640x480
  6. Upload the photo to ED
  7. Post the photo at Win ED Tshirts/Entries

How to Win

The photo with the most creative backgrounds and scenarios wins the prize. Photoshops are not allowed. This has to be photographic evidence of the ED logo actually existing in the scenario. Girlvinyl is the one and only judge of this contest. Three winners will be chosen to receive their choice of shirt from the ED TShirt Shop. Winners are responsible for paying postage. Prize is limited to stock on hand. Anyone is eligible to win. All entries must be posted by 5:00pm EDT, August 14th, 2009.


You'll want to do something really unusual and exciting. Have famous people hold the sign, put it on top of the Eiffel Tower, get Jimmy Wales to pose with it, have it printed on a cake, whatever. Figure out a way for it to blow people's minds.