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    The Wikitruth banner.
    The Wikitruth Logo.

    Wikitruth is a dead website once dedicated to exposing the awful truth about dirty Wikipedophiles. Demise notwithstanding, any newcomer to the sport of kicking Wikipedia to death would have loved to read the articles there as an element of their preparatory education. Their collection of old and pre-censoring versions of Wikipedia "articles" was once unsurpassed. Bear in mind, however, that each and every Wikitruth editor was a batshit insane Nazi fucktard who was originally banned from Wikipedia for levels of sheer faggotry beyond even the scope of TOW.


    Wikitruth was a Wiki but only for a very small group of bores who absolutely did not want you signing up for it. The site said that Wikipedia was a pile of pelican shit and that Jimbo Wales and all the other retarded editors (e.g. MONGO) were a gang of dictators who ruled the wonderful world of Wikipedia. Now who could believe that?

    Over the few months when the site had some semblance of life, it also accumulated twenty or so original articles worth reading at least once. Then on February 5, 2009, it was locked down. [1]

    And nothing of value was lost.


    —Consensus on The Wikipedia Review about WikiTruth shutting down., [2]

    Then in October 2010, the wiki closed down for good.

    And then Wikipedia Review learned that Wikipedia:User:Silensor is the one who founded the site. He was never an administrator and quit editing in 2007.

    The domain registration is no longer hidden behind Domains By Proxy.

    Registrant Name: John Biner
    Registrant Street1: PO Box 24523
    Registrant City: San Jose
    Registrant State/Province: California
    Registrant Postal Code: 95154
    Registrant Email: silensor AT gmail.com

    The PO box is also used by ACiD Productions, LLC.


    File:Wikitruth poses with Jimbo Wales.jpg
    Wikitruth's peak moment is conclusive proof Wikitruth is run by teh cabal zOMG!

    The site was supposedly run by a bunch of butthurt editors from Wikipedia who were probably kicked off for being bores. Before they all died, Jimbo Wales claimed that "they are probably all trolls banned by Wikipedia" and "the site is a hoax" in spite of the fact that some articles on Wikitruth could only have been obtained by a Wikipedia administrator or the most compulsive watcher-and-copier or cache seeker. Now that the site is long dead and Wikipedia provides more drama every few weeks than Wikitruth's original articles ever covered, it looks like Jimbo might have had some inside knowledge when he called it a hoax.

    The very few and very inactive (dead?) users all have stupid names:

    • Badlysketchedbob - in all the ways that Badlydrawnjeff was a good name, this one is complete fail.
    • Bob Johannsen
    • Brass tacks
    • Buttafuoco
    • Climbing Jack
    • D3str0y ‎(Bot)
    • Grammarbitch
    • Hightimes
    • Honeycomb Hideout
    • Jachin
    • Kira
    • Lane ‎(Bot)
    • Leper Messiah
    • Mastigoteuthis flamea
    • Nibbler ‎(Bureaucrat, Sysop) - some lame conspiracy name
    • Nittygritty ‎(Bot)
    • Seek ‎(Bureaucrat, Sysop)
    • Will.i.am.tell (Bureaucrat, Sysop) - a dumb play on words

    There were any guidelines on how to register as a member to be able to edit the Wikitruth wiki. This is presumably decided through some other form of interaction.

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