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    Wilkins Coffee

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    Wilkins is wonderful.png

    File:Evil kermit bw.jpg
    The official mascot.

    Wilkins Coffee was the most popular brand of coffee from the beginning of time up until about the 1980s, and for a damn good reason. If you were caught drinking any other brand of coffee, Jim Henson's proto-Kermit would shoot you in the fucking face.

    He literally killed the competition by offing any non-drinker of Wilkins in a myriad of sinister ways, and even televised them in the form of black and white coffee commercials as a way to advertise his unveiled threats. Each commercial came equipped with a corny yet deadly pun.

    Wilkins eventually went out of business due to the countless lawsuits it received from the families of the victims who lost their lives to the blood-thirsty, coffee-crazed Kermit. Kermit was ultimately acquitted of all murder charges and went on to become the star of both Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, and the family members of the deceased had to live with

    "Without Wilkins Coffee, you may wind up with a splitting headache." -Kermit The Frog

    seeing the murderer taunt them on national television for the rest of their mortal lives.

    Substance of Sustenance

    File:The Creation of Wilkins.jpg

    The discovery of the planets. Algebra. Hookers and blow. The Third Reich.

    These are the pinnacles of achievement by man on this earth, but they are like children shitting their pants in the developmental sandbox, when compared to the greatest of achievements by humans to date.

    Of course we are referring to the most addictive substance known to man, the Philosophers Stone and Elixir of Life spoken of by alchemists, the all-sustaining Manna of Moses given to him by God... all synonyms for Wilkins Coffee.

    The Dark Recipe

    File:Worship Wilkins.jpg
    Our lord and savior.

    The beloved coffee company was forced to liquidate its assets due to anti-trust lawsuits, a handful of first degree murder convictions, and the fact that Kermit basically slaughtered all of Wilkins' competition. Accordingly, it is now impossible to purchase this elixir from your local supermarket. But fear not! Listed below are the ingredients and instructions you need to create a makeshift Wilkins for your every waking moment.

    Woe unto thee who resurrect this devil's recipe and the blood-lust it inevitably shall bring.

    "I Don't Drink Wilkins"

    I dont like coffee.gif

    The following events are guaranteed to happen to anyone who dares not to drink Wilkins brand coffee:

    Vote for Wilkins gif.gif

    Fatalities caused by Kermit - At least 76 are known, although there are probably more due to Kermit's untamed lust for murder.



    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Theme Song

    *14px "Wilkins Instant Coffee" by Dethklok

    Do you folks like coffee?
    Real coffee
    From the frog
    From the Muppets?

    Wilkins instant will wake you
    From a thousand deaths
    A cup blackened blood (dying, dying)
    You'll die without a cup

    Kermit recommends
    He'll stab your fucking ass
    Put you in a cannon (dying, dying)
    You'll die without a cup

    Prepare for ultimate flavor
    Or you'll get fucked up
    And scream, for the cream


    Wilkins instant
    Wilkins instant
    Wilkins instant



    The Legend of Wilkins and Wontkins" by Winslow Leach Wilkins Coffee/Fanfic01

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