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    Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines

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    Note: for policies pertaining to ED, see the articles in Category:ED Policy.

    The rules of the robobureaucracy at Wikipedia are known as the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines. The Policies can be freely ignored by any sysop, while the Guidelines can be disregarded by a normal editor as long as you have friends in high places. This article will discuss a few of them.

    How Misinformation Gets Spread

    Note: This is only a Guideline.
    1. People, over a period ranging from minutes to years, add useful content to an article.
    2. Prima adds misinformation, or reverts a useful edit.
    3. A revert war starts between Secunda (who actually knows the truth) and Prima. Often it's just two people and hundreds of sock puppets.
    4. Surprise, Prima is an admin! Prima bans anyone who disagrees with them. The lies spread.
    5. Prima gets bored and tries to add jokes to the article, like this hilarious classic, "A small sub-set of the furry fandom does consider a fursuit a sexual item." HAHAHA It's funny, because it's actually 100% of them.
    6. ????
    7. Profit!

    The Pillars of Wikipedia

    The Pillars of Wikipedia are proof that all Wikipedos are Muslims and terrorists who need to be shot.

    The first pillar of Wikipedia is Wikipedia's basic definition of the project. As the definition of the project was a definition, there have been many calls for it to be moved over to Wiktionary, which is the gheyest name for any project ever conceived. The people over at Wiktionary thought that this definition counted as original research and decided to delete it. Therefore, Wikipedia deleted its own definition. All of this could have been avoided had the members of Wikipedia simply ignored all rules.

    I, however, managed to save this definition and found the following startling discovery:

    Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.

    Truly genius prose.
    From this they also logically deduced that Wikipedia is not paper. This is interesting as these two observations manage to go at each other every single day in VFD.

    WikiPrima: "This article is unencyclopedic!"
    WikiSecunda: "Wikipedia is not paper!"

    That's really as deep as the argument gets.

    Wikipedia is free content.

    This is the part of Wikipedia that makes it the "free" encyclopedia. "Free" in this case means "free only to be altered, distributed, copied, cited, and transformed in a way that conforms to the agreement contained in the GNU Free Documentation Licence".

    Thank God. Now "the whole of human knowlege" is available to us thanks to our lord Jimbo Wales. Thank you, our Lord, for licensing "the whole of human knowledge" under such a simple understandable legal licencing agreement. We know there is no possible way that this is EVER going to come back to bite us in the ass.

    Wikipedia follows the writers' rules of engagement.

    This supposed to be the simplest policy among Wikipedians. As such, it has become the most difficult. The number of policies that have been taken out of this pillar are larger than the number of the policies of any other pillar. As such, Wikipedia did what it always does when it faces instuction creep -- it advances it.

    They created three different policy pages that sum up the other policy pages. Often when needing one single place to point to they will point at one of these three.

    Civility. Civility is when you put on a happy face and pretend that someone else isn't being an asshole acting in bad faith.
    Assume good faith. Assume good faith is when you put on a happy face and pretend that someone else isn't being an asshole acting in bad faith.
    Don't be a dick. Don't be a dick is not a policy created by Wikipedia but instead is located at Meta-wiki. Recently, it underwent a VFD. That's right. Somebody, apparently, would like the right to be a dick on Wikimedia projects.
    Wikipedia uses the "neutral point-of-view."

    This is their biggest lie and this should be renamed "Wikipedia Sysops' POV". For ED's policy on NPOV, click here.

    The real pillar of Wikipedia

    Wikipedia has one basic rule:

    Ignore all rules.

    All of the other rules have been painstakingly logically extracted from this basic idea. How the hell they managed to pull it off, no one knows, but it's true. On Wikipedia, you should ignore all rules.


    Main article: AFD

    Articles for Deletion is the process by which articles on Wikipedia are deleted. Thankfully, like all Wikipedia rules, it was carefully planned and written so it is not rampantly abused.


    An utterly fucktarded Wikipedia guideline that doesn't mean shit - just like every single other guideline. The admins don't seem to understand it.


    Oh, look! A Wikipedo guideline that isn't ever given any thought or attention! Isn't that new? Essentially, WP:NPA is an accepted guideline that outlines why personal attacks are bad, and what a personal attack is considered to be on TOW. On TOW, a personal attack is considered to be:

    • Disagreeing with Tony Sidaway
    • Disagreeing with MONGO
    • Not being Jew
    • Voicing an opinion

    Any of the above things are grounds for an insta-ban. DON'T DO IT (unless you are a troll) OTHERWISE YOU WILL REGRET IT (unless you are a troll, where you'll just lol).


    Main article: Original research

    A policy that says you must cite that the sky is blue, this policy page is also the private fiefdom of the notorious SlimVirgin and her cronies.

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