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    He found you via your contributions page.

    Wikistalking, a form of internet stalking performed on wikis, is the art of tormenting other editors by reverting all their changes and following them to every talk page. Wikistalkers pursue their victims through the Recentchanges page and watchlists which enable them to watch your every move. You will know you are being wikistalked when the same person keeps showing up everywhere you go. Once a stalker has locked on to you the only escape is to create a new account. Often even that will not be enough if you're going up against the High Inquisitor of Stalking Will Beback or Jayjg with his magic CheckUser powers.

    How to wikistalk

    1. Find someone you don't like on a wiki. Not hard on Wikipedia.
    2. Click on their user or talk page
    3. In the lower left corner of the screen click "User contributions".
    4. Click the link to view 500 at once
    5. Revert anything with "(top)" next to it
    6. ????
    7. Profit!!!

    Be careful. In turn, they or one of their sock puppets may wikistalk you as revenge. Wikistalking is best done using a sock puppet with only fake edits.

    Wikipedia Official Manual says:

    Quote from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Requests_for_comment/Rangerdude

    "Wiki-stalking, or stalking, as used in the context I have described pertains to a successive and extended pattern of editing behavior in which the aforementioned editor, Willmcw, has singled out my person and the edits I make on wikipedia for personal monitoring, harassment, deconstruction, and agitation over an extended period of time. Stalking consists of closely monitoring and following an individual editor's editing history to a degree that exceeds reasonable and ordinary use, and in doing so specifically targeting the edits of that editor for subsequent changes premised not on the subject matter of the articles in question but rather due to the editor who made them. Stalking of this type is a type of behavior that may be reasonably classified as trolling. It is also of poor etiquette and fosters incivility by subjecting the stalked editor to undue harassment and a level of cross-scrutiny above and beyond that which would be experienced through normal, everyday editing practices."


    An example from Wikipedia. Thodin had not signed in for weeks. Fourteen minutes after his first edit back, Willmcw (click it!) appears and reverts it. Willmcw has been at his computer at least 24 hours a day stalking many people on his stalking list to do something this fast. He is supported by Rhobite, who generally stalks anyone disagreeing with his spam. History used to be here, but Rhobite (click it!), another wiki-stalker (and his sock puppet) constantly deleted the article to hide the history. Thodin went on a wikibreak for five years. Two years into it of no edits, Rhobite banned him. Wikipedia still hates Thodin, deleting his user and talk page.

    Now there is a screen capture (14 minutes from creation to change - no one who is not stalking can do something this fast. Serious stalking.)


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