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    Wikiversity does not erect shrines for vandals, whereas ED definitely does.

    Wikiversity is another long, writhing tentacle of TOW. It was created to cater to frat boys and their interests, which mostly include circle jerks and other forms of mutual masturbation, particularly the textual kind. This is not, however, gay, since the balls don't touch.

    It's former overlord was missy Ottava Rima who graduated from the awesome wikipedo university, she was suspended on wikipedia for not being civil[1], that is, she did not engage in multiple pedo gangbang activities as required by sick wikipedo wikidiot law.


    Last Thursday a number of former Wikipedia users created a project on Wikiversity called "The Ethics of Breaching Experiments". It was basically a study on vandalising Wikipedia. When sole flounder Jimbo found out about this he deleted the project and blocked the users involved he also desysoped a user that undid Jimbo's blocks. Jimbo used his global sysops superpowers to do this as he wasn't a contributor to Wikiversity. When everyone on Wikiversity sperged out over Jimbo's actions, he threatened to convince the Wikimedia board to close down Wikiversity. Jimbo basically told the Wikiversity lusers "Respect mah authoritah!"

    I am currently discussing the closure of Wikiversity with the board. That is an unlikely outcome, but I mention it because I really want to press the point that the scope of Wikiversity has to be restricted to genuine OER. I think that my actions here are strongly supportive of the genuine community who want to do that, making it clear to them that they have very strong support for making it happen. Some may feel that Wikiversity should be a place for silly and juvenile experimentation. If people want to discuss such things, there is an entire Internet open to them - they should not hijack Wikiversity for these purposes.


    Jimbo Wales 14:49, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

    Jimbo Backtracks

    After several days of discussion with the aspies of Wikiversity, Jimbo finally realized that Wikiversitians didn't like him showing up and swinging his banhammer around. Jimbo also didn't get any support from his flunkies as they were all busy on Wikipedia banning Wikipedos while masturbating with 3 cucumbers up their asses. He resysoped the user he desysoped.

    Ok, I am resysopping you now, but please do not undelete the pages and absolutely please do not unblock either of them. Privatemusings and I are having an email discussion which is reasonably productive.


    Jimbo Wales 16:06, 21 March 2010 (UTC), sauce

    Jimbo almost loses his founder rights

    On Meta (a sort of wikipedia of all the wikipedias) someone started a Request for Comment to remove Jimbo's "founder" privileges arguing that Jimbo disrupted and discredit Wikiversity.[2] This time Jimbo's anti-lulz lackeys were out in full force to try to save him from ruin.

    Argument for removal of Jimbo's privileges

    Columbus founded the European settlment of Hispaniola. Yet he was such a poor administrator there, abusing so many people (including his former shipmates), that they finally sent him back to Spain in chains. And no more did they put up with his poor people-management after that, either. They let him make a fourth voyage of discovery, but recognized that people honored as navigators aren't necessarily very good at nitty-gritty government. Sorry. Sbharris 00:29, 27 March 2010 (UTC)


    Argument against removal of Jimbo's privileges

    If you want someone to make a video about giving the laptops to 3rd world kids with Wikipedia 1.0 installed, who does the commentary? Who goes around giving lectures and gathering donations to keep the sites alive? Go and tell those kids and those investors that the guy who made and promotes the sites got removed of all privelidge because he stopped someone for messing. Kick him out and close the door while you all formulate a circular about "How we laid down the law to the last of the depreciated founders." They will love that over on Wikiversity The Movie (and I'm not messing go and see). Most people will not read this or will claim that they didn't understand any of it but that's just the way that some people rattle on. It was a matter of superseding neglect which is all that is so far offered by Meta and WV in the matter. Well done.~ R.T.G 01:52, 27 March


    Links to this drama

    Trollin' Potential

    Wikiversity has potential for delicious lulz. Whilst Wikipedia has a strict no original research policy, Wikiversity on the other hand welcomes original research (much like Encyclopedia Dramatica) as long as it's framed as a genuine research project. Moreover, as seen above, Wikiversitans generally frown upon new research projects getting summary deleted so they will have a deletion discussion thus generating even more lulz. So go ahead and create an research project on your favorite whackjob conspiracy theory! You could even create a research project on how Jews did WTC, GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

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